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  1. Congratulations on finishing your Enterprise. It is very nicely built, especially for your first wooden ship model.
  2. I know the feeling. Sometimes, a plank becomes very difficult to install. Start at the rabbet and slowly work your way back. You will have to try fit the plank, sand a little and refit and repeat this process as many times as needed to get the plank to fit. Just keep working slowly at it and it will eventually fit. I have even taken some wood off of the plank you are fitting it to, which I do not like doing, just to get the plank to fit. Good luck on this.
  3. Work continues on my Medway Longboat. I made the traveler ring and a couple of hooks and then rigged the jib halliard and outhaul. This finished up the rigging. The next step was to make up some rope coils for the belaying pins. I also decided to wrap some line around the windlass. Assembly of these was made easier by not having the thwarts installed at this time. Once the coils are completed, the remaining thwarts will be glued to the risers. Here is a picture of the model as it now looks: All that is left is to make three more rope coils, six oars, install the flag and the display stand and this model will be finished.
  4. Very nice model. Your work looks crisp and I am glad you decided to fix the paint issues.
  5. Congratulations Derek. I am going to miss your updates and the discussions that your posts generated. Your build log is packed with many tips, photos and techniques and will serve as a valuable resource for a modeler building a ship model in this era. You have built a model that you will be proud of and will bring back many wonderful memories every time you look at it. I am looking forward to your next build, whatever it may be. Thanks for letting us follow along on this build.
  6. Me again Ryland from upstate NY. Four of us within our group met to discuss how we can invigorate our young group of just 6 years. One obvious element as I guest visit and have joined the NJ group is that by shear number they can always count on someone(s) to be willing to share in show and tell or volunteer for a central topic element. We are only 18 in number and only 50% are ever present at meetings and of that probably 7 are active building for one reason or another. I think both Hampton Roads and the NJ groups do well because of their numbers. To the point I was looking on MSW and went to the "Communities" sub page and then dialed in western NY and found about 30 or so MSW members from Buffalo to Syracuse. We would like to contact them to see if they would like to visit and possibly join in with us. Is there a way to identify them (as not all names show up where I move my cursor to their active icon) and PM them?


  7. I have used Elmer's Wood Filler in the tube and it has worked very well for me. The natural color is a perfect match for the yellow cedar that I used on my Medway Longboat.
  8. Gene Berger, a member of the Hampton Roads Ship Model Society, built an addition onto his house to display his models. Here is a picture of his model display room from his website: You can see more pictures of his display room by going to this page on his website and scrolling down about 2/3 of the page. https://geneberger-models.com/
  9. Should not be a problem. I am sure that most builds had the thwart glued to the hull before drilling the hole for the brace. I sometimes do it differently than what the instructions call for. Sometimes it works out for me, sometimes not.
  10. Welcome to Model Ship World Eurus. You are off to a good start in this hobby. Your whaleboat looks nice. I look forward to your future builds.
  11. Thanks Chuck and Grant for your comments and also for the "Likes". Chuck, my goal is to have it finished for Modelcom in Philly in three weeks. A little rigging, some rope coils and finishing the oars is all I have left to do plus the stand.
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