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Hello comrades!

I have some questions for you which hope you can answer and perhaps help some of us newbies:

- After finishing the planking what is your fairing procedure?

- Which sandpaper’s grits do you use? Are you using files too?

- How do you protect the keel/stem/sternpost from being scratched?

- Any tips for fairing tight corners?


Thanks in advance!

Current builds: Confederacy (kit) & Triton Cross Section (first scratch built)

Completed: Armed pinnacle (kit)

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Flexible sanding sticks are a good idea, Roks. Depending on how rough the surface is, you might start with 100 grit. However, unless you need to remove a lot of material (I hope that's not the case!) start with 150 grit, then 220 and, if you feel the need, 400 grit to finish. Files are not a good idea here.


For protection of the parts you don't want to damage, masking tape is good.


Sanding sticks will get into corners for you.

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