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  1. Super glad that you went in to get checked out again. That’s the entire reason that the emergency department exists. It doesn’t exist for the stupid paper cuts and stuffy noses it exists for the patient who is truly concerned about an emergency. Any postop patient who is having any concerns needs to immediately get checked out no matter what time of day or night it is. I would rather have 1000 postop patients come in and then find out in a couple hours later that it’s not too much to worry about then to have one patient stay home with their massive PE or cardiac event or bowel obstruction etc after a surgery. I don’t know if this whole thing has thrown a wrench in the plans to come to the NRG conference this year or not but I hope the rest of the recovery is proceeding well.
  2. Thank you Jason And thanks everyone else for the likes
  3. Thank you Chuck. I am going to try to get some more done tonight will try to remember to bring some sandpaper. OMG Tom I never even thought of that. I am pretty far away from doing the final set in any case. I am not sure if anyone else has carved theirs. i will have to go back through the other build logs to take a look
  4. It is really glad to hear you are getting up and around again. Hope that is all going well. The Planking looks so good.
  5. I was able to take a nice vacation with my son when we went with the scouts on a nine day white water rafting trip. Since that time I’ve been working quite a bit. I do work quite a bit of nights and sometimes I have some downtime in the morning. So I decided to bring this along to practice a little carving. This was done just to practice. I have another set of these for a final go around. Each little bit I do I learn a little bit more. This was done only within an 11 blade. I didn’t bring any sandpaper so I could not round off the edges yet but at least now I’m starting to separate out each of the leaves and the thorns a little bit better than my first attempts. The following two pictures are the exact same piece at the exact same time the first one is when it is flat on the table and the second one is when it is sitting upright. It is interesting how the different lighting really makes the details change. Sorry about the blurry pictures but it was the best I can get my phone to do
  6. Looks great. I’m always surprised at how tall the masts are in these cutters.
  7. I grew up on the bay and I remember seeing this a long time ago. I’m so glad that there’s a model available for it. Looking forward to your progress.
  8. I always go back to the first book that started my collection The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships. I found it in the sale rack brand new for 15$ at a Barnes and Noble.
  9. Welcome! We love large pictures 😀 When you are ready you can start a build log and ask tons of questions. Someone here can answer about every question you may have.
  10. I really like your presentation and I do like the new baseboard much better than the whole mirror version.

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