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Old ship engraving with interesting selection of sails set.

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For some time now I have been fascinated with this engraving of a French Frigate. Its contemporary I suppose and has a lot of fascinating details. Studdingsails set wing and wing! Until I had seen this image I never would have guessed it was possible to set the main course studding sails WITHOUT setting the main course sail. All that canvas set but no Royals. The main topsail has blanketed  the fore topsail, the main t’galent has been partially lowered- I wonder why? To allow the fore t’galent to draw better? Look how close to the waves the Main course studdingsail is, if it touches it would surly break something. 





 Niagara USS Constitution 


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You also see that the fore topsail looks becalmed!



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I read somewhere that for a ship of this type they often used most of the foremast sails to lift the bow when there were heavy seas. I would guess from this picture that the wind is very nearly dead astern. She is using her main mast sails to get the most power and Foremast sails for power and lifting the bow. I also think it is interesting that you see the main Top studding sail on the Starboard side deployed and the opposite number on the fore mast deployed.

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