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  1. And here are the cannon in place. I not only had to sand down many of the wheels, I even had to whittle away at the tops of the gunports to get the barrels to fit through. Not a lot you can do about that - you only find out when everything's made, and all you can really do is adjust things a bit, unless you want to start again from scratch (which I'm not prepared to do!) I'm going to put the breechings on the cannons, but I'm not so sure about adding the tackle for running them up. Gunports had only been in use for a relatively short time when the ship was built, and I
  2. Here are the cannons for the main (lower) deck, which is open to the sky so the carriages can be seen. They're based on those found on the Mary Rose, though I haven't been able to reproduce the shape of these rather unusual barrels with the equipment to hand (hell, at this scale, I haven't even given them trunnions!). I made the barrels the same way as I have previously, with a piece of brass tube from a hobby shop in my "poor man's lathe" (electric drill), and shaped with a small hacksaw and files. And here's the cascabel, made from yet another "sequin pin" with th
  3. Good progress, Ken. I'm looking forward to seeing the next step. Steven
  4. Tomorrow Never Knows - Beatles. Possibly the weirdest song they ever recorded (even weirder than Revolution No. 9 and I am the Walrus). And yes, I'm a Beatles freak. As each new Beatles album came out I used to think that when all the songs on this album stopped sounding weird, it was time for a new one to come out. But Tomorrow Never Knows never stopped sounding weird.
  5. I've Just Seen a Face - Beatles (Help! album)
  6. There's quite a few of us Aussies here. Welcome, Gaz! Do you have a ship you're planning to build? Steven
  7. I Don't Want to Spoil the Party - Beatles
  8. Down Among The Dead Men - Flash and The Pan (Harry Vander and George Young, brother of Angus and Malcolm Young, and members of the former EasyBeats, famous for Friday on My Mind).
  9. I'm Down - Beatles - great screamer from Paul.
  10. Well, this is a step forward in a way - when I first built the model I never got around to making and fitting the rudder. Most of what I've done so far is simply re-doing what I did way back then. But this is new. I'm not saying that means I'm getting close to finishing or anything like that, but it is nice to be doing something I haven't done before. Steven
  11. I've made the chocks for the longboat and glued the chocks to the longboat and the hatch cover. I've dry fitted the assembly to the deck to give an idea of how it's going to work. I've finally decided not to continue trying to make the deadeyes out of wood - I just get too many failures from splitting. So I'm goingahead with card impregnated with CA. It works much better. Here's a strip of card to cut them from, and the three holes drilled with a bit made of a brass "sequin pin" (very useful, these - about the diameter of a dressmaker's pin but with a point like a n
  12. If you have a fine enough drill you might be able to drill holes at each end of the part to be added, and insert a brass "sequin" pin (available at art suppliers - they're about the same diameter as a dressmaker's pin) in each hole, with a mating hole where the pin will go on the main body of the model. I used a cut-down sequin pin as my drill bit. The end of one of these pins isn't a perfect point - it's more like the point of a nail, so it acts like the cutting point of a drill. This is how I attached cleats to my dromon model: Mass produced cleats with ho
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