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  1. A very credible first model, Bill. Congratulations. John
  2. Riffler files are used for finishing and detail work. They can be very useful for filing in tight corners or odd shapes. John
  3. Allan; and you Americans reckon Australia has problems with dangerous animals? John
  4. He wasn't hit that hard, mate! By the way, there was such concern for the horse that TV news broadcasts shows film of the horse walking around in his stable - just to reassure viewers! John
  5. It was the general population's reaction that got me, Mark. Nothing much at all about the rally itself, but a massive reaction concerned for the horse's welfare! John
  6. Couldn't decide where this belonged, so I thought here was a good place as it's Australian. You may have heard that we had a massive anti Covid lock-down rally here in Sydney over the weekend. The crowd became quite aggressive and even a police horse was punched. Sydney's reaction to the protest? More than 40,000 people contacted the police to ask if the horse was OK!! John
  7. Coming along nicely, mate! I can see a full size build coming up after this. John
  8. If a ship were in port for only a short time with the sails sent down then all the sail rigging may well have been left in place, however if the sails were sent down for an extended period their associated rigging would also have been sent down, so it's really entirely up to you whether you show the sail rigging or not. John
  9. Glen, Longhorns were imported into Queensland several years ago with the idea of cross breeding them with Brahmans. The Brahmans can handle the wet conditions in the tropical north, but they're a bit anti-social. the idea was to cross them with the gentle Longhorns to try and get a calmer beast that can be bred in the tropics. I've no idea whether the idea worked, but I sure loves seeing those Longhorns! John
  10. Can't think of anything else other than a windlass, but as has been said, don't know why they'd be so high. By the way Tom, did you mean that the model was built around 1900? The hull form looks more 18th century. John
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