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  1. I’m not worried about trucks.... yet. For this car I have a set of Central Valley trucks, they still turn up from time to time in the local hobby shops. Other alternatives are available such as Walthers, and even Precision Scale. These are the cast parts I’m interested in. Andy
  2. I’ve noticed he’s sold his white metal parts line to Labelle woodworking. Their kits look intriguing as well, if a bit generic. Actually, given that Labelle has a web store, it makes it easier to scoop up the BCW parts, so in that respect I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Hopefully Labelle keeps them in production. Andy
  3. So it has been a while since I've been up to much model building, but I should first mention that I have completed the coach (actually back in November). I will share photos of the completed car when/if I ever get around to building a bit of a suitably scenicked display. I've just nicely started up another passenger car project, so if nobody minds, I'll just keep this thread going... keep everything neat and tidy in one place. Just before I embarked on my coach build, I'd been on a bit of a kit building kick. I did post picks of a combine kit I'd built at the beginning of this log.
  4. Um.... Spoiled? I dunno... Need to sleep on that one.... Andy
  5. A promise of sweet things to come: FullSizeRender.mov
  6. Thanks! (You had doubts? 😜) This was the scene last Tuesday (after we got another 8” or so): Andy
  7. So I would be remiss if I didn’t share a few photos of my contraption in action. These were taken last weekend: A great time was had by young and the young at heart. The grins went from ear to ear, and the cheerful shouts and laughter echoed through the trees, as it should! IMG_3330.MOV
  8. I had to look that one up, I don’t think I’m related, but I’ll give him a run for his money... 😁 Andy
  9. As promised, a few more photos: Aside from the weight of the machine, it’s tethered to four six foot lengths of rebar pounded into the ground. For the test runs yesterday, this hadn’t yet been done, but the machine hardly moved while towing one adult up the hill. Just ahead of it is the safety stop. There’s a cord running across the path of the tow rope (on the two stakes), connected back to the throttle. If anything pulls on the rope, it cuts out the engine almost instantly. (Peace of mind) At the bottom of the hill is the tail pulley. Despite the
  10. Well, it works! My sister and her family came up today to help get things set up: It turns out, I got a little more than 600 feet of rope (yay!). There’s a couple of small tweaks needed, but otherwise it’s ready to haul skiers and sliders! I’ve been grinning like a fool all afternoon. My brother-in-law made the inaugural test run up the hill. I’ll add some more photos soon Andy
  11. It should work. After applying the transfers to the decal paper, it’s a good idea to give them a quick overcoat with a sealant such as testors dullcote. Without the sealant, the transfers will be more prone to damage due to handling. Andy
  12. Well, all the construction I can do in my garage is now finished. Tomorrow I’ll disassemble the motor and axle, in preparation to haul the whole thing out to the hill. The larger bracket, with the brace, will be fasten to a conveniently placed tree, and will guide the return rope clear of upwards riders. The sheave isn’t yet attached to the arm, that will happen when it’s installed. The other piece with the larger wheel is the return pulley, and it will be lashed to yet another conveniently placed tree at the bottom of the hill. The smaller “sheaves” were all w
  13. If those overgrown whistlepigs got their prognostications correct yesterday, I’d say you might be right! Actually, with any luck I should be starting to haul the pieces out to the hill on Friday. Hopefully skiing will happen shortly afterwards. Andy
  14. In case anyone is wondering, a 600 foot spool of 3/4 inch polypropylene rope is about the same size as a garbage can: Just sayin’..... Andy
  15. There will be some kind of an opening, not sure how “grand” it will be, maybe just a celebratory Scotch 😜 Andy
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