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  1. Outstanding result Ryland. Your build has been a joy to follow. You should be proud of this work and I eagerly await your next build
  2. The entire point of the meme is to make the internet rage-nerd trolls react. Having a FireFly character saying something from the Star Trek franchise and attributing it to a Star Wars character is what makes it funny. Kinda like this one.. A lord of the Rings character quoting a Star Wars guy and attributed to a Harry Potter character... The original Dr Who Dalek getting mistaken for a Star Wars droid then not even knowing that and saying you liked him in Star Trek is pretty funny
  3. Hehe very similar to a tee-shirt I saw many years ago had this on it…
  4. Was given a partially started metalearth 'ship'. Finished it up today and am now sure will not ever be doing any of those WWI/II models 1/350 or 1/700 etc with all the photo etch.
  5. Haha the first time I saw that it blew my mind 😵‍💫…. magic
  6. Druxey, I like that you show what can be done with a 1/4" chisel. Excellent work as always
  7. I think having a featured article in the Nautical Research Guild journal would be a great place to start. Also many of us here are members of local modeling clubs which publish monthly newsletters. A short(ish) write up of the project which we could include in the newsletter would reach many more. I am eagerly looking forward this project.
  8. I really enjoy following along with this you’re doing such a great job here
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