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  1. Hello shipmates, I finally finished Old Ironside,,Wow lots of rigging and a learning experience. All in all a great model. my biggest problem was the flimsy plastic masts, I recommend a good pitch toward the stern so when you rig you don't pull them too much toward the Bow like I did, I straightened best I could and cheated by pitching the bow a bit higher than the stern when mounting,!, Hey, my first ship!, Now on to wood, the USS Syren , But after I finish a USS Massachusetts plastic kit for a client. Enjoy the pics below of the finished ship and the base and case I made! Also enjoy the vide
  2. Hi Shipmates, sorry I have not been posting, long summer, ,the model is almost finished and I will be posting the final pictures soon,, I hope you all had a great summer!
  3. The standard Rigging is complete, It was not too bad, I did have a lot of bending especially at the top mast and royal, an issue with the thin plastic. I did my best with the backstays too equal them out, but they seem to have a mind of there own,,, when the model is complete I will make final adjustments, ,,,I hope,, I had plenty of black cord included with the kit for the standard Rigging, and it looks nice Tedious, but I enjoyed it,,Now on to the Running Rigging,,,,sorry it is hard to see all the rigging,,tough to photograph. the fore mast in the first pic is not as bad as it looks in th
  4. I mounted the masts to the ship, another learning curve, since the masts are plastic , they are very flexible so I should of lands the masts slightly toward the stern so when doing the standard rigging they would be somewhat straight and not leaning forward as you'll see,,,other wise I guess this sep was not too bad,,,
  5. Sorry I have not updated for a while,Here is what I have been doing,, I built the masts and added the foot ropes and blocks,, Two things I would do if I had to do over again. One would be to find a better way to attach the yards, the method Revell uses looks goo on paper ,but to me its horrible, the break off and were very frustrating, I need up putting a fine pin through the center of the yards and into the masts, I then glued everything to hold in place. It worked, but I would find a better way to keep them secure. Two , I would go further into the rigging plans and attac
  6. Thanks JCFrankie,,, very helpful, and yes I lowered the yards, very good point!
  7. Hello shipmates,, Im currently rigging the Revell USS Constitution model, I completed the standard rigging and an now on the running rigging,,I was wondering, do I rig everything in running rigging construction directions or do I eliminate some things where Im not using sails?,,Now, Im not being lazy and trying to make it easier, In fact, I actually enjoy rigging, as frustrating as it can get at times, I find it an enjoyable and satisfying part of building the model. I ask the question only for accuracy of the build, Thanks mates!
  8. Thank you Srodbro,,the model sure is fragile, one of the spar connections already broke off, not even from rigging,, I will take your advice thanks again,,
  9. I am on to masts and rigging, I will post more pics later,, Keep sailing my shipmates,, I love you all,,,God Bless,,,
  10. I assembled the canons and coranades and other deck furniture,, as I said I wanted a more realistic Capstan, and added the bell and housing,,
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