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  1. Gixli, I am glad you are finding my build log helpful. I had to take some time away from model building. I am slowly getting back into it and hope to get back to the San Francisco fairly soon. In the mean time I am going to enjoy watching your build and if you have any questions that are not covered in the various logs then just ask and I am sure you will be flooded with answers. Everyone here is very helpful. Enjoy your build and keep up the excellent work. Best Regards
  2. Very Nice! Glad you found my post helpful. Best Regards
  3. Not a bad Idea. That is if you don't mind all your models smelling like the inside of a whiskey barrel. Although there are worse smells.
  4. If you use PVC as I did with mine it is simply common sch 40 you can buy at H Depot just support it well and it will be fine. I have used mine several times now with the steam pot running for up to an hour and a half and had no problems at all. Mine is 54" long and supported in three places as you can see. For that matter you could strap it to a plank and it would be fully supported the entire length. Good Luck
  5. Well believe it or not I have not given up on this build. It is actually getting to the fun part for me. After many different attempts at getting the shear plank right where I wanted it I have finally started making some progress. Unfortunately I was too wrapped up in the process to really document it. The real trick was getting the first planks on then getting them to stay in place with out any clamps in the way of gluing on the next one. I could have just drilled holes through the plank at every frame and inserting some brads and that was probably the next step even though I am n
  6. A little bit late to the party but I am all caught up and will be following along from here if there is room for one more. As always Doc great subject and masterful execution, a real pleasure to watch. Best Regards
  7. I use an exacto knife and a variety of different blades. If there are any marks left over I buff them out with a super fine sanding stick or just some 1200 grit sand paper.
  8. Hello again, Success! It seems to have worked perfectly. First I got the forms and clamps ready for the test strip. Then I fired up the steam generator. Some on line videos stated that they had to wait an hour or so for the water to boil so I went about cleaning up a bit and was pleasantly surprised when I went back after 25 minutes to find a roiling cloud of steam issuing from the open end of my pipe. Steam is not very photogenic. So in went my two test strips and the cap was placed on just barely hand tight
  9. Thanks for all the interest and input. I have decided to go ahead with my original plan pretty much intact. I will try and explain my reasoning as best I can. First of all I want everyone to know that I have the utmost respect for everyone on this forum and value your opinions very highly. As to using PVC It is what I have at hand, and there are several examples of successful use of same on line. Even my hero Norm Abram (New Yankee Workshop) used one made from PVC. Also mine is only a very short span that is supported well so sagging should not be a real issue.
  10. I Know I know! I have read as many threads on plank bending as I can find. I have tried several of the methods that are outlined in those threads to varying degrees of success. Dry bending and soaking has worked for most applications up till now. On the project I an currently working on the planking is 3/16" x 3/8" x 40" and the bend is predominantly on the thinner edge. Future/Larger projects will require even thicker material so I am going to give steam a try. After spending a couple of evenings on google and youtube I have come up with a plan that will hopefully brin
  11. Not much to report but here goes. I did manage to get a coat of wipe on poly on the building form and 2 coats on the areas that will come in contact with glue joints on the planking. I used this same method on the Peterboro build and the finished canoe slid off the form like you know what through a goose. Also I tried dry bending the shear plank and you can see the result. Granted I went through the planks provided in the kit and this one was the worst of them but still. So I have decided to build a steam box for this and a few other projects I
  12. Welcome aboard Michael from a former Jersey Boy that left the cold behind many years ago. Lots of helpful folks around here so don't be shy about asking for help. Best Regards
  13. Hello again and thanks for all the likes. Not much to show so far but I have made a little progress. Below is a picture of the building form next to her little sister from Midwest. The instructions are quite clear about how critical the placement of the shear plank is. As we all know this sets up the planking for the entire project. The method they would have me use is to nail the shear plank to each form using the bottom edge as a guide then repeating the process on the other side. Once both sides are done go back and check that the shape/curve of the shea
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