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Ship Research La Fontaine


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Hey everyone I have a question. I had a family member serve on a French ship in the mid 1700's. I'm not familiar with any good resources and we have a very small library here in town. The name of the ship was the "LaFontaine". Please forgive the spelling. So anyways., I was just wondering if anyone can steer me in the right direction.





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You are welcome Scott,


I tried the internet, but came up with nothing.

Even in the list with French ship names, I couldn't find her.

But we are a resourceful bunch, so I hope someone will find an answer for you.


Good luck.



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I just saw a photo of a French ship after a typhoon (tropical cyclone in the Pacific, equivalent to a hurricane) in 1906 in Hong Kong. The caption, in Chinese, calls it the French battleship "Fong Dahn". I found your question while researching on La Fontaine.

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I wonder if this is the La Fontaine you're after? From 7 December 1716, from the book Memoires pour servir a l'Histoire du XVIII Siecle (Memoirs of the History of the 18th century) by Monseigneur de Lamberty (Volume 9)


In the meantime it happened that the vessel La Fontaine Galley asking for a passport to take a load of iron to Gottenburg , Baron de Gortz persuaded the owners instead of payment to take some of the aforementioned passengers on board, to carry them there, and made a contract with them before a Notary.


Perhaps your La Fontaine was a galley?


That's the only reference I've been able to find.



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