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Without Sails

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Hello shipmates,, Im currently rigging the Revell USS Constitution model, I completed the standard rigging and an now on the running rigging,,I was wondering, do I rig everything in running rigging construction directions or do I eliminate some things where Im not using sails?,,Now, Im not being lazy and trying to make it easier, In fact, I actually enjoy rigging,  as frustrating as it can get at times, I find it an enjoyable and satisfying part of building the model. I ask the question only for accuracy of the build,

Thanks mates!

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Basically any line you see on the diagram that is across the face of any sail when the sail is set would be retracted all the way back to the yard when the sail is furled and would be hard up against whatever lead block it was rove through last. From the point on the yard back,  the line would exist and be visible all the way back to its pin on the deck.

Many people connect the Clew and Sheet and have them hanging in space to represent the position they would be hovering in if there was an invisible still set sail but in my opinion this is an illogical contrivance. 

On actual ships, when they downrig all the sails for whatever reason, they also remove all the associated running rigging as there is no reason to leave it up if it’s doing nothing. Hailyards braces and lifts on yards remain though.


Note also that the hauling yards- the topsail yard and every yard above it- will be in the lowered position if the sails are furled, or off. Again, some people build bare-polled models with the yards all hoisted into position as if they had sails set on them. But again, in my opinion, this is silly.

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 Niagara USS Constitution 


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