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Model Expo hurray

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I remember about 2 years ago there was a thread about kit quality and Model Expo was part of the discussion.  I just received a Mayflower kit, I think my fourth. When they went from solid hull to plank on bulkhead the plywood was garbage, twisted, warped, hollow spaced, laser cuts over done. Complete garbage (this a family friendly forum, right?). They were always very quick to supply replacements, but they were the same quality. Trying to correct for this was a lot of frustrating work and ended in the trash. Well I figured I would give it one more shot. This time I purchased some beautiful 5 ply birch from Midwest to make my own bulkheads before I ordered my kit.  Wouldn't you know it Model Expo has improved the plywood, it's straight and true (still 3 ply). I wonder if MSW had some impact? I still might make my own, as I have all this great 5 ply which is much better. Still and all, I'm impressed.



Member: Ship Model Society of New Jersey

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