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  1. Congratulations, she’s a gorgeous build! Really enjoyed following along and I’ve learned a lot (…now if I’ll be able to recall it when I need it that will be the true test 😁).
  2. Thanks for passing this on, I’ve been considering an airbrush for quite some time now. These prices seem hard to pass by; I suppose I should do some fast research and see what a good setup would be.
  3. Beautiful work, great job (as usual 🙂). Do you have a log (or a sort of) that I've overlooked? It looks like such a great build that I'd like to tackle one day (or something like it) - would enjoy seeing what you've done.
  4. I have also watched you build this model and have been very impressed with the results. I’m saddened to hear about what happened; I hesitate to go to far out on a limb but as the social media moderator for MSW you probably are quite the target/outlet for those who do not like MSW. I don’t really use social media that much (Reddit is my vice though) it’s very caustic in my opinion and my skin is probably not thick enough for it. I hope you eventually come back to the build and enjoy your time with it!
  5. Thanks Lyle! I finished up another belt before I had to store her away for a move. I'll be looking forward to finishing her up once we get settled - each belt seems to look a lot better than the last so I definitely feel like I'm making progress in my efforts. I left some extra length of the planks over the counter and chiseled a (somewhat) straight and even line with the wale once they were all installed. My camera gear is all packed away, but here is a parting shot.
  6. Looking good so far! I hope I am not steering you wrong as I haven't built this model (Glenn and John please correct me if I'm off) but one thing to consider during the first layer of planking is the area at the deadwood. Ideally you want the second layer of planking to be flush with the stern post. Looking at the two planks by the keel, you may need to do a reasonable amount of sanding to achieve this. On some builds I've seen some builders terminate the first run of planks prior to the deadwood. Frequently you'll see the area below the bearding line on the deadwood sanded down a fair amount so that it plus the final layer of planking is equal to the stern post. I plan on doing a better job here when I get around to my next build, I didn't fully understand the concept my first time around.
  7. Congrats! Looking forward to the final photo shoot and details. I imagine this must be a little bittersweet; I’ve enjoyed following along!
  8. You are on a completely different plane from me (I can’t begin to see any errors). I can empathize with wanting to build it just right for yourself. I love watching your progress and also can’t wait to see the restart. Have fun!
  9. Yes, otherwise you're going to have some big issues. Fairing is critical at this juncture - take your time and make certain it is right.
  10. Looking good, glad to see an update! I don't know if this will be helpful but the instructions for my Alert showed the following: and then later a picture: Hope this helps somewhat.
  11. @Nirvana I never noticed you location until a moment ago. My wife has an Aunt and Uncle in Centralia - small world. It was a pretty area when we visited (maybe 10-12 years ago). You all are making it seem quite temperate down here in FL (which really isn't a comfort if I think about that in the long term 😬).
  12. Beautiful work! Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to see what you tackle next.
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