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  1. Hi Auvergne,

    I am very interested in your progress as I am roughly in the same spot and it is good to compare to let me know how I am going .

    Will follow your progress. 


  2. What an amazing job you did on her Michael!! A vessel very worthy to be proud of. John E
  3. Ollie, Thanks so much for commenting! Means so much to hear. Aussie, Thank you as well! Great hearing from you all!
  4. dgbot, Thanks friend....something I learned from someone on MSW....grateful for your comment. John E
  5. A couple of photos showing the work mentioned in my previous post. Lots of work to do but looking a bit better this morning. I will continue to post my progress later. Need more work completed on main deck aft and to the right. John E
  6. Thanks Mij, I seriously think this Xebec will be a modified version of the original kit. I cannot go back and undo what has already been done so pressing onward. Your Xebec is beautiful Mij, and I salute you, sir. Presently I have built the outer walls of the aft section. Here again, I raised the walls by two planks in order to allow for the height extension of what I covered to align with the deck on the stern instead of the grating. It will work I am sure as I also wish for the metal scrollwork, cap-rails and top-plates to align at a downward angle from the transom. At this point this Chebec may be experimental but I am continuously improving my carpentry skills, trim skills, paint, and staining my deck. The main deck is almost complete and then on to the sides of the main deck. I'll try and post a couple of pics later this morning.
  7. You are welcome Sherry! I only can hope my Xebec will turn out just as nice. It is coming along nicely but very slow. I can see you have great talent which is such a gift. I will be following you Sherry on your progress. Best wishes on your current and future builds. I think you are on to something.
  8. What a GREAT first build!!! I did the Mayflower (plastic), as a kid but yours is simply beautiful. Congrats on a job well done. I cannot wait to see more. John E
  9. Hi Michael, All I can say is she appears flawless and beautiful!! John E.
  10. Very attractive Mayflower!! Great job you did....I did a plastic one as a kid but your Mayflower is very clean and sharp. Good for you.
  11. Hi Bob, Well sir, you just helped me in a very big way. I love the old vessels in some of my lines drawings books and would like to research these vessels and make scratch builds as you did so well. I have been pondering for quite some time now. I am a draftsman and have been fascinated by Marine Engineering and Drafting. I just need to learn how to model. Keep going Bob because with you there is so much potential. Thanks for sharing your story of Joshua Slocum and Spray. John E
  12. I saw how you did your grating. Superior craftsmanship and I like the way you used exotics. Did you use the kit parts as a template to cut out in exotic woods? That is what it looks like to me. You taught me so much on this vessel. Since my grating is set to high at the stern and already glued I am not sure what to do. I will have to correct somehow....any advice?? You did very well and I am pleased you have taken your valued time to assist in my build. John E
  13. Beautiful work and the paint job was immaculate. BTW what kind of spackling did you use on the hull prior to airbrushing?
  14. A small amount of filler for the small opening....trim is in and now off to do the planking of stern sides. This will be stained a light Oak as the main and aft decks. John E
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