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  1. Planted a chestnut tree today. All the grown up trees out here are beginning to look very nice.
  2. Thanks Bob, Doc and Chuck! It’s really an honor hearing that from you Chuck, considering how much of your materials I use. They really do wonders for the overall feel of any build.
  3. Got the cap rails on. I had to trim the largest one on the starboard side to ensure they would come out even at the bow, so I hope that doesn't throw anything off. Anyway, moving on.
  4. Yes, your grating is leagues better than the kit supplied one. What stain did you use for the deck? I really like it!
  5. Rework sucks, but at least it will be worth it in the end. It’s a lot better than being tormented by something you just know isn’t right. But I feel at least some of your pain since having to remove the cap rail on my boat.
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