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Knots for iron stropped blocks

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I’m nearing the finish line on my Bluejacket Smuggler (1877 gaff rigged schooner) and have started on the running rigging.  The kit supplies iron stropped blocks made from cast Brittania metal. I’ve cleaned up the casting flash, drilled out the beckets and sheaves, and have most of them painted the suggested white. I’ll be using Syren rope in sizes .008, .012 and .018.  I don’t know what kind of knot I should use to tie the blocks to the lines.  I was thinking of using the old taut-line hitch from my Boy Scout days since it would be secure and not very bulky.  I would appreciate any suggestions you may have of a more appropriate knot.  Thanks.




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On the prototype the rope would have an eye-splice in the end and would be attached to the block via a shackle. I don't know what scale your model is in or what lengths the blocks would have, but making shackles down to a length of 1.5 mm isn't too difficult. Likewise, it is quite easy to make 'false' eye-splices into the end of your rope using a sewing needle.

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I just take a brass or copper wire of suitable diameter and punch it flat at two points with a round, flat punch. I then lightly mark the centre in the flats and drill. The wire is then bent to the shackle shape around a pin nailed into a piece of wood. The shackle now can be cut off from the wire and both flat ends shaped with a fine grindstone in the hand-held electrical drill.

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