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Half Moon by Alex K. - FINISHED - Corel - 1:50 - (Halve Maen)

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Hi Bodo,


Thanks for your comment.


Corel supplied two kinds of wood for the second planking. It was walnut and another kind of wood (don't know by heart).


I decided not to paint the lower half, so I bought additional walnut strips. The color was still a bit lighter, but I don't mind that.


I used furniture wax (not the liquid type, but the real wax), in the color Tudor Oak.


I used different kind of rope, brand Amati in the local model kit store. Colors black and blank in different thicknesses.


And I left out details that are in the kit, like the hatchets on the deck.

The rigging I try to do (as far as I'm capable :-) ) like in the books of Ab Hoving, who was director of restauration in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum.


I'm glad you like it! :-)



Best Regards,



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Hello Alex,


Very nice! You did good.

I really like the walnut you used for the hull, good choice to keep it in one color.


And you used furniture wax? Never heard of that one, but it turned out really good.

Wax gives the wood a beautiful, warm and natural look, while the grain and texture of the wood remains visible.

A tip - Only when the wood gets sparse, it makes sense to rub it again. Maybe once or twice a year.


Take care,



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