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  1. Congratulations on finishing this beautiful model Paul. I have enjoyed following your build log.
  2. Re-doing tasks is an important part of this hobby. You will never be happy for yourself if you knowingly leave a mistake on your model. As druxey said, mistakes do have a way of compounding themselves if not corrected.
  3. You have nothing to lose by trying to glue this piece on. I would place the garboard plank on a piece of wax paper and try to glue the little sliver on. It is doubtful if it will work because it may pop off when you bend the plank. But it is worth a try and if it fails, you can always order a replacement part. The other option is to cut your own plank using the outline of the plank from the sheet where the garboard was laser cut. I doubt if there is any excess wood in the kit, so you may have to source a basswood sheet from a hobby shop or possibly Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Good luck on this.
  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. I put this build on hold while I was building my Medway Longboat and some other projects. I agree that it is time to get back to work on this model. We have a couple of members of my club that are building this kit, so I plan on joining them as I am a little further along in my build. It will be nice to see this kit finished.
  5. Hi Tom. Glad you pulled this kit out of the closet and started this build. It is an excellent kit and should be a fun build.
  6. Hi Alex and welcome to Model Ship World. The Lowell Grand Banks Dory is an excellent introduction to wooden ship modeling by the first time builder. If you get a chance, please post a picture of your Lego ship in a bottle.
  7. Nice start to your build. You will learn a lot on this build plus you have an excellent start on your build log. I look forward to following this build.
  8. Hi Scottie and welcome to Model Ship World. As Hank said in the above post, you have come to the right forum to enhance your wooden ship model skills.
  9. You have made a lot of progress on your Longboat and it is looking great. You will find the masting and rigging very satisfying as you head to the finish line.
  10. Steve, I have a set of Glardon-Vallorbe 5 1/2" needle files that I use a lot. These are the #2 cut, which is a medium cut. I recently received a #0 cut of these files which is a course cut, but have not really used them yet. I was surprised at how often I use these files. https://www.ottofrei.com/Glardon-Vallorbe-LA2442-2-Needle-File-Sets-of-6-5-1-2-14-cm-Medium
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