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LE FAUNUS by Heinrich der Seefahrer - Lindberg Jolly Roger as French Freelance Frigate de Plaisire

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...and music of the epoque to give some acustic idea of my mood for this project to you.


Okay, that's me! I am building at the Revell Peter Pan JOLLY ROGER when


The dream of a Louis XIV. commode crossed my way and I am attacked by


the beauty of a single golden detail: the FAUNUS.



s a mythological figure a horned god of the forest, plains and fields; when he made cattle fertile he was called Inuus (there the link to DE ROODE BUL). He came to be equated in literature with the Greek god Pan. 


So the idea is to develope a freelance ship - as 20 years ago with my gardenrail locos.



As I understand Dennis right with his JOLLY ROGER it is a nice basis for experimenal work, there are not very much building threats floating around in the www - so I'll use her as a trial support. FAUNUS must get a new transom and I tend to lift the aft end of the hull a bit to get a higher transom with a larger couronnament. I will try some experimental work to the craving imitation and as a Frigat de Plaisire* I can add just a little bit more akanthus leafs and gold than typicaly would be found. 

For the coloursheme I found a


second furniture as source of inspiration.


And it was already done at L'AURORE 1766.

Ant the flourish green fits to the natural godness auf faun.Screenshot_2019-08-23-11-45-07.png.f04be9cfb872c57088e1c2ba420d8d82.png


And the figureheads prototype is also found:Screenshot_2019-08-23-11-42-18.png.a278a0caca56bd40dbe713d9fdf4b7fb.png

What I tried first was to get a nice and individual nameplate


Here from the TAUREAU BLANCE- the "White Bull" the name for 2nd Revell JOLLY ROGER kit (as I decided not to build the Peter Pan film ship).



And the trail to get an

individual  nameplate by using the A basic appearance for N and U, too. {Doodling while phoncalls can be more creative than the hole call - giving you a success that is not in the call until you realize it and turn the conversation to fun, smiling and a bit of nonsense and you end up in the business call with a pretty good result.}


I know it is spleeny - but better spleeny with a smile than grumpy with a heart attack.


Take care!


*...and with a thirteen gun boardside you can sink your competitor d'amoure easily but soundfull on the canals of Versailles.


"Let's add every day 1/2 hour of

modelship building to our

projects' progress..."



Take care!

Christian Heinrich


simple, true and inpretentious motto of ROYAL LOUIS, 1668

Sunking's mediter. flagship most decorated ocean-going ship 


Ships on build:


1st rang French 90-gun ship - Lavente flagship (based on Heller SR - 1/92 & scratch in 1/64) 

TONNANT, 1693: 

1st rang French 90-gun ship - sister of SAINT PHILIPPE (mock-up/test-object for S.P. - scratch in 1/64) 


Projects in planing:

L'AURORE, 1766:

French Pleasure Corvette (after Ancre plans - scatch in 1/64)

Some Spantaneous Short Term Projects


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