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  1. Hello Bud and a warm welcome to the forum from 'Down Under'. Ask as many questions as you want and need to - we were sll complete novices once and are happy to share our experience. John
  2. Wrong! Such parts are usually found immediately you make a replacement! John
  3. Lake Cargelligo, western New South Wales: they could have picked a better spot for their 'hospital' sign! John
  4. Nice looking cleats, Allan - and a very nice general deck view to boot! John
  5. Never mind how you got the crumbs out; how on earth did you get it back from the Admiral? John
  6. Sounds like they're a real problem there, Chris. I think pet owners have a lot to answer for in many countries in terms of destruction of native flora and fauna. John
  7. Just catching up with your progress, John - you're making a very neat job there. John
  8. She's looking right up to your usual standard, Ilhan. Delightful work! John
  9. Australia is known as a land of parrots, and one of our most colourful is the Rainbow Lorikeet. Very common on the east coast and with a feral population around Perth in Western Australia. These birds are to be seen everywhere in our major east coast cities. John
  10. A neat looking deck. I agree that a cabinet scraper would do a good job on the deck finish. John
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