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  1. Looks great! It is definitely in the works but I am only "allowed" to get one power tool for the shop a year I wanted to go with some better dust control this time. The thought of cutting all the frames by hand seemed a bit much. Next one up will be a scroll saw of some type.
  2. I know the new festool I just got is significantly quieter than the old dewalt it replaced
  3. Depending on your particular situation I would recommend something for dust control. Depends on your shop but proper dust control is really important. I personally just got a nice shopvac with a HEPA filter on it which will help quite a bit and for Christmas I think I’m gonna end up with a actual air filtration system.
  4. Those margin planks look really nice. I have been contemplating this quite a bit recently
  5. That looks really good Ryland. Even though I know the lines are temporarily installed they do look very nice. I like the way they don’t sag or have weird bends in them.
  6. It’s really coming together. Are you using the liver of sulfur stuff or some other product? think I am going to try the Cheerful next
  7. dang it "Williamson" Dave you are absolutely correct
  8. It looks great. When I was building the Pygmy kayak I usually made the thickened epoxy about the consistency of peanut butter. The problem is the bigger the globs the more you have to sand/carve the extra off. With a clinker hull that would be harder to do. I ended up using one of these things and it worked out pretty well.
  9. nice point to go onto something else for a bit, looking forward to your square tuck
  10. Very nice work. Are those 'foot rope supports' (not sure of correct term) just regular line? Are you stiffening them with anything to keep them straight up and down?
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