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  1. Hi Bud and welcome to Model Ship World. We were all absolute beginners at one time. When I started in this hobby, there was no MSW. It is a good idea to start a build log on your Endeavor. If you have any questions about your build, just ask and you will receive answers from the membership.
  2. Bradley, You look like you are having a lot of fun building these two models. I am glad you started a build log on these kits as they can be a great introduction into building wooden ship models. You could not have a better teacher than David Antscherl.
  3. Hi Mark and welcome to Model Ship World. You have received some good advice on selecting your first ship model. If you are a complete beginner, you may want to check out this ship model kit: This model is designed for the first time modeler and you can get a version that includes all of the tools and supplies needed to complete the model.
  4. You do not want to over bevel the edge of the planks as gaps could develop when you sand the hull. Also, the plank edges will be seen on the interior of the hull, so you want the edges to be tight.
  5. Your Cheerful hull is a work of art. Congratulations on getting to this part of the build.
  6. Your chain plates look nice. I also struggle with blackening parts. You have to really have the parts clean and any protective covering has to be removed.
  7. I purchased my Kunz miniature plane from Woodcraft many years ago. I did a Google search and came up with this: https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/kunzpalmplanewithouthandle.aspx There are other miniature planes that are much nicer, such as the Lie-Nielsen, but my Kunz does the job. It is based on the old Stanley 101 block plane. I am glad to see your progress on your Longboat. I hope to start rigging mine today.
  8. That is a nice looking model. I am glad that Model Shipways is producing a kit for first time builders. You could not have a better teacher than David Antscherl, the designer of this kit. The description of this kit states it is the first in a series of progressive model tutorials. This is definitely what a new builder needs to improve their skills. So many new builders come into this hobby, get frustrated with their build and leave, never to come back. This series of kits should give them the confidence to complete their models and move on to more complicated ship models.
  9. You are doing a nice job on your Atlantic. It looks like the contact cement was the right choice for the scribed deck.
  10. You are off to a good start on your Beagle. It is never too late to start a build log. I see that there are 131 videos on YouTube of building this model. Here is the link to these videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?reload=9&list=PLrPwa5r7zKUzDlhkDF4ztrTc2ag_wVD_a
  11. Welcome to Model Ship World Lars. The OcCre kits build into fine models. I am glad your son "tricked" you into this hobby and that he shows an interest in your work. I will be checking out your HMS Beagle build log.
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