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  1. Looking great! I may borrow that idea for covering the mdf on the ship's boat. I have currently decided that, to me, the worst part of the build is making belayed rope coils (other coils are okay). Maybe its my jig, but it is probably me...
  2. Take a look here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:Ship_plans_of_the_Royal_Museums_Greenwich&filefrom=CUPID+1777+RMG+J5034.jpg#mw-category-media
  3. The claws are used in an attempt to get consistent spacing for the deadeyes while the dedeyes are rigged to the shrouds. After the deadeyes are attached to the shrouds the claws are removed and the deadeyes are rigged with rope.
  4. I suppose this was really my question; I glued the cannons in place after they were rigged (it seemed easier to me) so I'll be very curious to see if this would be an easier path. Can't wait to see the results! PS - I didn't but some add the the rigging behind the cannon (the out haul, I've also possibly seen tackle behind referred to traverse tackle but I don't have my books by me - I assume this would help aim)
  5. This is really helpful - I see “everyone” talking about 14” saws and then I’m staring at a $11/1200 laguna and questioning my commitment 😂 (of course after the bandsaw I also need the thickness sander and while the Byrnes looked great there’s also a very expensive Laguna with a DRO). That’s about when I stop, take a deep breathe, and just browse the build logs. Did you simply add the widths of the sheets (factoring some kerf for cuts) and then buy a few larger pieces? I feel like hard maple and/or cherry (heck I’ve even thought about using Chuck’s Alaskan cedar to skip the saw route)
  6. Awesome! So excited to follow you on this as I want to do either this cross section or Echo in the relatively near future. The whole ordering wood part and not having a bandsaw has made me apprehensive about diving in (and I don’t multi-task, I need to finish what I have in front of me first).
  7. I don’t know what the rope is like in the kit, but typically upgrading the rope is a small upgrade that will really go a long way (the blocks may be similar). Syren has some very nice offerings of both if you decide to go down that route. Good luck and enjoy it! My kids are 4 and 8 and I still try to do a small bit every day.
  8. Be really careful about picking up bad habits from his build log 😂. I’m kidding, that’s a great log to follow if you’re looking to scratch build fittings. It might be a different era, but the anatomy of a ship alert would have drawings for deck fittings as well.
  9. When all else fails I have at times resorted to my 2 five finger clamps and distract myself for a little while until the glue sets.
  10. Great job BE! I'll be using this log when I get to mine (of course now I wish I waited for the re-release so I didn't have to scratch the oars and potentially the rudder, but they should be fun exercises). Edit: Do you mind sharing your source for the Airwaves etched stainless steel saw blades? Thanks!
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