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AL Harvey Ship Kit missing instructions.


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(If this is the wrong place to ask this, please move it to the correct one.)


I just bought a used AL Harvey kit, 1:50. It appears intact, except for the instructions and one plan sheet. I see that several people have built this model, and I wonder if there is any way I can get a copy of the instructions and the plan sheet. I'm willing to pay for it. And I know some guys like to archive their finished model instructions, etc. I'm willing to make a copy and send them back if that's the case. 


Any help would be appreciated. If anyone has a link to an archive site. AL is out of business. All I can find is a Facebook page that's trying to sell surplus kits to hobby shops. 


Thanks for any help,


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Hi Genco


It's been a while since I was in this website so I'll attach the instructions here. If you don't get them please send me an email address. 

Later I'll try and post them onto my build blog again.


Also. it's been quite a few years since I built my Harvey but I see that I have scribbled a lot of notes on the instruction pages - I hope you can read them. I only used the kit up to the hull and decking. After that I did my own research and drew my own drawings of the spars and rigging which I built from scratch. Yell out if I can help.



Harvey Instructions.pdf

Current build: Amati Shamrock V 1:80

Past Builds: Kits: Schooner for Port Jackson, MSY and St Lucia (Tartane), Panart, Modified Harvey, AL

Scratch: Captain Cook III Pilot Steamer, Kookaburra II motor launch, Sydney Heritage Fleet Steam Tug Waratah

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Got them. Thank You Blackie. I have kept many of my old model instructions, so I was sure someone would have these. And yes, I can read your notes, and I will thank you in advance for the wisdom therein. I also snagged some of your drawings from your build post.


Thanks again, I would have been lost after I got the hull built. 



ps. I love this forum.

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