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  1. It seems I stock more pearwood blocks that I thought. We have now added 6 and 7mm sizes for the single and double blocks, so there are 8 sizes for the single and double blocks, from 2 to 7mm, and the triples have 5 sizes from 3 to 6mm. I will also be stocking a few essential tools, like plank nippers, electric plank bender, pin pusher, and a few other things very soon.
  2. I have mentioned before, a Tamiya Spitfire that my wife bought me inspired me to design Victory with inner detail, if plastic models have such unseen detail, why not the upper tier wooden kits, rather than the usual block model. I always liked to look at models and peer into the hatches and gun ports to try and find more detail. My new kits are simply an extension of this thought process. There will still be some tricky areas that need sanding and manipulating, like stern and bow parts. But for most other stuff, I am hoping the build will be relatively easy and a nice result at the end.
  3. It was a strategic buy, I knew I would be getting the door when the parcel arrived!
  4. The hull is disappointing, to be honest. No plate markings or waterline, first I have come across this. All kits of this sort I have bought in the past have had at the very least the waterline mark (including the Nichimo Yamato, which also had moulded positions for motors) But, as I said, I will most likely never build it, I just wanted it!
  5. Here are some more, very nicely packaged, with the sprues in the three boxes, along with a few frets of PE. Hull is quite plain, though, although a single piece.
  6. OK, just arrived, and wife still in hospital and arriving home shortly. She's gonna kill me, it's huge!
  7. Maybe! Unfortunately, Yamato was sold in the early '90's, don't even remember who to.
  8. Cheers Right now, I make sure that every penny goes back into the business, hence the reason we both still have day jobs. I believe it is important to get the business up and running and be self sustaining, with all equipment bought before I take any money from it. I need another laser machine (larger bed and more powerful, for the larger kits I have in mind), and this also means I need to turn our garage into a fully fledged work unit, to house both machines and kit boxes. Before I can think about taking money from the business for ourselves, these things need to hap
  9. Ah, OK. Now that I re-read you post, the penny dropped... She can still pack the kits and fittings, it's just that now, I bring it all to her.
  10. Just statuary sick pay as far as I know, the company she works for isn't the best. However, I hope to soon be in a position to employ her, and then myself.
  11. I couldn't help myself, I ordered the kit! Although I know I will never have the time to build it, but Scharnhorst is one of my favourite battlecruisers, looks-wise. Told my wife it was only £55, and quite small a scale.... Years ago, I did buy and build for RC the Nichimo 200th scale Yamato, that was quite a monster!
  12. Thank you for all the kind comments! I made a mistake in one of my posts, it should have read 'No surgery required', I omitted the No! It is the top of the 'Tibial Plateau', and wasn't so misaligned that surgery would be required
  13. Thank you She had an X-Ray and CT scan, so surgery required, just a brace for the next six weeks. It is actually her knee she broke, carrying the dog down the stairs and slipping, but managing to protect the dog.. So, I shall be helping with all orders..
  14. Just a very tiny update, I now have the complete selection of machined pear wood blocks back in stock. Also, the kit packer and wife managed to break her leg last Monday, so I am having to help put orders together, so apologies in advance...
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