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San Salvador by Adrieke - MMSD - CARD - 1:100

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I've downloaded the San Salvador, (thanks for the Link).
I've printed out 2 booklets, basic and advanced to have a good read.
I’ve got to the base hull stage so will start a build log once I have the hull built.


I don’t know why I thought ‘card’ would be easy!! :(
But your photos gave me a start.


I have just found out that my neighbour built an Artesania Latina HMS Endeavour Kit, he says it took him 13 years to build.
I have not seen it yet. It apparently sits in a glass case.
Good for him.

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its been awhile since i have done anything on this model


i have added a few more bits on top



hello Urb sorry i must have missed your reply


have you started a buildlog ?


yes card is not as easy as it looks and this model is fairly complex



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thank you John


but I think building in card is not for me at the moment. when I can I will try to finish this build but it certainly will not be my best


if you want to see some really beautiful work in card check out the build log of the Royal Caroline by Doris. its absolutely amazing :)

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