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Need help finding schooner plans of about 1860


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Can anyone direct me to a set of plans for a two-masted schooner that would be suitable to represent the Civil War mortar schooner, C. P. Williams.  In his book, Warships of the Civil War Navy, Paul Silverstone indicated she was a 210 ton ship 103’  8” long (no indication as to whether this is waterline length, or between perpendiculars), 28’ 3” beam, and with a draft of 9.’  These dimensions are confirmed by other sources, so they are probably correct. The National Archives has no plans for this ship.  The Archives does have plans for the Revenue Cutter Joe Lane of the same era, but while her length of 100’ 4” (LWL) and draft of about 9 feet aft is close, her breadth is only 23,’ and, not surprisingly, her tonnage is much too low, at 153.3.  I have been thinking of redrawing the plans of the Joe Lane to 28 feet wide, but would much prefer to obtain plans of a schooner that more closely resembled the C. P. Williams.

CP Williams (small).jpg

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You could adapt Burrows brig 1845

Smithsonian Warship plan #2   figure 139 HASN 

It was never built and is a "clipper" so the lines are sharp.


It was 126 x 30 x 14

reduce the scale of the width and depth to 94%

and it is 119 x 28.25 x 13  the extra depth should not be a problem.

For the length =  I count 60 bends. 


R&S 25"

timbers sided  8.5"  so 17" of wood and 8" of space  -   reduce the space to 2" and you got it to 104"

this version of Williams R&S  19"

Make the timbers side 9.5" and you have a solid wall, which means that for a model, the Davis/Hahn convention can b used = drop every other bend.

Half the work, half the wood - looks like a lot of models.




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Jaager, thanks for these tips.  The Burrows looks promising, looked it up in my copy of Chapell's HASN, and you are certainly correct in the means of conversion.  The Joe Lane could similarly be adjusted.  Since neither is ideal, however, I am hoping that somewhere out there, there is a sturdy workboat type of schooner of about 100' and a wide beam that would fit more closely.  I will keep you informed if I find anything!

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