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This is a 96 page 11-3/4"x 9" soft-cover book by Peter H. Spectre and David Larkin which amounts to a build log of a full-size replica of the Susan Constant, the lead ship of the Jamestown Settlement. This ship always seems to take a back seat to the Mayflower even though it sailed 13 years ahead of the Mayflower and ties in to the history of Pocahontas. This book can be obtained used in "Very Good" condition for less than $5 + shipping on Amazon. The jacket price on mine is $15.95 (U.S.).



The book has a lot of great pictures of the build with quite a few 2-page pictures.




As well as the full-size build, a highly detailed POF model was constructed and there are some photos of it's construction too. I am going to be building the Golden Hind next which has many similarities to the Susan Constant. I plan to do some kit bashing and was wondering if you more knowledgeable folks would know if the jointery shown in the stem and keel of the Susan Constant would be correct for the Golden Hind? I know the real one didn't use plywood! :D



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Looks like you have found some nice books.


Later 42rocker


The deals are still out there for the taking if anyone is interested.





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re: joinery/ stem and keel:


I'm sure that the original ship's stem and keel were in far fewer pieces than shown in the illustration. Large trees were plentiful back then. I suspect what you're seeing is how the replica's structure was put together. Typically, for instance, the stem was made of only two pieces - half the number shown here! - as was the stemson.

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