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  1. Thanks for your comment, Captain and also for the tip on getting clean painted edges. I enjoyed your AVS build log and it is one of the best constructed AVS models that I have seen.
  2. Congratulations Bob. You should be proud of the finished model and your craftsmanship. I have enjoyed your build log and will be referring to it, especially the pictures, as I continue with my Longboat build. Your build is truly an inspiration for any Medway Longboat builder.
  3. There is an IPMS Chapter located in Indianapolis. The Club may have someone willing to take on a commission build. There website link is: http://www.ipmsroscoeturner.org/
  4. Perfection is an understatement of you work. Truly a piece of art.
  5. Alan, Welcome to Model Ship World. Thanks for the memory of building balsa planes and the smell of the Ambroid glue and the dope. I always enjoyed painting the planes. I look forward to seeing your Scottish Fifie Fishing vessel and I hope you will start a build log. This is a very enjoyable hobby and you have come to the right place to get advice and share your success on your build.
  6. Justin, I use tape most of the time when I paint my models. I use tape to get a straight edge such as the red top of the rudder and also use tape to cover up the natural wood in case I should accidentally drop or splatter some paint. My Longboat was pretty well taped up for over two months during the painting process. I mainly use blue painters tape for general cover up and use Tamiya Fine Line or 3M Fine Line tape to get a sharp edge. A good cover up of tape, paper or cloth is cheap insurance when painting, as I have learned this the hard way. I remember taping up my 1/48th Longboat and it was a pain with all of the tight turns of the exposed bulwarks. The design of the Medway Longboat eliminated this as there is an inboard sheer strake attached to the inboard edge of the caprail. All I had to do was tape below this strake to keep paint from hitting the natural wood bulwarks. When I saw Chuck demonstrate his painting technique, he had squares drawn on a sheet of wood. There was never a model that he demonstrated his painting technique on, but I would not doubt that he uses very little, if any, tape in his painting of his ship models. He is that good.
  7. Welcome to Model Ship World. You have built some nice models and I look forward to seeing you start a build log on your Lady Nelson. The Connecticut Marine Model Society is a club that meets in West Haven, CT that has modelers of all skill levels and also some musicians. I am sure their meetings are on hold due to Covid-19, but hopefully will start back up in the fall. Here is a link to their website: http://www.ctshipmodels.org/index.html
  8. Here is a video discussion on Gundam modeling that focused on the Richmond IPMS Old Dominion Open (ODO) contest that was held on February 29, 2020. I attended this event and was impressed by the Gundam models.
  9. Thomas, I am glad you have experienced success in your photo etching of your parts. It is an interesting process and I have been very fortunate to have seen Gene Berger demonstrate how he makes his photo etched parts. Gene continues to improve his photo etching expertise with each project he completes. He shows that it can be successfully done in a home workshop. For those that want more information on do it yourself photo etching, check out Gene's photo etch tutorial at this link: http://geneberger-models.com/photo-etching/
  10. I have never used Humbrol Acrylics but I always thin my acrylic paint. The more I thin it, the less you will see of the lap marks and brush strokes. This will require many coats of thinned paint. Test on some scrap wood first.
  11. Your Speedy is coming along nicely. I love the boxwood. This is going to turn out to be a beautiful model.
  12. Assuming this hull is to be doubled planked, I would smooth the run of the bottom plank along the bulkheads G to L. This could be accomplished by taking a small amount off of the bottom plank where it dips down. The problem lies with the plank above the bottom plank. If the hull is to be singled planked, I would remove the last two planks installed and start over. You should definitely consider lining off the hull using the procedures in the links below. This would prevent this type of error. Chapter Two of the Medway Longboat instructions also explains the process of lining off the hull. https://www.syrenshipmodelcompany.com/medway-longboat-1742.php The link to the download of Chapter Two is located about midway down the page. I hope this helps.
  13. You have done a beautiful job. I love the pear wood and the contrast between the different planks. Can't wait to see more.
  14. Congratulations on completing your Syren. You did an excellent job on building this model. I have enjoyed following your detailed build log and it will be an excellent resource for future Syren builders.

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