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Dear friends,

would like to present Ultimate Rigging Tool kit which includes my rigging tools but for the special price.

This kit includes (click the links for more details):


What you could do with this kit:

-make different authentic rigging lines for you models: 2-, 3- or 4-stranded, with/without the core, plain laid or cable laid, left or right lay.

-serve ropes, make beckets, strop blocks, make eye-splices, lay seizings, make stay mouse (diamond knot) and do other jobs where one rope is to be wound round the other.


Why there are two ropewalks?

-Planetary and Prosak complement each other. Planetrary is very useful for making long 0.2-1.2mm regular ropes which are many on a model. Prosak is super tool for making special  ropes like thick cables.


Free shipping.

For more details on pricing - please contact me directly


I have also special offer for returned customers.








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