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  1. Hi Bob and welcome to Model Ship World. You have done a very nice job on building your Grand Banks Dory. That kit seems to be a very good kit for the first time builder of a wooden ship model. We are glad to have you aboard.
  2. Hi Darryl and welcome to Model Ship World. We appreciate the support you have given MSW by becoming a sponsor. You have many products on your website that will appeal to our members. It is really amazing the amount of detail that is present in these small scale models. They will enhance any model railroad layout or the display shelf of a ship modeler who wants to build a small scale model. We are glad to have you and your company on MSW.
  3. Hi Dennis and welcome to Model Ship World. The Lady Nelson looks like a nice model for your first build. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that show this model being built. I do hope you start a build log for whatever model you should choose.
  4. Welcome to Model Ship World David. You have some nice looking models. You mentioned that you have a Glad Tidings model kit in you collection to be built. Here is an excellent build log that would be helpful when you start your Glad Tidings:
  5. Welcome back Darren. You have built some really nice models. Looking forward to seeing your future builds.
  6. Richard, You did your homework well in selecting the Duchess of Kingston. I am looking forward to following your progress as I know your model will be well built.
  7. In addition to the excellent article that Matt referred to in the above post, you can download the planking fan by going to the Medway Longboat downloads page at this link:
  8. Looks like a very nice kit. Photos of the replica will definitely help on your build. I look forward to following your Golden Hind build.
  9. Hi Andy and welcome to Model Ship World. You did a good job on building your St. Gabriel. It is a very nice looking model.
  10. Nice start on your Chris Craft. I took speedboat rides in a similar Chris Craft back in the late fifties at Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia.
  11. Congratulations on finishing your Cheerful. It is a beautiful model and I have enjoyed following your build log.
  12. Hi Richard and welcome to Model Ship World. Based on your experience, you should have no problem building a wooden ship model. You have been given good advice by the members in their posts above. I look forward to seeing what you decide to build, but take your time making your decision as the build time could run into many years. I would also check out the build logs on whatever ship model you are considering.
  13. Hi Rachel and welcome to Model Ship World. I am glad you have joined us and look forward to seeing your build log.
  14. Wow Steve, Your Longboat is uniquely different from the other Longboat builds on this site. I really like the display. Job well done.
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