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  1. Welcome to Model Ship World Pete. I am glad you have found this forum. You have done a good job on your Cutty Sark. I hope you start a build log on your model as it is never too late to start one.
  2. Welcome to Model Ship World. I am amazed at the model aircraft builds that are on the internet. Some of them are so detailed and realistic that it is hard to tell the difference between the actual plane. With your modeling skills, you will do just fine building ship models. I look forward to seeing some of your work.
  3. Welcome to Model Ship World Johan. The Lowell Grand Banks Dory is an excellent choice for your first wooden ship model. There are several build logs of this kit on MSW that you can refer to. Building this model will give you the skills to build more complicated ship models. I hope you will start a build log of this model.
  4. Welcome to Model Ship World Ken. It must be an honor to have your drawing on the cover of a book that features works from top artists. I am looking forward to seeing your work on your Syren. With your artistic talent and Chuck's artistic talent, your Syren should turn out to be an exceptional model.
  5. Your stem could be slightly crooked. When a part is laser cut, the laser beam is wider at the top of the part and gets narrower as it cuts into the wood. If the laser beam is out of focus, then the angle can get more severe. I always use a miniature square to make sure that the part is 90 degrees to the base. If it is not, I will have to true up the joint being glued. You said "I still can’t really understand how to use “water & brush” to remove excess glue, but my toothpick seemed to work for me!" I use a damp brush to pick up the excess glue. Just drag the damp brush th
  6. This is a good kit for the beginner ship modeler. You will learn a lot of skills that will help you in future builds. You can click on the tag that is below the title of your build log and it will bring up all of the build logs for the Lowell Grand Banks Dory that you can use as a reference for your build.
  7. Congratulations Joseph on finishing your first wooden ship model. You overcame the planking problem and your dory turned into a really nice model. This looked to be a great kit for the first time builder. I look forward to seeing your next build.
  8. Welcome to Model Ship World. Your Victory is looking great. You are on your way to completing a very nice model.
  9. Welcome to Model Ship World Harland. You should do just fine with the Polaris. Be sure to start a build log of your model. It will definitely help you on your build.
  10. Beautiful engine. I envy those that build miniature working engines. And welcome to Model Ship World. I will be looking forward to seeing your build and I hope it has a scale working engine in it.
  11. I am glad you found a solution to your problem. The pictures in the original post did not show the twisted transom, but I can see it in the first picture in the above post. You have done an excellent job on building this model. For 12a, I believe you are correct in the beveling of the inside frames. The bevel should be pretty much parallel to the plank attached to it, This is why frame #3 does not require much of a bevel as the frame sits at the midpoint of the model. For step #13, my interpretation of the instructions is to put a small, possibly a 1/8" strip to cove
  12. Welcome to Model Ship World Bill. Many of the kit build logs are tagged "First Build". The tags are located under the title of the build log and if you click on the tag, it will list all of the first builds by members. You can check them out and see what other first time ship modeler are building. This may help you find a model that you like and is suitable to your skills.
  13. Welcome to Model Ship World Matey. The San Francisco Cross Section looks like a nice kit. I hope you start a build log on this model so we can follow your progress.
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