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  1. here is something fun to listed to: https://ship.ambient-mixer.com/a-sailing-ship#:~:text=Seagulls squawking as they fly past%2C the creaking,regulate the watch system and tell the time.
  2. welcome to Model Ship World! will be looking forward to following your build log
  3. I called my bank this morning and am going there this afternoon to file a fraud claim. the bank had an additional number for Internet Hobbies which they asked me to call first. when you call you get an answering machine telling you to leave a message, you hear the beep and when you start talking it hangs up. when you call the phone number on their website the answering machine says the mailbox is full and can't take any more messages. hopefully I don't wind up losing my money for the purchase. did I learn anything from this? you bet!
  4. thanks for your help guys!! I will contact my bank on Monday and see if they can do anything. will let you know how it turns out
  5. Does anyone have any experience good or bad dealing with Internet Hobbies. I ordered a kit from them about a month ago, haven't received anything yet and they don' answer my e-mails. thanks for your help
  6. that looks like it will be an interesting model to make Scott, am looking forward to following your progress
  7. Hi Richard, looks like you are coming along nicely, I think the Lobster Boat kit was a good choice for your first kit, I was toying with buying this one just a few weeks ago, great looking little boats. I live in Missouri as well, I am in a tiny town close to the southern border in about the middle of the state east to west. good luck with your build, I will be following along. you will find plenty of help here on the forum should you get stuck.
  8. Patrick, your idea to use metal tape on the boiler looks perfect, and I like the glue dots for rivet heads, how did you get them so uniform? my Chaperon is still on backorder but I expect I will be starting mine in a month to six weeks.
  9. Hi Chris, just found your build log today, don't know how I have missed it, I love this era and you are doing a beautiful job, As for your strange modelers affliction I have that exact same problem! If you find a cure for it let me know, I am afraid to count how many unfinished models I have on my shelf.
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