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  1. I was fooling with you, couldn't resist. MDF has much tighter tolerances, whereas ply tolerances are comical.
  2. Ever seen what happens to the standard cheap ply used in most kits when it's a little damp...
  3. And I had (finally) my Zulu sail set order arrive today, so all that ordered sail sets for their Zulus will be receiving them within the next week, and anyone who now orders a Zulu and sail set can be shipped together. Nice work of the Fifie, BE, I see these models as a 'blank canvas' for the more experienced, who like to stamp their own mark on the kit.
  4. I know there is a hell of a lot of photo etched parts on Bismarck and Hood, and PE is very expensive..
  5. I know that I did no less than 31 full size plan sheets plus 114 page A3 size assembly manual for this Victory.
  6. There is no law preventing you from not planking certain areas, as the hull structure is more than strong enough to not be clad in planking. As for how the kit may be broken up, I have no idea, as I no longer work for Amati. Personally, I would not break the kit up - it would be futile breaking it up into hull and masts/rig, as the former is 95% of the material expense.
  7. I bought this book the day it was published, and it is £65 very well spent. I bought this and the Sovereign of the Seas book more or less at the same time, and whilst the latter turned out to be a slight disappointment, this book more than made up for it, a top quality book.
  8. The overall dimensions I have on my master drawings are: Length - 1582mm (includes bowsprit and gaff/boom) Height - 1061mm Width - 590mm (Main yard and stunsail booms) Hull only length - 1066mm I have attached a side cutaway profile of the kit, as the main question people ask is why would they want to buy this over other model kits of the same...
  9. Yes, I am just waiting for the finished model to complete the box art and manual.
  10. The 18 foot cutter will soon be available to buy as a separate part very soon, it will include all laser cut wood, PE and 2x1mm wood strip for the planking, but need to sort out separate instructions for the mini build..
  11. I have used this for years now, for mast 'iron rings' and anchor stocks. Better scale thickness than copper strip that used to be in the kits I made years ago, and easier to manipulate. I hear what you say about anchor shanks, Bob, but the truth is I do not like white metal castings so much. The flukes I have for Alertand Speedy are only and do the job fine, but I note the hole for the anchor ring is already filled in on some castings, and the customer should not be expected to have to drill it back out. I used the same method of designing the anchors for Flirt as I did Victory, in the latter's case because they were so large. I was more than happy with the result, and they were exact scale and shape. With a little more spraying, the surface can get as smooth as a casting.
  12. If I ever made Sovereign again, I would still model the round tuck, as the square stern shown in the latest book just doesn't look right. Rudder would be next to useless.
  13. No need for guilt, as long as you enjoy the build, that's all that matters to me.

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