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  1. There was probably enough space on the large sheet provided with the kit to pre cut an already shaped plank but after all those attempts I just went this way. It will be much less noticeable once the cap rail and the knee are in....I hope
  2. New tools are always welcome! I feel I am incredibly lucky to have found the magic words that allow me to buy anything I want..... “Shoes and purses “ With those three magic words I can pretty much buy anything I want without any hassle questioning or guilt trip.
  3. Great info Vossie. I did wet/steam/incrementally bend those pieces but never could get it done enough to sit correctly. I was able to easily do it with scrap wood I had laying around. Pear/cherry/I think it was holly were all able to bent into that curve but I could never get the kit wood to make the 3 dimensional curve. After spending 4 days trying I thought I would just move on. I am still being stubborn and only using the kit contents
  4. Internal planking was the hardest step so far. After a couple of days banging my head against the wall of trying to get the planking of the bow correct I gave up. I thought I was pretty good at bending (both edge and otherwise) but I could never get this wood to get around that curve. The wood just kept splitting and folding and it looked horrible. I choose to do the same thing that Mike Y did and just placed a "wall" up front which helped and was so much easier. An initial few coats of paint and it is starting to look a bit better. Looking forward to the next few steps
  5. This is very common in the full size boat building world. Especially when you are exposed to the sanding dust. When I was doing all that sanding on my qajaq I always wore full skin protection with a respirator.
  6. It certainly looks better than the asymmetrical placement however it still looks so crowded. Your work as always is exceptional
  7. Got the seats as well as the planking spacers in. Tomorrow will be attempting the rest of the inner planking.
  8. I second Syren rope from Chuck. It is an outstanding and very much superior product at a very reasonable price. And you can order multiple sizes and available in multiple colors. The following is an example of kit rope and some Syren rope. I will let you guess which is which....
  9. Greg she really looks great even more impressive in person. The cleanliness and tightness of everything is amazing.
  10. Another wonderful book. I do really like the way Greg and David include all 3 different hull types.
  11. Outstanding Cheerful and I am eagerly looking forward to a Hayling Hoy.
  12. Just dry fitted to see how they are coming. Still more coats to do.
  13. The worst case of this I have seen in the forums here is Trussben Swan in the scratch build section. He had to rip out months of work and redo the entire midsection of the framing due to changes with humidity. Page 15 of his build log.
  14. Thanks Steve. I am still working on thinning down the coats of paint and I can see the improvement in the look even from the risers to the thwarts. Maybe in a few years will be able to achieve color consistency like in the instructions.

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