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  1. Really liking that paint job. Not to push you in either direction, but first builds can also be a good time to try the repair 😉. Nice tweezer and nice files are really good tools to have. I’d consider at least filing down the frames that extend to far on the left window when you are facing them.
  2. There was a thread today regarding people having issues resizing. Personally, I prefer to resize images before uploading (but I understand the convenience of doing it in the editor). Looks like an interesting build! Edit: Link to thread:
  3. Thank you! That’s quite unfortunate that yours fell apart; Chuck’s machine seems quite nice so I would recommend taking a look at it.
  4. I “think” there are some methods to add to impressions to the tape, but it’s good advice to not get too lost in the detailing.
  5. Doesn’t look too bad for a first attempt. I’ve never done any coppering so take this with a grain of salt, but I feel like the tape loses some definition without the vertical bolt emulation (no idea what the proper word is). Have you considered using a batten at the waterline as shown here: Keep at it though, looking quite good. Edit: I’m not certain that link went to the right comment. It starts at the April 2 post on page 5.
  6. This morning I added a drop of the fly tying glue that @DelF recommend and I think it worked perfectly (I should have bought two bottles 😁). Low quality iPhone shot but it shows the results on the thicker rope.
  7. Thanks Derek - I wasn’t using a cotton thread to start so I had to add some heat to help the unraveling. This is the recipe link for Mara: What thread do you use? I was having trouble finding DMC which seemed to be a favorite. That’s a good suggestion, I’ll have to give it a try. A touch of glue has been suggested as well and I may give this fly typing laquer a try as well.
  8. Oddly enough I found the second planking (while nerve wracking at first) to be somewhat easier with the solid base of that first layer down. I’m certain yours will look great (and if you’re painting below the waterline white you can cover up some issues if they do rear their head).
  9. I picked up a rope walk from Syren a little while ago and in order to postpone tapering the mast I put it together and tried my hand at making some rope today. I wanted to replace the anchor rope (really I may end up replacing all the rope either with my own or some from Syren for consistency) because it was a significantly different color than the rest of the rope I will be using. I wanted to end up with about 1.6mm rope so I used Chuck's Mara recipe for .055" (~1.4mm) rope as a starting point, but I ended up closer to 0.047" so I tried again using the 0.065" (~1.65mm) recipe as a starting p
  10. Unfortunately I don't think there are any (or at least none that I've seen). I've mainly been hunting for milled sheets and (aside from Syren) I haven't seen anything outside of cherry in the US. There are some more options coming from overseas, but I don't think Alaskan cedar is one. Small table saws aren't "that" big but I can definitely understand not having space regardless.
  11. That is quite odd. Do you have a router in between your devices and your modem? If so maybe try a direct connection to the modem as a quick test to reduce some variables. Edit: I don’t know if MSW responds to pings but I would assume so, have you tried to ping it from the terminal?
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