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  1. I wish you pleasure with this unusual build :). Wish you all the best with it. Cheers!
  2. hi...was wondering if you were still around....wanted to ask you something regarding the egyptian ship....thanks, vic

  3. Hi Frank, I just love these Chinese Junks Nice progress you have made and what proper build! Cheers, Wim
  4. Thanks for all the comments I still have the gundeck of the Wasa in stock for a possible next project. That is a more common project There were and are some reasons I am not so active on this and other forums, just need some time.
  5. And at last it is finished now See pics below for result. I hope you all like it. Next project is unknown yet.
  6. Well, here is first sail. Think the pics will speak for themself. Bamboo on sails: Top of mast: First sail on ship, not all ropes are placed correct already: Cheers!!
  7. Hi Antony, thanks for looking in. Hope your kit will arrive soon, so you can start and I can follow it. It is a fine kit to build, at the moment I am sewing the sails, not my favourite If I have place the first sail (probably this week) I will update the log.
  8. Thanks guys for all the comments. @Grimber I am looking forward for your buildlog @Sjors Not injured yet . Think I was lucky this time. @S. Coleman I agree that all the armor must be very heavy. Busy with sails now, hope to update my log in a few weeks. Happy holidays for all.
  9. @yvesvidal This was already finished a while ago, this log was a shortened log what i poste before on the old MSW. See http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/gallery/album/79-nave-egizia/
  10. @Yves Thanks, enough rope was in the kit. @Grant Just found some pics. This hull was a hell of a job, I can remember that very well I wish you all the luck. Jig: two planks and clamps Bended hullplanks. I soaked them in water and placed them on the hull with rubber bands. Drill holes first!!! Glue the planks with rubber bands, clamps, tapes, etc I hope this is usefull for you.
  11. Thanks guys @Grant This is a shortened log, the full log was on the old MSW. I used a kind of jig to give more strength to the hull. In my first post you can see it only a bit, I will have a look for more pics.
  12. Hi Peter, Thanks for looking in. I cannot read Korean language, so it is possible the plate name is upside down. It was a 50% chance It will be difficult to turn it now.
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