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  1. The issue extends well beyond eBay. It may be debatable if Amazon is more complicit than eBay. Almost every large web retailer has a third party marketplace as well which are usually bad. I whole heartedly agree with trying to get websites to be more active in policing these things though. Amazon sometimes mixes the good in with the bad so you have no idea what you’re getting even if you try to be diligent.
  2. How is everything coming along? Were you able to get through the painting portion?
  3. Thank you Edward and Mike, I appreciate the comments and encouragement! Thanks and I intend to, it’ll (hopefully) help me improve by pointing out these smaller issues to watch out for next time. What type do you use?
  4. Derek - Thanks for the suggestion, I went this route after you mentioned it and I think it looks fine. One down, one to go: So I decided to step up my game and pull out my nicer camera and now I see all the glue blemishes and paint blemishes and etc. What was I thinking? I may need to return to my cell phone camera so I don't get depressed 😁
  5. Sorry I failed to describe it well enough, I use Casey's Metal Black for my blackened PE, but for the catheads (and them next for the decorative work), the PE is painted yellow ochre. I'll give it a go and see how it comes out.
  6. Learned about the mizzenmast as I continued to work on the Alert. I blackened the PE elements after shaping and drilled holes for the nails to prevent any issues with breaking the wood. I've been trying to clean up some paint from poor taping and for whatever reason it looks a lot worse in these pictures than previously; I'll probably try to clean it a little more. I've now started working on the catheads and I'm at a little bit of a quandry. The directions recommend airbrushing the PE that attaches to the catheads, but I don't have an airbrush. Is there recommended PE prep to brush paint it? Of course part of me wants to use this as an excuse to buy an airbrush but I really have a mental block about using them for some reason.
  7. Posts such as that need a warning! I barely have any power tools and I'm really tempted by a mill (do you have the MF 70? or the larger one, FF 230 I believe?) even more than a table saw. This did not help my resistance... (but beautiful examples).
  8. I really enjoy following your work; the colors are very eye catching! Thank you for posting the link to the other build log too, looks like they did a very nice job!
  9. Does adding the shellac cause any issues with attaching components to the deck later? I've been tempted to coat my deck, but the satin wipe-on poly didn't really catch my eye when I tried it on a test piece but if it doesn't interfere then I'll probably start looking for a matte option.
  10. I unboxed mine a moment ago to get some rough measurements. Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me the "L" piece is ~3" as you guessed. I measured about ~1.75" of space if you use their clamping components.
  11. This is really coming along very nicely! I like what you’ve done with the joggles. I see that you used a #11 blade, I wonder if chisels would work (I’m simply looking for an excuse to add a chisel set really).
  12. James - Your reviews are starting to add up and put a hurting on my wallet; I hope that you’re happy 😉. These arrived today (along with some other goodies from Cornwall).
  13. You’re too kind, and I’m not going to highlight it further 😁. Thanks! I’m really enjoying it; it feels like slow going but every piece adds up (and I’m starting to lose my fear of painting).
  14. Thanks! I think you're right and I am going to see if I can leave well enough alone. I really wouldn't want to "fix" it and create a ripple effect.

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