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  1. Was given a partially started metalearth 'ship'. Finished it up today and am now sure will not ever be doing any of those WWI/II models 1/350 or 1/700 etc with all the photo etch.
  2. Druxey, I like that you show what can be done with a 1/4" chisel. Excellent work as always
  3. I think having a featured article in the Nautical Research Guild journal would be a great place to start. Also many of us here are members of local modeling clubs which publish monthly newsletters. A short(ish) write up of the project which we could include in the newsletter would reach many more. I am eagerly looking forward this project.
  4. I really enjoy following along with this you’re doing such a great job here
  5. I listened to the podcast and it is an interesting addition to my list. I am looking forward to future episodes
  6. This is really outstanding work and am so glad you are documenting this build so well.
  7. hmm not sure. It seems to be there on my page. (btw I am using Safari on a iMac, not sure how to do it on other browsers)
  8. To put a webpage link into your post you: 1 type what you want for example Check out our club Shipwrights of Ohio 2 highlight the words you want to link 3 goto the tool bar at the top of the post and select the icon that looks like 2 links of a chain 4 after you highlight the word and then hit the link (chain icon) you get a pop up 5 now copy/paste your webpage url into the space 6 then hit the button insert into post 7 now your post (and/or signature block) should have those words underlined and you will see the weblink if you hover over it. Check out our club Shipwrights of Ohio
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