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  1. Yes spring is coming, beautiful sunny days but cold, all the trees and flowers are coming out, summer temperatures by the weekend apparently, if you believe the weathermen
  2. Your not wrong Keith, I went out there this morning for half an hour and my fingers were so cold I had to leave, supposed to be reaching 20 degrees by the weekend though so hopefully will be able to get some building time in
  3. Hi BE thanks for dropping in and nice comment Realised that I was back to knees for the quarterdeck and got a headache so thought I would have a mess around with some resin for cheerful guns, I've had some silicone putty for mould making for a while again acquired from my friends dental lab Ended up making three or four moulds, standing and lying down until I got some reasonable castings, the First ones at the top I add colour but stopped that as they seemed softer than the non coloured So here we have five guns that are being used between the sirius and cheerful Cheerful carronade Sirius carronade Sirius 9 lb long gun 12 lb carriage Sirius forecastle 18 lb painted Sirius main gun @Blue Ensignrealising how small those cheerful carronades are I'm amazed at the detail you put into your guns, I'm going to have to get stronger optivisor to get anywhere near those, anyway now onto those dreaded hanging and lodging knees Regards Paul
  4. Yep that's the one, as Greg says a launching cradle, check out from the front though with the cables etc holding it in
  5. I used pumice powder to polish the ebony wale on my Sirius hull, acquired form a dental laboratory where they use it to polish resin flexi dentures, mixed with water and rub, polishes up nicely and leaves a sheen rather than a shine Regards Paul
  6. Hi Kevin The Bellona model in the nmm is shown on a sort of dry Dock, the picture on the front of the ship of the line by Brian lavery shows it quite well, if that helps or not I don't know Regards Paul
  7. Thanks Keith for the advice I have also acquired some Tamiya masking tape which will hopefully help the shaky hands, I have also painted one of my spare 18lb cannons from the sirius to see how it looked, although im not going to start painting the Sirius Vossie nobody taken out a contract on you either yet I presume lol Thunder I believe all naval ships were pretty much painted maybe varnish was used on merchant ships, you are correct about them being "payed" but this only covered the White ,brown or black stuff (whaleoil, rosin and brimstone) covering the hull, presumably why most older models show a white bottom, and I don't think ever varnished, coppering experiments began in the 1760's but the fleet wasn't covered until the late 1700s Regards Paul
  8. As I have mentioned before I think, those are proper hooks, well done beautiful work as usual Regards Paul
  9. Thanks everyone for the likes, Keith yes more or less especially last week when we had that warm spell although the temperature has dropped again this week and the heater has had to go on, managing to ge tout there for an hour or so though, please see my log in the painting section after your comments about people taking out a contract on you painting your beautiful mahogany😁 Michael thanks for your comments and yes the health and mind seem to be in Good shape now thankfully, I think we all have the same problems with paying the bills though, that being the main reason im not in the garage 24/7 17 years is a long time but to be honest I only worked on it for a couple of months to start with until resurrecting four years ago, I am getting a bit brain drained with it now though and would like to get it finished so I can move onto something else, unfortunately rushing things is something you cant do with this hobby, now the clocks have moved forward and the temperature is going in the right direction more time can be spent out there The nail is solid copper from the deck of the sirius, very kindly sent to me by the curator of the grand port museum in Mauritius Regards Paul
  10. Don't worry, everyone who has built this model has broken that bit off and reglued, although someone will come on now and say they didn't😁😁 Regards Paul
  11. Absolutely beautiful. How did you patina the brass hull plates? Regards Paul
  12. Small update on things, working on quarterdeck furniture while messing about with the cheerful Hull and painting, mizzen and capstan partner with wheel and rear gratings all with ebony
  13. 45/50 years since I've done any painting on a model I guess, so yes new brushes and paint purchased, airbrush no, anyway here goes don't laugh!! The hull is still a bit bumpy in places from the warping, she had a hard life and a few scrapes 😁 The blue was done on the cheerful model in the rogers collection as chuck showed, so I've worked from there although still not done the counter or keel As I mentioned you can really see the mouldings and details now they are painted, what do we think?? Regards Paul

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