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Mast Location on AL Bluenose II

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I posted this in my build log but thought I might get a quicker response here.


I Removed the assembly from the clamps and turned it upside down in order to install the mast reinforcing blocks.


I have the kit instructions and plan sheets, and the J. Earl Practicum, and the manufacturers instructions for the newer version of the kit.


Problem: No one even the kit manufacturer can agree where they should be placed.


As you can see below the kit instructions not so clearly states that "These should be bonded into place ... as shown on the plans ... backing up flush against the backs of frame Nos. 6 and 9. ..."


That places them like this;


However when we look at the plans which are referenced in the written instructions we see this


Which moves them forward of bulkheads 6 and 9, like this.


The Earl practicum does not mention them at all however, on page 7 of section 2 we can just barely get a glimpse one of the blocks in Photo 4 located aft of bulkhead 6 as per the written instructions.


The newer kit has slots pre-located in the keel and different bulkhead spacing so we can disregard the instructions for the new kit except as perhaps a general reference for location in relation to the "Great Beam".


Question: Could someone who has built this version of the AL Bluenose II kit # 20500 please measure the distance from the "step" in the deck to the center of each of the masts? Or at least verify which location they used.


Many Thanks

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My advice is ignore all landmarks below decks and focus instead on the sail plan. Hopefully the kit came with a full scale one? This will give you the location of The Partners, where the mast pierces the deck, and the Rake of the masts, which will show you the line on which the mast intersects the keel. These two landmarks will unfailably give you what you want. Wearas if you use frame or bulkhead landmarks below decks, the results will be entirely dependant on those elements having been located properly. And if they are off in the slightest your mast will be wrong.




 Niagara USS Constitution 


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Thanks for the quick replies.


Frankie after sleeping on it last night that is exactly the conclusion I came to. there is a full scale drawing which locates the deck penetrations so that is what I will go with.


Thanks again and happy St Patty's day

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