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  1. I remember that the subdeck on my AVS did not match the plans. I was concerned about this. The openings for the hatches were off center and the notches for the bulkhead extensions had to be opened up to fit properly. The subdeck is going to be planked over and everything worked out just fine for me.
  2. Congratulations on completing your Granado. This is one of my favorite ships and your build log will be an inspiration to future builders of this ship model. I really like the display base that you made.
  3. Nic, take care of yourself. I hope you will be feeling better soon and on the road to a speedy recovery.
  4. Looks like you have a good start on your Queen Anne Barge. I will be following your build.
  5. Thanks Bob. That is quite a compliment from someone who I have admired their work over the years. You do not give yourself enough credit for the fine job of planking that you have done on your Longboat.
  6. It is nice to see you back to work on your Longboat. Your past builds have been an inspiration to many of us, so you deserve taking a break from ship modeling.
  7. Thanks Michael. I will be following your build of the Royal Barge. I have seen Chuck's model at the Northeast Joint Clubs Conference and it builds into a nice model. You will do a good job on your Royal Barge after seeing your work on your Pinnace. Greg, the lining out of the hull was a good learning experience. It refreshed what I learned in the Planking Admiralty Workshop. I am sure some builders of this model will not line out their hull. My marks on the bulkheads for the most part matched the width of the preformed planks. I also used the lined out hull as a teaching aid at one of our Club meetings. Rusty, it was good seeing you at the Northeast Joint Clubs Conference and thanks for bringing your Medway Longboat and your Royal Barge. Your craftsmanship is excellent and it motivated me to get back to work on my models.
  8. Thanks Chuck. The pre-shaped planks are fitting nicely. For the most part, a slight bevel on the edge and the plank fits nicely. The design of this kit amazes me as I have never worked with a kit that was so well engineered.
  9. It has been a while since I have updated my build log. I am about half way through the planking process. I have only snapped two planks in the process of contouring the planks. It was easy to make replacement planks using the excess wood on the bottom of the laser cut plank sheets. I am finding that the planks fit much nicer now that I am beyond the first three rows of planks from the keel. I am drilling the holes for the simulated nails when I install each plank as it seems easier to me not to miss the bulkheads below the plank with my drill bit. Here are some pictures of my progress to date:
  10. Thomas, Gene Berger is a member of the Hampton Roads Ship Model Society and he does his own photo etch for his award winning scratch built models. I consider him a master builder. He is on MSW as gberger. Here is a link to his website that has a presentation on photo etching. www.geneberger-models.com/photo-etching/ He has taught several of our Club members how to make photo etch parts.
  11. Congratulations on completing your Pinnance. You did a nice job on building this model. I have enjoyed following your build log.
  12. Congratulations on the completion of your Cheerful. I have enjoyed following your build log and look forward to your next build.
  13. You are making good progress on your Longboat. I probably had more tape on my frames than what you have. It really strengthened the frames and did not cause me any problems in the fairing process. The tape will be removed before you start planking.
  14. That is a nice birthday present, something you will cherish for the rest of your life. We can tell that you are a proud PopPop.
  15. I am sorry to see this happen, but glad the young boy is OK. The good thing is the new model will be much better.

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