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Airbrush kit for my compressor

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provided you can adjust the output to 15 to 25 PSI.......sure you can.   I have one of those testor's 'amazing air'  cheepos,  and it works great on my compressor........I have a craftsman 25 gal.   originally,  this was to be run on one of those air canisters,  but I adapted it to run on this compressor..........I can run the  big outfit this it.   I have a couple other airbrushes.......an Aztek A-320 siphon feed and a spraycraft SP30 gravity feed {comes with it's own air compressor}.......haven't tried either one of them yet..    I use the same couplings like you would for air tools ........the reducer fitting brings the size down to around 7/32 or so.   it can be done though.

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I didn't recall the second part of your question........I tend to go the opposite.   gravity feed is OK,  but you cant tip the airbrush without spilling paint.......makes those angled areas tough to do.   with a siphon feed,  the paint is in a somewhat sealed bottle.....you have a bit more freedom.   as far as cleanup goes.........it depends.   both of the other airbrushes I have channels the paint through the nozzle,  where as the testor's does not.   I use the 1/4 oz bottles that the paint come in......I clean some,  or I buy the 1/4 oz bottles of thinner,  to get my extras.   the bottle and cap is external........so all I have to clean is the bottle,  siphon tube, cap,  and maybe the nose of the air nozzle from any overspray that might get on it.   in case your interested in taking a look at this one,  you can probably find in in most hobby and craft stores


Testors » Airbrushes » Airbrushes


look at the EZ airbrushes.........they are the same as the amazing air brand.  note that they are produced by Aztek

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Thanks Popeye i actually have that one and use the can it works pretty good just thought about upgrading but i like the way you did the conversion i might stick with that for a while and use the money elsewhere which paint do u use

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does the can ice up during use?   that's what I've heard......it has to be shaken on a regular basis ans it helps to keep it in a bucket of warm / room temp water.   if I had it in front of me,  I could break it down and show you better....not to sure I remember the fitting sizes either.  but what I did was come up with a fitting with a short piece of plastic tubing sticking out of it    7/32nds I believe it is the tube size.  I snipped off the can fitting and pushed the hose over the short tube....it's on there pretty tight.  I have a few more pictures........I hit the  'add'  button too soon.   here are some other pictures......perhaps it will give you a better idea.......I was drinking when I did it








the last picture gives you a good idea how I can regulate it.   I got this unit for nothing.....I was test driving a car I had repaired,  and it was side the road.   I stopped to look at it and the guy came out and assured me that it was free........so, I took it!   it's been sheer nirvana ever since  :)


I thought I still had the pictures of my other aribrush outfits,   but I must have thrown them out.  I have a friend that has been on hard times with his airbrush....thought he might be interested in one of them.

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I recently replaced my unregulated air brush compressor with a new generic workshop unit (I have other air tools for use around the house).  I simply took my airbrush hose with fittings to my local air systems specialist store.  They quickly supplied me with all I needed: a nitto type plug for the compressor, a brass adapter to allow threaded fittings, a diameter reducer and a thread changer to the strange coarse thread on the airbrush hose fitting.  They had it all - they're the experts - and all for $9.  I guess I'm saying, if your problem is not directly related to your modelling, let an expert fix it so you can get on with the job in hand.





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Well I got one, end result I purchaed a Master G233 pro kit.

came with the gun, .2,.3 and .5 size needles with control valve. Hooked it up to my 2.5 gal aircompressor and put an inline moisture trap on it.

seems to work great. just started using it and it seems to work great

O it is a gravity fed system

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