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Bluenose by Torstein - Model Shipways - scale 1:64

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So - after several hours without a model in the drydock (which is actually a lie - it just wasn't out of the box yet) I've started my Bluenose build.


I haven't got further than seperated the keel and bulkheads from their sheets yet, and started some careful sanding to get rid of burn marks before my first questions pops up.


1. Do you cut the rabbet line before or after you have assembled the keel? I'm leaning towards before to make the handling easier. 

2. Do you bevel the bulkheads any before you add them to the keel, or do you do all the beveling after assembly? I'm wondering if assembling the jkeel and put everything temporarily in place and then bevel a little bit here and a little bit there until everything is smooth is my plan - unless someone persuade me otherwise. 





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I'm fairly new to wooden ships but I'm starting work on Model Shipways HMS Bounty Launch. My plans call for cutting in my rabbit line after i have my keel assembled. As for the bulkheads, I believe those are beveled after all of them are in place. That's when you would take a plank and see how it would fit over those bulkhead edges in order to determine the appropriate sanding required. From what I've read, you should also use a sanding board that will cover the distance of two to three bulkheads at a time to get a uniform bevel. This is known as fairing. I hope this will help and I'm sure there will be other posts to help you along. Cheers and smooth adventures on your build!

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Bluenose has a rather fragile stern, so I hope to do most of the sanding without any fear of breaking it. I assembled everything dry and i think i could attach the planks temporarily while still be able to remove one bulkehead at a time for course adjustments. The final adjustments will be made when everything is glued up.





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Which company produced your Bluenose? I'm trying to finish up with my Bluenose by an old company named Scientific (no longer in business). I chose a solid hull kit to get my hands 'wet' with building a wooden model. On the side, I've got a Revell Connie that I've been slowly working on. I hope you can post some pics soon!


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It is by Model Shipways. From what I've read it's supposed to be a good build. I might turn that to shame :-P  


Regarding pics: 


I've done the rabbet cut and put it all together. Haven't put any glue on yet, just testing the waters. However I've already hit the first issue which I assume is common for all the builders of this model: The bulkheads B through E  are a bit larger than they needed to be so there will be some adjustments to be done.  


As you can see the bulkhead extends below the rabbet cut. I doublechecked on the 1:1 plans and they are actually showing the same thing there. So this isn't only me. 


But on the good side the keel is nice and straight. Some glue, some waiting and I'll be ready to do some sanding.



Bulkhead D.JPG

The straight and narrow.JPG

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Assembly of the keel and bulkheads are done.


I noticed afterwards that one of the bulkheads was a few degrees away from square on the keel. For a few minutes I considered panicking until I remembered ,my trigonometry. The small discrepancy would not lead to any significant changes in distance of the planking surface to the keel. Breath out and continue.


I have added some small pieces of scrap to either side of the keel joints as well as  at the point where the rudder goes. I had a bit of a nightmare about breaking the stern off while handling the boat.






While sanding I also added some planks to help stiffen the whole thing.



next up - bulwarks... and probably some other stuff. 



Hmm, how do I get rid of the last photo? Tried editing, but it keeps coming back.


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