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  1. The Green, Green Grass of Home - Tom Jones.
  2. Very nice work, Cathead - and very fast work. By the way, I forgot to mention spears - the most common weapon at the time. You should take them into account. And shields - and from personal experience flat round shields with bosses do not "stack" - they have minds of their own - as you already know. Oh, and blue dye was fairly common. They used woad - it produces a colour very much like what your figures are wearing. Steven
  3. I was in North Sydney many years ago (mid 80's?), early evening, looked up and saw what appeared to be a stream of flame up in the air. It didn't seem to be moving, but might have been travelling very slowly from my viewpoint, but possibly very fast if it was high enough above the earth. It seemed to me that it must have been space junk burning up in the upper atmosphere, but I was never able to confirm it (no internet/Google in those days). Steven
  4. Reef-points are shown on sails in 14th century representations and even into the early 15th century --but they seem to have "got lost" in between times. Cog, 1st half of 14th century - Bettman archive 'Saint Nicholas Saves Travelers at Sea' from The Belles Heures of Jean de France illustrated by the Limbourg brothers 1405-1409 It is very unusual (and probably unlikely) for a ship of this period to h
  5. Just subscribed.I wish it every success. But where's the podcast? Steven
  6. Blues for My Baby and Me - Elton John/Bernie Taupin (album - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player)
  7. Oh, I forgot to mention - when i was young my twin obsessions were Nelson and heraldry, so I became familiar with Nelson's coat of arms, granted to him after the Battle of the Nile - not [edit - Oops! Should be NOTE] the ships and, on the diagonal line on the shield, the mortar bombs. In 2000 I was in the UK and visited Westminster Abbey and there was a row of tiny coats of arms of important people along the walls. I said to my wife "Look, there's Lord Nelson's coat of Arms" and a woman who was one of the official guides heard me and said - "Oh, that's it, is it? I'd b
  8. Cathead, I suppose it's possible it's not a barrel, but it seems the most likely thing. A rolled up carpet wouldn't be heavy enough to need its own cart. And yes, buckets with (willow) hoops have been found, so the technology existed. BTW, a wooden tent frame was also found on the Gokstad ship. Reconstruction below. I'm pretty sure the fabric had disappeared. Steven
  9. Beautiful execution as always. But I can't get over the look of that planking. Curiouser and curiouser Steven
  10. Nobody knows for sure what was carried on yer average Viking ship, but there is a representation of a large barrel on the Bayeux Tapestry (late 11th century - not Viking, but Norman/Anglo-Saxon) at - note also the man on the far right is carrying a shapeless bundle over his shoulder. I don't think there's any proof that oilcloth was used, but it seems likely. It's likely a ship would have carried a large cauldron to cook up food for the crew when on land, and a tripod to support the cauldron. These photos are of actual artefacts. and http://wareh
  11. Norwegian Wood - Beatles (album - Rubber Soul)
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