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Petroljarl Cidade de Rio das Ostras by dancooper - JSC - CARD - take II

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Well, luckily I haven't worked much on this ship lately, so I'll restart the buildlog as if I just began construction of this intrigate model.


About the ship :


She started out as a single-hull tanker under the name "Ché Guevara", however due to changing international laws (as a direct result from oil disasters with this kind of ships) she was refit to be a mobile refinary.


The kit :


The kit, or rather the booklet is from the Polish publisher "JSC" and there are lasercut parts available (which I also bought).


The cover (of "boxart" if you like)



The real ship (mind you, the kit is a waterline model) :



The first few steps, what you see here is the underside of the deck :





The topside of the same part along with the final deck layer that will fit on it :



Starting on the aft superstructure :





On to the bow area :



The next level :



Skin applied to the hull :



Some more parts to the aft structure :




And where I am now :


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Thanks Wim.


Well, yesterday was a bit scary I should say.  Here was, ready to update my buildlog... and, there was a closedown of the servers again, luckily it seems all back to normal today.


Anyway, a little update on the refineryship :


Added yesterday : a pipe, two shields and the first floor of the actual refinery.


The pipe consists of six parts, printed on normal 80 grams paper :



Each of the two shields is a 3-layer lamination of heavier paper :



And that's how she is at the moment, the next step will be adding supports for the next deck, I'll have to see what I'll use for that though, because those are parts not included in the booklet (kit).


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