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  1. Just curious if anybody here is familiar with these plank on frame kits from Japan? I think their name is Okumoto, though I am not sure. Their web site is https://ec.ship-model.net/ I would be curious if anybody has experience with them (or even knows how to purchase them). Thanks Skip
  2. My dear mom had a few earthy sayings (put it in context of the northern back-woods of the early 1900s). Regarding somebody's financial situation; "She doesn't have a pot to p*ss in; or a window to throw it out of." (before indoor plumbing) Regarding somebody's high opinion of themselves; "She thinks her sh*t don't stink, but her f*rts give her away." Speaking of which, she would say; "It is better to f*rt and bear the the shame, than not to f*rt and bear the pain." One of my dad's favorites; "It is daylight in the swamp" (he was a lumberjack before I was born, I didn't know the meaning of that until I recently googled it). The older I get, then wiser they get in hindsight.
  3. I don't like any critter that has too many, or too few legs. The proper number is either 2 or 4. Though I have become less prone too squishing spiders as I get older. I have even been known to scooping them up with a piece of paper and depositing them outside. I would guess though, there is a maximum size over which, I would still freak out.
  4. "That is close enough for government work" "That is a high-class problem" (example: 'The Balance column in my check book is too narrow'. Fortunately I have not had this problem yet.)
  5. I hope these pictures are close up enough, I just have an iPad as a camera.
  6. Just FYI, the corsaro II called for using the smallest diameter wire for the hand rails (among other things). I found it pretty easy to work with (probably easier than the larger diameter). To secure it, I re-purposed some small brass sleeves from a previous model build, fed the end of the wire through them, then crimped them with needle nosed pliers. I added a drop of zap-a-gap for good measure, then clipped the excess off as close as I could with wire cutters. They seem pretty secure. I will likely look into this jewelers wire for the larger diameters (my wife is familiar with the topic). One advantage I can see with this instead of thread (assuming you can solve the other aspects of it's use), is that if used as a slack line, it would lie in a more natural curve than lose tied string. (hope that thought makes sense).
  7. I have a confession to make. I am afraid I was too ignorant to know if I have "twisted" or "braided" wire. The word "braided" popped into my head while posting the question, so that is what I went with. The (*cough*) instructions, simply called it "steel wire"
  8. Thanks Nils. I am off to google "paste-flux" and "soft-soldering".
  9. I hope this is the correct forum about this. The Corel Corsaro II comes with 3 sizes of steel braided lines. I have not worked with this material before. It is "springy" and wants to spring back if you try to fold it back on itself (like to tie off the ends). Also it appears the ends might want to unravel if not careful. Then too, I am uncertain how well it will "purchase" on a spar (i.e. not slide). Does anybody have suggestions for working with this material while rigging the model? Thanks.
  10. I celebrate the same way as when I am not done yet- a glass of brandy. Besides that; when I finish a model, I have a big "clean-up-the-%$#@#-mess" on my hobby table and swear I will never build another! Than a couple months go by before I start looking at model kits again.
  11. OK, thanks. I got the impression that if I didn't have a build log, I was not to post there. See item #3 in the initial post, where it says "Your update MUST include a link to your build log" Thanks for the clarification.
  12. Is there an appropriate place for folks to display a photo of their project- if they do not have a build log? Not being snarky (hopefully), I was thinking of placing a photo in the 'at a glance' discussion until I read this message and want to follow the rules.
  13. Search on http://www.amazon.co.uk for Woody Joe, I just did and got 20 pages of hits. At least some were ship kits though there are lots of pagodas and such. Be careful of the prices though. I bought one from amazon in the U.S. and paid too much, it would have been cheaper to order directly from http://www.zootoyz.jp/

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