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  1. Thank you Euginio! The struggle continues! Once I get planked up to the gunports things should get easier and the curves gentler. Good fortune with your build.πŸ˜ƒ
  2. Hello again. Well after a few months of domestic chores and gardening etc. I've restarted work on the model. Planking continues albeit slowly but they are going on in one length. Had to think carefully about filling the stern area but happily not as many Steelers necessary as I'd imagined. It's been quite a learning process. I'm scraping the planks with a safety blade at the edge joints which seems to give a satisfactory finish. I will post next when closed up. Next job will be the sternpost to lock in the end of the planks.πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Thanks Chuck. Well under way now so no turning back for me. The wood did get a bit feathery but stuck down in the end. I hand scraped the planks with a razor and things have blended in well. I'm hoping varnish will seal it well. Never thought of alternative woods, this stuff is only 1mm. thick and tends to give suddenly just when I think I've got the better of it. I'll take a look at other types should I live long enough to do another build! πŸ˜‚ Meanwhile I've started to make a spiling template so hopefully that will help providing I can get matching sheet wood.πŸ‘
  4. Haha! πŸ˜‚ Think my forbears must have sailed on the Mayflower! I'm 'cool' now having looked at the options and you've all been extremely helpful . Thank you.
  5. Thanks Gregory! I'm on it, cutting out a cardboard template at this time. Think it's going to need sharp blades and fine sandpaper when it comes to wood. Just now I had the thought of making a thin aluminium template for cutting the rest, leaving them a little wide for adjusting. I've worked out I'll need 12 X 6mm each side so it might help some. πŸ€” I did use the edge bending for some of the planks at the fwd end but some feathered up and split even after a long soaking. They're only one mil thick and a bit cross grain. This kit is nearly 30 years old ! I occasionally get teased with the f
  6. Thank you Spyglass! I'm taking a breather and looking at things afresh. I tend to gather all info and funnel it in to best practice that works for me so this site is invaluable. Time was I could fettle metal to within a few tenths but wood is my Achilles heel! I couldn't sleep at night if I knew what lurked under the waterline wasn't ship shape! Lol. Please check out my build log for future developments. My thanks to everyone for their input and support.πŸ˜€
  7. Thank you Allan! The dark side would indeed be an adventure. I do admire those plank on frame models with such exquisite detail. I'm a little way off lifting and lofting yet though! For the moment the forests are safe..πŸ˜€
  8. Thank you for reply. Certainly at the keel/prow the two planks look a little wide. Wale/prow downwards they're 3mm so far - approaching minimums. I'll be reappraising the layout when I've visited the tutorials but anticipate some carving of sheet along the way! It would be so easy to fit stealers but I hope to improve the appearance. My first build so lots of exponential learning along the way! Thank you all again.πŸ˜€πŸ‘ Chris
  9. Thanks Druxey. I've checked them out and printed hard copy. Hopefully I can salvage things and make it look more realistic rather than representative. No experience is wasted I guess! πŸ˜€ Chris
  10. Thanks Allan. Think I might knock up some thin card templates and check out the spiling route before ordering sheet. I have been bevelling as things are pretty tight elsewhere. Think I tried to force over the planks too much at the turn and maybe it's sprung back. I know I had to fiddle these and carve out a bit here and there to ease them in. Learning as I go basically! Time to step back and reappraise . πŸ˜€ Chris.
  11. Hello again! I have started second planking but am undecided how to proceed beyond this point. Photos show that midships I need 10 more planks @5mm or a fraction less. At the stern post I have 70mm to fill. I'm minded to put in four stealers, probably half stealers so I don't cut into two adjacent planks. These would be quite short not going much further than frame 13 as marked. The only alternative I can see is to narrow the planks at midships and fan them out towards the stern to gain width. I would need to get more material to do this. I've already got one stealer above the g
  12. Just a small update to show progress so far. The second planking is going fairly well but taking longer than I imagined. The good news is that it looks better than the first! Quite a bit of the strip wood has an element of cross grain so I've had to be extremely careful with working it. Sometimes it's 'feathered' up a bit and I've had to select another piece. No doubt it will be used elsewhere less demanding..I am holding down at regular intervals to make sure it lies flat. The Aliphatic glue is good and sticks well but does dry a little quickly. I got into trouble trying to glue the whole pla
  13. Started the lining out and tick strip marking. Lots of head scratching for a while but bit the bullet finally! I'm trying where possible to introduce the least stress in the planks, certainly above the bilge as they will be on show more. Sense I might have to spile a few down to the keel though, we'll see! Looking forward to glueing and then some varnish to protect the work. I'll probably go quiet for a while now as plenty to do tapering and probably some cussing! Stay safe everyone.πŸ‘πŸŒˆ
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