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  1. Just sent a pleasurable hour reading through the construction manual for Speedy.

    I am most impressed with the new innovations Chris is introducing e.g. Laser printed deck, prefabricated hatches and combings, resin cannon and more photo etch (PE) than you can imagine. Only one more innovation to go - 3D printing??

  2. Chris, 

    I just tried to PM you and got a site from the ModelShipWorld site that you cannot receive messages.?.  Am I doing something wrong?  I went to the message area, put your name in the "to" box, provided a subject line and then wrote my message.

    Jim Van Laningham

    1. chris watton

      chris watton

      Hi Jim, you can email me direct:


    2. jimvanlan99


      Thanks Chris.  I also sent you a message via your website (Vanguard).  Will repeat in e-mail

  3.  Chris

    Good news indeed about Speedy. Will hopefully see it on sale in early November.

    Regarding Alert which I am building, can I say what an excellent kit this is. I am half way through first planking and have had no problems so far, country to some of the comments in the building logs posted elsewhere . But, and there is usually a but, I note you do not include any rigging for the guns, I assume this was to keep costs down. Secondly I note you have not shown any foot ropes to the sail yards or man access to the Topgallant sail yard which I believe might have been a rope ladder. Nevertheless less, despite my "buts" a truly cracking kit.

    1. chris watton

      chris watton

      Hi Alan,

      Thank you. I am sure cutters did not have footropes on yards, as the sails were set near the deck, the yards were brought down, much like the royal yards on larger ships. I know the Anatomy of the Ship book shows no footropes, too.


      Regarding rigging for guns, I personally hate it because they never look right, especially at such a scale, so I never add them on any of my models if I can help it - it had nothing to do with keeping costs down. Contemporary models never show the carriage tackle, and the models look all the cleaner for it. However, I think for the larger models, I will include it, as I know many do like to add this.


      Thank you,



    2. AlanDavison


      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comments, I only mentioned footropes as they are shown a 1/48 scale scratch built model by Krall Attila in a series of photographs show on a Hungarian(?) web site by the name of "Shipmodell".

      I take your point regarding gun tackles and I apologise if I seemed to suggest you were skimping in order to reduce costs.

      I am looking forward to the forthcoming Speedy which I understand is close to release.


      Kind regards


  4. I would say that is correct. What would be the point of a preventer stay if both were connected with the same rope!
  5. Nice work! For those that are interested (as I am), there is to be a new book dedicated to SotS published early next year. I shall certainly be buying it: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sovereign-Seas-1637-Reconstruction-Powerful/dp/1526766299/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3LWHAB7FJ4L2X&keywords=sovereign+of+the+seas&qid=1570292931&sprefix=sovereign+of+the+seas%2Caps%2C153&sr=8-1
  6. I love drachinifel vids. I think this must be my favourite, as I laugh out loud everythime I watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Mdi_Fh9_Ag
  7. No rabbet, like almost all European kits, Pegasus is double planked. Most US kits are single planked, which allow for a rabbet. There are patterns that glue to what would be the rabbet positions. A proper rabbet would not work so well with double planked kits, as the first planking would most likely take up all of the space in the rabbet slot, due to the angles and bevels involved.
  8. You are quite right, sides not as pronounced as the earlier standard French frigates, but that gun deck length, almost 170 feet, only a few feet shorter than the large Americans. I think it was started as a 74 and then altered to a frigate? What an imposing model this would make in 64th scale.
  9. I may have to get this, I know this frigate was huge, and love the exaggerated tumblehome of the French frigates, if not the flatter sheer.
  10. Nice job! I have always liked the Euromodel kits, one of the few European manufacturers that 'get' the graceful lines of period ships.
  11. I usually only soak the planks for a few minutes, if you leave it too long, too much water soaks into the wood and as it dries out, the planks shrink and leave gaps between each. I have personally never used a heat gun for the limewood, as it's quite pliable anyway. However, everyone will have their own method for planking.
  12. Congratulations! The Pegasus is a relatively easy build, as all major components are pre-cut, and the photo etched decoration will always fit perfectly and is very easy to apply. The most difficult part will be hull planking, but make sure you check in here for advice, all the planks need is a slight taper and perhaps a soak in water for extra pliability.
  13. Black for the static standing rigging, as it was tarred, and natural for running rigging. Most times, the ratlines were also tarred, but not always. I believe that Nelson's preference was to not have ratlines tarred, so the shrouds should be black, but ratlines natural rigging thread.
  14. What would be the best way to unglue some wooden ship model parts ?  Have been working on the HMS Fly and have made some errors.  Used PVA glue.  Thanks for any help.

    1. chris watton

      chris watton

      You could try and dampen the parts to help release the wood glue, but it may be better contacting Amati for some replacement parts. I am sure they would be very helpful. But be aware, for most of July and August they are shut. I do not have any Amati kits here, so cannot help, I do not work for them.


      Thank you,



    2. shortgrass


      Thanks for your help Chris. 

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