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  1. Outstanding Thread. Your workshop and modeling and photo skills are outstanding. Thanks for sharing. Later Tim
  2. Buy a file card and use it to keep the teeth clean also. My middle school shop teachers pushed this one a lot. When ever we finished using a file use the file card on it. What's a file card? Think of a hair brush with short metal fingers and lots of them. Also remember push down on the fore stroke and take the pressure off on the return stroke. Wood or metal. Even pressure and use the full file not just part of it. Later Tim
  3. Ray With the song -> "I did it my way" in your head you and Woody have brought a very interesting build to a great finish!! Several folks here and there said this and that but you pushed on doing it your way. NICE FINISH!! Looks great and way to go. Later Tim
  4. Al Good Luck on the Flagship. Shame that you can't put it in your cnc machine as you would make some great parts for it. Later Tim
  5. 1st thought and it might be wrong but I think that it is an end view of the part of the right showing size and shape. Note how high it is and the part to the right. Later Tim
  6. May the "Song" be with you whatever way you go. All of the above pics look great. Later Tim
  7. Did you have a spider working for you on that rigging or what. Wow you work so fast. And it looks good also. Way to Go!! Later Tim
  8. Tom I also have the book and Plans. Good Luck to you and will try to follow along. Later Tim
  9. With speed and a song in your head you do such fast great work. Well Done. Later Tim
  10. Just planted some more green pepper plants myself over the weekend. Good Luck and Enjoy Life. Later Tim
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