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  1. Thanks everyone for the likes, Keith I have inly used it on the caprails really, I love the sheen that you get at that level of smooth, I know people don't like gloss on models but I think it looks awesome when the light hits jt at the right angle Look who's back on the bench!!
  2. This morning I added the taffrell on the back of the quarterdeck, interestingly shaped piece curving in all directions
  3. Very nice work there Alex, especially at the bow there where the planks all come into the rabbet
  4. Nice job on the stairs, I will have to remember that template way of doing them next time I need some, in fact I need some now for the waist on the sirius, I will give it a go tomorrow Thanks Paul
  5. Planksheer/caprail has had its last coat of sealer and polished up to 3000 grit sandpaper,
  6. Thanks everyone for the likes and comments, I agree Keith that fourth photo im actually quite proud of, I've never tried to do shots like that before and it came out well I think, so today saw the port side timberheads made up not attached yet as they need a coat of sanding sealer
  7. It did me a bit too, I put the breech rings on with out thinking and then realised I had to rig the ends, only way I could do it, worked out ok though
  8. All four guns on the foredeck at last, not fitted yet but ready And some candid under deck shots before the skid beams go on, and one especially for Keith Port side starting tomorrow
  9. Last gun rigged and ready to be fitted, spent the rest of the day making the quarterdeck barricade, the top newel posts type thingies took some making as to small for my makeshift lathe, each one was shaped and finished by hand with a scalpel, broke a few while drilling also and ended up making 17 in the end to get these 8 that were identical and reasonable shape
  10. Final cannon completed and ironwork being treated with antique fluid for darkening I found this on the internet when looking for blackening agent some time ago, works well and gives a nice patina rather than just black, jax isn't available over here anywhere I paint a little on in situ and then wash off with water and leave to dry, one carronade to go
  11. Keith especially for you One cannon and one carronade to go for the foredeck and the guns will be finished at last, then turning the boat around and bringing the port side up to the same level as starboard, timberheads, deadeyes etc One of the planks under the chase cannon has developed a bit of a warp so going to replace that tomorrow as well
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