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  1. Just a quickie to say I have a 15% off sale for a couple of weeks for all kits, to help offset extra charges to some EU countries...
  2. That's the idea! And yes, the upper deck beams are in their correct positions with correct spacing, according to the Sphinx Admiralty plans. These beams locate into slots on a pattern each side of the inner bulwarks, which in turn are slotted into the sides of the bulkheads, so there's zero chance of misalignment. No need to check every station with a rule... ETA - The gun deck bulkheads near the stern will have panelling detail on both sides, as they will be visible on the finished model. For the upper decks, my idea is to just use the laser engraved mapl
  3. OK, just took a few pics of the pre-prototype model of Sphinx, so you can see where I am up to. Please bear in mind that this model is disposable, no paint, no varnish, it has been dropped a couple of times, as the starboard forecastle bulkhead can testify, and no PE as yet, which is why I have just use brass rod for the chain pump handles, just to make sure all holes for this align correctly. This is just to make sure designed parts fit, and if not, changed and replaced. Today I glued the forecastle and quarterdeck beams in place, and finished the final deck engraving
  4. Stanley Knife, small rusty old plyers, pin vice and steel rule - set up for life!
  5. Cheers My broadband problems have zero effect on my work speed. What does have an effect is my full time day job. In the week, on work days, I work on the CAD designs before work, and on my days off, I work on the (pre) prototype model. A little slow, exacerbated by the sheer number and complexity of some parts compared to previous designs, but it's coming along. Oh, one more thing, I forgot to mention, I asked my wood supplier if I could have 0.8 x 4mm pear for Sphinx, plus some sheets in the same thickness, as I feel the 1mm is a little too thick, and the 0.8 would b
  6. I am here, but I have no internet or phone line until at least next Tuesday. We bought a pay as you go wi-fi dongle thingy, so I could at least reply to emails and book all orders to be posted. I am still working long and hard on Sphinx. All photo etch designs will be complete within two weeks, and I am hoping the laser cut designs will be complete very soon. This is a lot more complex than the other kits, and requires a lot more development time.
  7. In that case, this website may be of help: Frédéric LA HOCHE qui propose des éléments pour la construction de modèles réduits de bateaux en bois They do offer a full suite of Venus cannon, but I note they are in 72nd scale, unfortunately.
  8. Are they long or short 18 pounders? I ask because many 38 gun frigates had the short barrels (8 foot, 41.8mm in 64th), yet 36 gun frigates were usually equipped with the longer type (9 foot, 46.6mm). Also, what is the launch date of the model you are making? If is it around 1795 or later, you probably will need the Blomefield pattern (with the ring located on the cascabel), which is something that isn't done on commercial turned brass cannon.
  9. There should be a Hachette version out there somewhere, as I did this 10 years ago, with the movie blueprints. Odd looking thing...
  10. Cheers! Stock for the new boats is very low (34 foot launch sold out) until the new sets of photo etched brass arrives, hopefully in the next week or two. Two more are almost ready, both 32 footers, a barge and pinnace, around 151mm long. Again, thanks to James Hatch.
  11. I 'think' the black is the general lines and the red is internal/fittings. Some plans also have green, which usually indicates further changes to future classes of the same vessel.
  12. I have no idea what TFFM is? For the Sphinx designs, I have copies of the original Admiralty plans (lines and decks). To fill in the gaps, I have used the Marshall paintings and the Pandora book, as this book even has a picture of Sphinx in it, mentioning the classes were very much alike, albeit Pandora being a 24 gun ship. Regarding the etched plank lines, as I mentioned, a lot of the Sphinx is painted, wales are black (so the lines will be very subtle), upper sides are blue with frieze work (if you want to add it), and inner bulwarks and a lot of fittings will be red.
  13. The wale planking (along with a lot more info) I got from AOTS Pandora, a contemporary of Sphinx albeit slightly larger. The main wale will be painted, with only faint lines shown, so won't look as fussy.
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