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Schooner Victoria 1819 by PohjolanMatti - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:41

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This is my first wooden model, so bear with me 🙂
A while back I started to look for a suitable beginner model. I chose a fore-and-aft rigged schooner — simply because I like them — and it is easier than full-rigged ships to start with (or so I heard).
I read through many nice MSW build logs here and decided to go with the Artesania Latina’s schooner Virginia 1819. 
The model instructions were not very thorough or detailed for a beginner and some illustrations were unreadable. No worries, MSW builders had it figured out: e.g. Trufo had posted nice drawings for the rigging: 
The corrected AL instructions are also available thanks to Ramzister:
To fill in the gaps in the instructions, I’ve found invaluable guidance at MSW and Mastini’s book ”Ship Modelling Simplified”. 
Another drawback: there is a known issue with the rudder. It does not fit as per the instructions. Some builders fixed the rudder, some fixed the stern post, or even the transom. I was thinking to make at least a new sternpost. Another alternative might be to drill the rudder post directly through the deck counter instead of passing the tiller through the transom. This idea I got when reading Chapelle’s Fishing Schooners book. I don’t know if I’m able do it, we will see.
I may also try out some modifications where needed. As this is my first wooden build, I try to keep it simple and learn the basics first before getting into the deep water.
After reading MSW build logs, guides and videos I felt ready to start building my boat. Here goes.
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I started by going through the kit inventory and getting familiar with the instructions and the pieces.

All good so I started cutting out the keel and bulkheads. Bulkheads fitted just a bit loose and only small deviations here and there, easily fixed with sandpaper.


I glued the bulkheads in straight angle with the keel and false deck and faired the bulkheads in shape for the planking.


This all went smoothly, until I had to figure out how to do planking. I checked again build logs, guides, books, videos. 

After lots of measuring with digital caliper, I figured out that 13 planks per side are needed. I also need at least one stealer wedge aft, and may survive without drop planks at the bow. Then I simply divided each bulkead width evenly for the 13 planks.


I tried first planking from top to bottom as per the instructions. I bent the plank and learned that I maybe should have cut to right size first 🙂. With the first plank dry-fitted, I decided to go from bottom to top after all as it seemed easier somehow.

When I managed to glue in the garboard, I finally got into practice and routine of measure-cut-bend-glue. 

It’s nowhere near perfect but I am satisfied taking the time going slowly. Now I know what I should or should not be doing next time.









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