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  1. Looking good Patrick! That is an interesting question concerning that drawing. And that's both really lucky and really unlucky about your bowsprit.
  2. Thank you very much Mike, that's exactly how I felt when I had to start planking. And I hope that's not how it will be when I start rigging, but I'm not entirely sure...
  3. Thanks guys! I'm thinking more and more that 3/16th would work out pretty well. As to the pictures, Dave, I wish I could take credit for them, but those are actually Landlubber Mike's photos from when he visited the exhibit.
  4. So, it's been way too long since I've updated this log, sorry about that. I've been busy with a number of other activities, but have managed to make a little progress on the boat. My line of approach has basically been to fabricate as many parts as I can without staining or painting them, in preparation for a mystical day in the future where I stain and paint everything. So, I made the anchors! That was pretty simple. Then I tackled the main mast. I've never had to carve a mast before, so it was interesting. I think I was a lot better at it by the end than at the beginning, and I suppose that's how it's supposed to work... Still, I cannot swear that the mainmast, or the topmast for that matter, are perfectly round... I have a number of parts to make up before staining and painting day, including the cap rail. I'm probably not going to literally save everything to be stained at one time, but I would like to minimize the amount of time's I do it, since I've found it a rather frustrating process in the past. In any case, now I'm preparing to make the spars. Since I'm going to rig the model with sails, I'm going to have to scratch build the spar that holds the bottom of the mainsail. I have a 1/8th scale plan sheet that has it on there, and I both measured it at that size, and also scaled it up with the printer at 400%. I measured the lower spar to be 3/64'' on the plan sheet, but when I scaled it up, the lines got so thick that it looks bigger than 3/16'', which is the drawing at 400%. I've been looking at photos, and just haven't made up my mind as to what size I want to use, so any recommendations? The main spar is 5/16'' in diameter, for reference. It seems to me that the lower spar is smaller in diameter. Anyway, that's the puzzle I'm working on now, but I don't really have any photos to show for that yet, so here's the photos I've got to get you up to date!
  5. Jesse, your rigging is looking simply fantastic! Nice job! I'm glad you've beat the weather.
  6. Hey Daniel, nice looking subject! Your problem is pretty common. Basically, there are two ways I know of of dealing with this. You can either let it run naturally and just try to get the hull covered, which, if the hull will be double planked, is what most people do for the first layer, or you can spile the planking. If the hull will have a second layer, I would spile it. There are some great explanations of this process around, including in the "Articles Database". Basically, you measure out the hull to set plank widths at each section, then transfer those measurements to wood, then cut out the plank. The plank will be pretty laterally curved if it is at the bow or stern, but that curve allows it to run nice and straight along the hull. I tend not to be very good at explaining things like this, so I would recommend searching around and talking with people who know a lot more than me.
  7. Looks like a nice build Popeye! I have a couple old kits and they look intimidating, so kudos to you for taking this on. I liked your dinosaur analogy.

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