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Pen Duick Problem With Planking

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Ahoy Michael 



After seeing some pics of the Pen Duick on the web I see it shares a similar trait as my little 49 Racer. Mine was a double planked hull with the second planking coming together to form a knife-edge along the bow. The Bluenose is a popular build and if I am correct shares this too. I am not sure if yours is single or double planked but this might help either way.



I can only offer what I did and as a newbie, so please treat this information as suspect.



I tapered the planks as per the marks I placed on the hull (See planking tutorial here) http://modelshipworldforum.com/resources/Framing_and_Planking/Lining%20Off%20your%20hull%20for%20planking.pdf


Then I cut the planks long in the bow. The extra planking length used to position rubber bands to “pull” the plank over the bow. I soaked the planks and secured them to the hull using rubber bands, pins, and some very creative clamping to dry. The first side was not cut back until after it had been glued to the hull and then not all the way. Enough only to allow me to “pull” the other side over. I used thick CA to tack them in the bow and PVA for the rest. I also used as little CA as possible because I found I could heat the PVA with an RC heat gun to make minor adjustments (This was very helpful too). The plank that met this one on the other side was prepared the same way. After I glued only the rear half of this plank to the hull I used a very fine saw blade and cut them both(one over the over) at the same time. Then I glued them using PVA, again tacking them with CA.



Mine did not come out perfect, as it was my first try. Pics can be seen by using the link in my signature (1949 Racer)



Good luck with your build. It is a beautiful ship



 On with the Show.... B) 




“If you're going through hell, keep going” (Winston Churchill)


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