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  1. RIP Dany. You were a good man, and a special guy to this MSW
  2. The final work, after just one month (staing home obliged bay Covid19)
  3. After just one month (staying home obliged ma Covid19) i finished at last. The quicker project On monday hope to continue with Sovereign
  4. Near the finish. All small parts prepared, and start the instalation
  5. I expected a lot to build this, my grandchildren moved to a 250 km away from my town and i see them just in holliday , so in this period of "corona virus" isolation i started this here. This is log
  6. I worked, but just now i have some new pictures. Painting parts, create gun carriage, blakening, some "rigging"
  7. I have time,and have to stay in how i use, so this is what i have done And also how i made some "jigs"
  8. I continue the work 2 days, staying inside: Made the gratings, and planking the lower deck. Hope tomorrow to finish the upper deck
  9. Hi Chris, it is not a problem that you change the name, to be much easier for search. By the way, my name is Cristi ( cristikc is the nickname) I will watch the other log, as i all the time (for all my projects ) i watched. Regards, Cristi
  10. I started this new project, in a period very hard for the whole world (the coronavirus pandemia) We are obliged to stay in home (as much as we can) and i am lucky i ahd some old kits bought years ago. I am very sad that i am not with my 3 grandchildren, and play with them. So the only "good" is that i have time for my hobby. The new project hope to finish soon (and also the virus will end in this period) This is the "unpack section"
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