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Bulkheads interfear with Gun Ports how to fix

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I am working on the HMS Victory and find that bulkheads interfear with the gun port location in several places, especially on the second deck. What should I do in order to mount the half cannons? Help please.

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If you haven't yet planked the model, then the best thing to do is modify the bulkhead at the offending gin port position. Cut out a space in the bulkhead that is the same size and as deep as the dummy cannon.


If you have already planked over the bulkhead, use a Dremel or similar and cut away the exposed bulkhead so that the barrel can fit unimpeded.


I have utilised both methods over the years.

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Hello Dnevin,


This is a great site for learning/sharing tips and techniques.

Chris already answered your question.


But have you considered starting a buildlog of your Victory?

There are a lot of members building the Victory. You'll find plenty of help from everyone.


Good luck with your build,



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Which kit are you doing, which company. There are plenty of logs for different company for that ship. Look and see if anyone else had the same problem. There is a know issue with the template for the gun ports. But without knowing which company am not sure about it.  Like Anja suggest start a log and there are more people here that can help out with anything that comes up and can also warn you ahead of time about others stuff.


Joe :D


Go MSW :) :)

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