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  1. Paul, Thanks for the kind words. I am very glad that you found my log helpful. That is what this place is all about. I think build logs are the best and easiest way to give back to the community that has given me so much help. Best Regards
  2. Hello and thank for all the likes. Yes Yves it is quite massive. The further I get into this kit the more the more disappointed I become. I am sure it will produce a fine model. However in my humble opinion the kit itself is not engineered or executed very well. With just a little more attention to detail and quality control this could be a fun project right out of the box. Unfortunately without those things much of the finishing and detail work is left up to the builder to just get the forms and base ready to begin. Granted I tend to over think and over build everythin
  3. Welcome aboard! This is a great first kit! I only say that because it was my first one also. There is a link to my build log in my signature and use the forum search function to find a bunch more. Lots of helpful folks around here posting a build log is the right way to start. Best of luck with your build I would like to follow along if I may.
  4. Well after a long absence and a very big bump in the road I am going to try a comeback. 2020 was a bad year for all of us and I hope we can put it behind us and get a fresh start. In that vein I am starting with something that I think will be a lot of fun. It is a 36" E.M. White Guide Canoe. I really enjoyed the Midwest Peterboro canoe I did a while back so I thought I would give this a try. As the basic construction is the same as the smaller one I will not bore you all with the details of every plank and rib. But I will try to point out the differences and any problems or highlig
  5. Hello, These are a couple of kits I ordered before Christmas. They just arrived yesterday. 1st is a 36" red cedar and mahogany canoe and 2nd is a 42" kayak. I will do an unpacking when I start a build log. Best Regards
  6. Hello David, As I remember you kind of cornered the market on Midwest kits back when we were building the Peterboro's at the same time. LOL I have scaled up the plans from that kit to build a larger one and am also waiting for a couple of kits I ordered before Christmas. Thanks though, I will keep it in mind. Best Regards
  7. Many Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers and kind words. I will see you all in the build forums very soon. I just need to get in my hobby room and do a little straightening up.
  8. I know I have not posted for quite a while but I have been lurking on occasion. Over the last year model building has had to take a back seat to life once again. Exactly one year year ago my Wife of 38 years was diagnosed with "Non Specific Interstitial Lung Disease" (Not Covid Related). Doctor speak for your lungs are inflamed and we don't know why. And worse we don't know how to fix it. After several trips back and forth to the University of Florida Hospital they decided a lung transplant was the only hope. Unfortunately by that time it was too late and I lost my Wife and best friend on
  9. Today I cleared my work bench off to do some much needed gun cleaning. I know not every one is into guns but a lot of you are into WWII and I have one interesting firearm from that era. It is a Vis 35 Made in Radom Poland originally for the polish army. That is until the Germans occupied Poland and took over the arms manufacturing in that country. This is actually considered one of the premier weapons used during the war. It took the best of the 1911 and Browning Hi Power designs and incorporated them into one very desirable 9mm pistol. This particular pisto
  10. Nope it is glued down. I practiced getting them on and off several times before and after gluing it down. I plan on doing a camo pattern and I wanted it to flow from top to bottom as it would on the real thing.
  11. I know it has been a while but here is my progress so far. The turret and body are all assembled and I have been working on filling and smoothing seams where needed while I wait for my paints to arrive. This kit was always meant as a practice platform for my as yet untried airbrushing abilities. I placed an order with tower hobbies for a bunch of Tamiya paint for this and the battle ship kits that will follow when I feel that my skills are up to it.
  12. I actually received this on my way home from work on Tuesday. OOOOOOOUCH!!!!! Everyone is OK. I was driving on I-95 which is under construction and when I got to one of the places where they are actually working, traffic came to a complete stop. The guy behind me was looking at his cell phone and never even hit the brakes. I know it does not look like it but he was going fast enough that his car was totaled. I will tell you what these Hyundai's are well built. The worst of it is that it is the Admirals car. She has been unable to work since she had sur
  13. I received the replacement wheels for my Napoleon Canon and Limber kit. However they same as the incorrect wheels that came with the kit in the first place and there where only two. The picture shows the 4 wheels that came with the kit on the right. And the 2 replacement wheels on the left. Obviously the same parts and not enough of them anyway. Bummer!
  14. I wonder if there is not a local problem at the hub. I ordered an item from amazon last Friday and the tracking info showed it arriving at the USPS hub in Teterboro NJ on Saturday where it sat until late last night when it was finally on its way to Miami. Not sure if your stuff goes through Teterboro or not but.....
  15. You will find the devices used to hold a hull while planking range from the fanciest store bought and home made clamping devices (some made custom for only one type of ship) to an old dirty pillow. Like most things in this hobby it all depends on you budget and what you are comfortable with.
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