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  1. Ugh, “disaster” struck tonight. The deck needed to be bent to get it on: and while I was dry fitting it was quite snug against the bow and unfortunately: The part gets cuts away eventually but I’ll have to determine how to attach it back in the meanwhile. Slightly frustrated with myself at the moment :-).
  2. Perfect! I’ll have to drill one out, thanks for the suggestion (I’ll have to look harder for the cut I was probably looking in the wrong place).
  3. Welcome! Many years ago I lived outside of Frederick. I hope you enjoy the forum!
  4. I finally have some nice files, a set of cut 2 and cut 0 from contenti along with a riffler file. Does anyone have any recommendations for file organization? Or a good way to tell what cut each file is (aside from the sticker on the bag which will disappear when I take the files out of the individual bags)? Thanks!
  5. Did you pick those carriages up at ikea 😉? Everything is looking really nice; I’m still staring at the carved cannons, very well done!
  6. I arrived at the stern frames, which I believe were slightly redesigned for version 2 and unfortunately they still gave me a slight issue regarding the fit. As cut the outer stern frames didn't align with the cut slots. I filed the slots slightly and was able to fit the pieces, but the outer frames look like they are under some stress. Now that I am studying the images I think I may have had a eureka moment but unfortunately I don't think I can do anything about it at this point. The slots in the transom look angled to me which suggests that the I may have installed the transom backwards (I don't recall seeing anything anything about this in the instructions and after rereading them I don't believe that I overlooked it), but the transom has been beveled so there isn't any going back now unfortunately. EDIT: The more I think about how these would have been laser cut I can’t possibly think this really would have been a one-way part so I suppose there simply is some force there on the outer frames. I probably should have filed an angle into the slots on the transom but since the pieces are fragile I was nervous about removing them.
  7. I’m certain that Chuck’s design plays a part but don’t short change your skills. You log is quite impressive and has me strongly considering joining this project in a year or so when I finish up my current projects. Great work so far!
  8. I have finished the garboard and broad strakes. I had to replace the right broad stake as it extended too far so that area got a little dirty. Overall, I'm reasonably pleased with how these came out (at the cost of almost half a sheet of the 1/32" basswood). I would advise caution fitting the planks and to not be afraid to redraw (using the tape) and recut a plank if it simply isn't working.
  9. I‘m imagining that you don’t cut up your cornbread and a single serving is the whole skillet 😂.
  10. I got that yesterday when a link auto populated into that little square with a picture/etc. I changed how everything linked and it went away.
  11. When I glued the bolt rope to my sails on my Sharpie Schooner I used white pva (elmer’s) glue.
  12. I'm learning that if I did this kit a second time I would do a significantly better job than I currently am doing. Of course, as a teaching aid this is great, but my previous work is doing a great job of frustrating me here and there . Currently I have attached one plank of the garboard strake and I realized that I didn't get all of my frames close enough to the rabbet and prevented me from getting as clean a fit as I would have liked here. It looks a bit worse in the picture (doesn't it always?) but the plank isn't as clean around Frame E and Frame D. I'm not certain if there is any good way to clean it up later (without causing it to distract more, maybe some sawdust and glue filler), but for now I'm going to leave it alone and see what I think later in the build.
  13. I think I'm finally done on fairing (fingers crossed). The next step was to line of the wale and boy did I ever struggle with that. I couldn't fit my square in to properly line up the points on the plan so I tried a plethora of other objects and then finally decided that my best course of action was to attempt to use a batten and sight out the line to the best of my abilities. After I sighted the upper and lower lines out I saw in the instructions that the wale was a constant 0.28" so I cut some card paper to that dimension (roughly 9/32") and corrected my lower line. Whew, I hope this works out reasonably well because it was quite a struggle for me (spirits still high and enjoying the challenge though). This is the original sighted wale. And finally the width corrected wale (tops of the red lines are the corrections). Whew, now I think I'm ready to start planking.

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