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Identifying a line and type of knot used

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Hello friends,

i have searched my books for a correct term, hope i found it...

i am looking to find out how to tie one double block to a main topgallant crosstree on my Vic model.

for those who would be also building victory from model space kit, its the 7mm double block from step 7 stage 64.

i cannot seem to see how is this block tied to the mast... i assume that it would be same as the 5mm block that is also mentioned in there, which i also dont have a clue how to do.

thank you in advance.



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This looks like it might be the upper block for the topsail tye?  If so I would rig it in this fashion.  The strop of the block consists of two tails.  One is short with an eye, the other is just a long plain tail.  The tail is lead up through the cross tree around abaft the top mast (sometimes held from slipping down by cleats) and back down through the cross trees on the other side where it is put through the eye on the short tail before being seized to itself.  Essentially , it forms a sling around the mast.


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This does not look like the printed instruction at all... i mean, i know they have to simplify, but thats simplified too much. Do you think the other would be tied the same?

also, big THANK YOU. It looks simple enough, so im gonna do it the original way.

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