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  1. Yesterday I did some rudimentary planking myself
  2. Welcome! Please ask lots of questions. Please start a build log so people can follow along with your work. No matter what kind of problem you have I’m sure someone around here can help you get around it. This is a great supportive site especially for new builders
  3. That’s a good question. I’ve always seen the ring bolts secure it to the keel. When you do that the majority of the weight of the boat is above that pivot point making it very easy for it to tip over. I guess one way to do avoid that would be to secure the ring bolts higher in the boat like on the top of the thwarts or at the very stern or the top of the stern post. Although certainly the thwarts would not be strong enough to carry the weight of the boat. I assumed they just use guidelines to make sure it didn’t tip over when lowering. Maybe the keels were heavy enough to balance the rest of the boat and keep it upright....
  4. Welcome to the site and welcome to this wonderful hobby.
  5. I think I am 9 or 10ish or so now. As Chuck has said he take a very light touch of sandpaper then puts another 10ish coats on. Will probably be that many more for me. Will see....
  6. Thanks. It turns out the brush I am using is big enough/right shape that with the right pressure I can pull in one stroke the color from the bow all the way back almost to the step in one go. Only little tiny bobbles that resulted in paint on the top of the moulding which are easily scraped off.
  7. Starting to get there I think. So far about 9ish coats of very thin paint. Seems like the last 2-3 really start to bring out the color. Am waiting to paint the top of the caprail until the inner planking is in so I can make sure the gap is nice and clean and if needed the filler <gasp> can be blended in (picture looks weird at the bottom moulding irl looks nice and straight)
  8. Imagine their faces when they slip the tackle lines and the boat is just stuck to the side of the ship...hovering........
  9. the hook looks nice. the easiest way to get better picture for me is to back the camera up until the thing you are taking the picture of is clear and in focus. make sure the resolution is max (certain phones will decrease resolution to save space) after you take the picture you can then crop and magnify the picture. super easy. I always try to get too close and that makes the picture too blurry actual knowledgable people may be able to tell you how to do it for real.
  10. Looking nice, getting line to run smoothly and look natural is always difficult for me
  11. Can't wait to see the pictures of your PoB II. Speaking of pictures, the first time I saw a chest ct of it I was like 'yikes' even I can dx that 😳.... Stay safe
  12. Just a little check in to see how your are doing. Wondering if you have had any extra time to work on this beauty.

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