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  1. Oh you UK folks and your access to lumber... keep rubbing it in 😄
  2. Go Hokies! 😁 Glad that you found a nice solution; it looks like you're getting on very well with the build!
  3. That’s my plan too!! I’m not good at multi tasking though so mine is boxed up for the moment. I’d like to finish it up so if I find a natural pause I may return to it.
  4. I don't think it is a mistake exactly, looking at the picture from Caldercraft here: http://www.jotika-ltd.com/KitPics/LRG/Sher_Cannon_lrg.jpg You can see that only the breaching line was used, I don't think the kit intended that the side tackles were rigged (but this doesn't mean that you can't do it, it can add a lot to the model). You may have to purchase some addition eyelets though (Amati has some ones that I'm currently using and you may want to get some 2mm brass split rings while you are at it to go with them at certain points). Then you'll have to drill some holes in the carriages to accept the eyelets.
  5. (This is the I’m still learning as well warning) There would be at least two sizes of rope - a thicker rope for the breaching line and a thinner rope for the side tackles (and I assume the same size for the traversing tackle in the rear if you’re rigging that). Take a look here for some potential sizes: And also post 189 in that build log. Edit: That thick line looks like it might be for the anchor and too thick. If you need a different size take a look at Syren https://syrenshipmodelcompany.com/
  6. It most certainly does (bookmarked the post) and thank you for taking the time!
  7. Do you have any tips or suggestions for getting the flags to look nice and then stay there? I’m hoping to put an ensign on my build eventually and shaping them was something that I was curious about. Your build looks awesome by the way!
  8. I had to go Byrnes (anything else and I would’ve kept window shopping the Byrnes 😁).
  9. Don’t tell my wife but I ordered a table saw 🤫... (just kidding she knows). I’m not certain if they’ll be too light but I picked up some Holly thins to try a go at the bowsprit.
  10. Nice job so far; have you looked into tapering the planks at all? If not it might be an interesting experiment for the next build to reduce (or even prevent) having to fill in those gaps.
  11. Still in business but no ship models: https://midwestproducts.com/pages/model-kits I figured it was a shot in the dark but they followed up and sent the scan.
  12. I emailed Midwest and they were happy to send me a pdf of the manual for the Sharpie Schooner. It wasn’t as great as having the manual (that scan’s dynamic range wasn’t great) but much better than nothing. You may want to send them an email.
  13. Since the above didn’t yield any results I won’t hold my breath, but I’m looking for some 5mm (or 1/4”) square stock that I can use for a bowsprit (also open to wood type suggestions). I don’t have a saw and my initial attempt at planing a dowel down didn’t work. I’m also open to using this as an excuse to buy a saw and go with sheets instead...
  14. Thanks! I almost lost my mind when I sent one flying off into the black hole of my garage. Thankfully, I was able to recover it, but that and having more than one float in the CA to an undesired place was enough to peg my adrenaline. That’s not a bad idea; the nails seem to work well enough (especially from a normal viewing distance). Thanks guys!

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