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Krick Serius


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Has anybody had experience with the Krick Serius Shrimp Cutter? I realize it is intended for RC, with an ABS hull, but the deck furniture and fittings look to be top rate woods and metal, with a very attractive net, etc. I was thinking it might make a nice display model, but have not been able to find any build logs or reviews on-line.


Thanks for any info. 🙂

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I do not have direct knowledge of this model however here is a kind gentleman Reni Hoelzle - Krick Modelltechnik <r.hoelzle@krick-modell.de>) (that did work for Krick just a few years back. He was quite helpful in my pursuit of parts for the Atlantis by Robbe. They bought the rights for the kit from Robbe. Now the reason I am relating this is that I took a commission to rebuild a static model of Atlantis. You can visit my build log on MSW at 

I had to rebuild a good deal of the deck furniture and some of the hull components as they were missing. I would ask Krick if the kit comes with laser cut parts and what the materials are. In my build log you will see what was so displeasing to me. Also ask Pat Matthews (on page one of my build log) he is a pretty savvy individual.  Hope this helps.


Feel free to ask more or PM directly.




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