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  1. A heat gun will definitely burn you and will definitely char the word if not careful. After the wife banned me from using her hair dryer I ended up getting an inexpensive heat gun has two settings on it. I usually use a lower setting and basically just pass the wood through the heat until it warms up enough to start bending. I have actually melted some clamps which were plastic by heating it up too much. After a few tries you learn the sweet spot. (The model I have has an unprotected metal and which heats up quite a bit and would probably start a fire if I laid it down on the carp
  2. I have seen members here talk about this as a good solution. I believe the brand was Fiebing dye and I think it was originally a leather/shoe dye. It might have been @dvm27 who used this (but I could be wrong🧐)
  3. I always turn to the classics. Classic style blues like Sonny Boy Robinson 🧐
  4. Welcome! The longboat is a great start. Louie da fly linked a great place to start dreaming of the next project (which we all do)
  5. I just want to give a shout out to this outstanding podcast from the US Naval Academy Museum. From their website: "A naval history podcast from Preble Hall - the United States Naval Academy Museum in Annapolis, Maryland. Preble Hall will interview historians, practitioners, military personnel, and other experts on a variety of naval history topics from ancient history to more current events." The most recent episode is an interview with the author of Barons of the Sea: The Race to Build the World's Fastest Clipper Ship. It was really interesting. I d
  6. Welcome aboard Tom! It is nice to se another Ohioan here As Lee said we do have a club that meets monthly on the 3rd Sat in the am. During Covid times we are using zoom and it has been working out very nicely. We even have some members form NE (sorta of) Ohio. Member here @6ohiocav is in Zoar. I am from Dayton area so we do get members from all around the state. If you would like more info our website is Shipwrights of Central Ohio. You can also pm me as well. Niagara is very nice and @6ohiocav has a nice build log here. Here is a nice explanation of
  7. Wow! For a novice and beginner that Victory is a huge project and loooks great! If you start a build log in the appropriate section we can all follow along with the rest of the build.
  8. Welcome this looks great so far. Would be interested in seeing how you figure out the electrical issues
  9. Welcome to MSW! I had to look up the Bohuslan and I like it. Looks like an interesting project
  10. That looks like a very nice model you have there. Definitely feel free to start a build log for your next or current project would love see more of your work
  11. Welcome to the forum! Starting a build log is a really great way to show your work get some experience, ask questions and work through problems/issues along the way
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