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  1. Do you think that you might be able to remake these parts from the scrap wood in the sheet? I don't know if they will sell you another sheet and it certainly can't hurt to ask but the turn around time might be such that you'd rather try to remake it yourself.
  2. Nice work Glenn; I’m not certain it matters or that you care but the handles (at least according the the instructions) would be placed 180 degrees opposite each other. I’m enjoying watching your builds!
  3. Great build so far. I’m also curious about cutting the chine notches - how tricky was that? Doing a scratch build has been on my mind but I keep going back and forth about subjects. I think you’re starting to seal the subject for me. Is the booklet a good help? Or are the plans good enough?
  4. Glenn - Beautiful work and beautiful photos. If I ever tackle this one my log will be “See log by glbarlow, he did a better job and took better photos” followed by completion photos 2-3 years later. 😂
  5. Looking great! I’d love to build one of these for my mom (she used to sail them). I’ll have to give your build a few re-reads and see if I can take it on eventually 🙂 When the topic of small screws/nuts come up frequently model railroading sites are given. If I remember I’ll try to search through this site tomorrow and see if I can track down any specifics. Edit: This thread might help -
  6. You're doing an excellent job here! I recently took my partially completely half hull out after getting side tracked on a different model. I'm not quite as impressed with my work as when I put it away and now that I see yours I'm even less impressed with mine 😬. It was a learning tool for me so I'll have to see how I can recover and improve the rest of it.
  7. Due to some unforeseen circumstances (potential move), I have to postpone this build but I am still highly interested in it. I'll do my best to get into the logs as much as I can. Sorry about that.
  8. There is a picture in this comment for the method that I frequently use: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/22920-hm-cutter-alert-by-vthokiee-finished-vanguard-models-164/?do=findComment&comment=745423 It isn't the most accurate but it works well.
  9. That looks very nice! I’ve considered testing that thread as well (I have tested Aurifil thread which was nice as well). What I liked about the Mara thread was the elasticity in the polyester rope so that the rigging lines looked tight (I found for cotton thread there wasn’t much wiggle room, but maybe I’m doing something wrong). What I liked about the cotton thread was that diluted white glue is perfect for holding rope coils. Diluted white glue doesn’t work quite as well for polyester and the other “glue” I had on hand slightly discolored the rope. I think I nee
  10. Excited to watch you build this; I’ve become pretty happy with the results on my rope walk but I still have some (well maybe more than I care to admit) failures when I rush through setting the line up. There’s a post by Chuck about using Gutermann Mara thread which I followed and have been mostly happy with (I’m still working to figure out the best way to set poly rope coils but other than that I have found some advantages to cotton that I didn’t realize at first). Good luck and have fun!
  11. I’m stuck here 😁. I have mine split in half but I don’t see a good way to separate the two halves into quarters I may simply cut the connectors out since this is all an experiment but that’s a reasonable amount of waste...🤔
  12. Very nice work. I picked up an old boxwood ruler from following this thread but I’m not certain what to do with it now 😂.
  13. My method to build these blocks on my Alert and reduce the gap was to thread one line through the individual strands in the other line to make almost a false splice around the smaller block (if the line was 4 stranded the the needle would go between two strands). Then I took these ends around the larger block and seized them together. As I type this I realize that my text description is failing miserably, but if you are interested I could make up a block and take some photos during the process that should explain it a lot better. Final product shown here: https://modelshipworld.com
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