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The drum-type grinding machin №2

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Good afternoon misters

решыл to show you extreme the self-made machine tool I will begin with manufacturing process

Did two months of a photo process it should be clear

If there will be questions with pleasure will answer

I am sorry for my English I write through the translator




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4db66ecc4255.jpge3876c95feb5.jpg97cc704a8299.jpgef448a5a547c.jpgb2fbbad0f1f9.jpg6d3cfc22abed.jpg62c820e24b2f.jpg90aa1284ae17.jpg7c921af077f6.jpg141fdaeafbaa.jpge5574310eb19.jpgSmall deviation from a theme

I was registered at your forum to watch construction

Bonhomme Richard 1779 CUZ itself I try to do такойже

Simply be the spectator I can it is not necessary to accept participations in forum WRK

Therefore I share that I have that can to whom it is useful

The lyrics came to an end


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The termination

Short characteristics a drum 80х82мм a horizontal table 300х115мм its inclination from 0 degrees to 50градусов

Working zone under a drum 28мм, speed from 0 to 2500 turns in minute, weight 25кг

And for the sake of a trick it is twisted screws, bolts, nuts 131штука, 60 details of +14 bearings + a belt + the motor are soldered, braided together

I am happy


For polishing of small details

The size 255х84х18 in a cathedral kind, length a mobile sponge 60мм, a screw course 30мм, apertures 4мм under development

 For polishing the detail fastens between wooden hairpins, hairpins will be shortened (a thick part) in a thickness of a ground detail




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Hello, Anatoly! 


The interesting machine, but quite metal-consuming and difficult in production - is a lot of details without which it is possible to do, using the direct drive, instead of a belt drive with all its shortcomings.

Best regards,




Is under construction Montanes


Ready models Golden Star Corsair San Francisco II

Bronze 24-pdr canone Le Fleuron

Bronze 24-pdr canone Le Fleuron (second version)

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I too am lost for words - Wow says it all.


I am most impressed with your postings. I have added you to my list of names that I look out for amongst new posts.


Ian M.

Ian M.


Current build: HMS Unicorn  (1748) - Corel Kit


Advice from my Grandfather to me. The only people who don't make mistakes are those who stand back and watch. The trick is not to repeat the error. 

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