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  1. I know I did not get much interest in this when I first posted it back in Feb. Now that it is getting closer I thought I would resurrect it and see if anyone was interested in meeting up. We will be a across the bay at Cherrystone Va. the entire week of the 4th and I plan on visiting the museum on our way back on Sunday the 7th of July. But I would be up for a day trip over the bridge any day that someone wants to meet. Best Regards
  2. Thanks for sharing that Doc. That was one of those "Now why didn't I think of that" moments. I will certainly use that from now on. Beats the heck out of trying to paint them on.
  3. Glad to see you back to work on this one Doc. Just curious about your method for the barrel bands. My shakey hands make a mess of them and yours are so nice and clean.
  4. Wonderful build. You must be very proud of your Daughter. I always wanted to build one of these when I was younger but never could locate a decent set of plans. That was before the internet though maybe now is the time to revisit it. Thanks for the inspiration.
  5. Welcome aboard David. Have you started a build log yet? That is the easiest way to get help and the best way to help others who might come behind you. By the way I pretty much started at 60 so it is really never too late. Best of luck to you
  6. Vacation at my house means more time for "Honey Do's"
  7. I have been wanting to order this book but can't seem to pull the trigger. Please post a review once you have had a chance to peruse it. Thanks
  8. I actually found myself holding my breath while he was placing those tiny details as if it would help. What amazing work.
  9. Like my Nana used to say "Once begun half done." Of course she did not build very many model ship.
  10. I too have downloaded and saved it for my upcoming AL King of the Mississippi build. Thanks Kurt, Bruce and all. Opps! Sorry for the misplaced response I was at the bottom of page one and did not realize it. Best Regards
  11. Thank you all for the likes. Just getting started on some of the deck pieces. But before gluing them in I was wondering about waterways for this deck. The instructions do not call for any but I think they would have been there. What sort of profile would they have had? I have seen them as both concave and just simply beveled strips. Is one more correct than the other or would it have been a regional thing as I am finding with a lot of details? Would they be made of different wood than the rest of the deck planking? Thanks
  12. When I was building my battle station I found these pictures by fellow MSW member robdurant to be a great resource. Also Harold Hahn has some great resources out there for gun and carriage construction. Like Mark said a quick search should turn up a wealth of info. Best regards
  13. Just checking aboard Bob. Say hello to New Jersey for me. Where abouts are you headed if you do not mind my asking?
  14. I know by now you all are as tired of these gun ports as I am. But they are officially done except for the outer frames which will come after the final planking. I created a lot of extra work for myself by building up the interior bulkheads and I am not sure I would go through it again. but I think it definitely achieved the desired effect. Giving some depth to the gun ports rather than just being a framed hole through the outer skin. Now it is on to some guns and other furniture for the second deck. I have the powder kegs and their racks soaking in some stain right now. I also need to start fabricating and installing the hardware for the gun rigging. I have also been working on the making and placement of the bilge pump. The kit supplied one is metal and actually quite nice looking but I will be making one from wood. The instructions call for it to be mounted on the lower most deck in the hold. In doing some research and reading Prof. Oertlings thesis on the subject I am thinking of moving it up one deck and extending the tube down to the bilge as it would have been. Slightly off center line and forward of the mast. That's it for tonight. Best regards

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