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Polaris by Spongebob22 - OcCre - Scale 1:50

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So having joined Model Ship World almost a year ago, I finally have the time to document my first wooden ship model build. I have had experience in building plastic kits as well as modelling scenery. So I decided to give ship building a bash and to see what the outcome would be. As it turns out I have been rather enjoying the hobby, having put in a large amount of research prior to committing to a build. However, due to being in the Royal Navy, my modelling time is limited as to when I can get home and to find time to do some work. So far with being away and lockdown I have only managed to do part of the build, and my intention is to document my build here with the pics that I have taken thus far through the build (which started in April of this year!) After that I shall try and upload every few days to keep you all up to date with my build. 

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So after much looking around for a kit that would be an relatively easy build (but of course providing some element of a challenge) I settled on OcCres Polaris. I was also particularly swayed and impressed by the entire run on Youtube videos that OcCre provides in correlation with this build, and despite the rather clear and concise instructions that are provided within the kit, the videos do add an element of instruction that fill in any gaps if you are unsure of the build process. They are also a great way to visually learn new techniques, certainly ones that I wasnt aware of. 


So as for the kit contents, see below for pics that I got from online. For some reason I didn't get any pics of the unboxing stage. 





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Hello "Bob",

Just joined MSW. I'm brand new to ship modeling too, and the Polaris will also be my first build (after much research like you). I agree that the YouTube vid's were a factor in my selection, just wish they included audio.

I'll start my own build log as soon as I receive the kit. Meanwhile, start posting so I can learn from your mistakes. 😁 

I'm very interested to see how far you've progressed since April. I'm wondering how I too will manage between building and posting. Right now, with no kit yet to build, I have plenty of time to read the forums and learn how to post!

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