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Corel HMS Victory


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Hi everyone!

I need a few pointers to fit the garboard strake the correct way with the right degree of 'washout' .

I've read most sources on the practical method but have possibly made a blunder when cutting the rabbit line between frames 10 and 11 aft. The bottoms of these frame don't coincide exactly with the rabbet and I'm having to force the plank over the edge of the rabbet leaving a triangle of a gap underneath.

I've posted some pics which I hope indicate the problem.

I was thinking of chamfering the top side of the rabbet to blend in better with the base of the frame as a way forward. Don't want to spoil the line really - if indeed that's how it's intended to be?






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This was done deliberately and the stern post removed as seen in some texts. When the 2mm planks are on both sides and fettled it will return to 5mm thickness. Then the idea was to restablish the rabbet to take the very thin second planking.

My concern really is the rate of rise in the 'deadwood' area and what kind of sweep or angle of climb it should have moving aft.

My choices seem to be either to put packers  on frames 10 and 11 or fettle  a bit more off the rabbet to allow the plank to sit flatter?

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