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Dumas usss Whitehall Question.

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Good Day. I am currently immersed in the construction of the Billings Boats Andrea Gail (608) boat, foreseeing the day when I'll need another project. I have an R/C racing boat that can provide most of the operating gear, at least I hope that is feasible. What I would prefer is a model of a British Commonwealth  naval ship that I can buil as R/C, but those appear to be unavailable (at least in the size /scale that I seek. Perhaps most importantly for me is a kit that doesn't have to be planked. (I ain't sure that I've got enough years left to tackle yet another of those.As a Canadian, I'm not much interested in USN ships, but nonetheless find myself more and more curious of the USS WHITEHALL kit by Dumas. Anyone have any thoughts on this fantasy of mine? Is the idea feasible and/ or worth following up on? I shoul add that I'm an old, largely "poor", ex sailor and servant of he Queen who wants something relatively simple/" quick" to build, without being "cheesy. LHS support here in the great white Norh is pretty much unheard of, I rely on mail order but have the patience of a welfare recipient in a waiting line (okay, I have NO patience), lol). (Something along the lines of " Intermediate skill" would be ideal ;)




Current build Andrea Gail (Billings)

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A major challenge with the Dumas model is that it relies on fittings from HR Products... whose tooling, and maybe even the company, are virtually defunct.

There may be designers on Shapeways who offer suitable fittings, but I haven't researched that.

Pat M.

Matthews Model Marine

Model FUNCTION as well as FORM.

Get your boats wet!

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