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  1. Hello @Paulh, sorry to hear. As far as I remember, there was no problems with the kits I bought, must be about 6 or seven sets. Do you want to show a picture? XXXDAn
  2. I always love the original artefacts 🙂 Here is the belle 🙂 XXXDAn
  3. Thank you, rkwz! Used the good weather and found a nice place for my rope walk 🙂 XXXDAn
  4. That is the style of netting that was shown on the drawing I mentioned in the end of #12 XXXDAn
  5. Found the drawing, it is in the Masefield in between page 200 and 201. "HMS Venerable at anchor" Any idea abut the real origins of the picture? XXXDAn
  6. Thank you Bruce! @druxey It is published several times in our "standard" literature. https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/102804.html A view of the quarter deck and poop of HMS Venerable with explanatory ms.letter, with address on reverse PAF7977 Medium includes watercolour.; Signed by artist. Date made 1799 Artist/Maker Turner, Benjamin Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London Materials pen & ink, brown Measurements 204 mm x 332 mm Parts: A view of the quarter deck and poop of HMS Venerable with explanatory ms.letter, with address on reverse (PAF7977) Here is another one. The only hint I have is "Masefield". Does anybody have any clue about it´s origins?? And I also vaguely remember a contemporary drawing of a smaller ship - not much bigger than the pickles - with a sauve-tête netting in place. It was fastened different, more like a tent. XXXDan
  7. With the Pickle I would expect it to be a Sauve-Tête netting against falling debris. Rare to be mentioned in contemporary sources. What source does this information come from? XXXDAn
  8. Thank you Bob! And 🙂 if things speed up, they speed up 🙂 Missing the mast for proper alignment, I put some irons in the middle as spacers for orientation. And suddenly things are done. Knowing my fat fingers, I will do the final alignment just before the final finish. And too, looks like I need better light on my working place - for better enlightment and pictures 😉 XXXDAn
  9. But some small bit I still managed to do yesterday: First organised the parts on slightly adhesive tape for not messing up the running order of the different lengths. Then fixed the iron supports ... ... and as usual started with the shorter irons of the smaller deadeyes. That was the state of yesterday night, just to remember, there will still be a batten in front of the board hiding the slots. XXXDAn
  10. News from the new man cave 🙂 Need some deadeyes for the 1805 slice. First try to make a barrel grinder some times ago did not really work: The sanding paper was too fine and too weak. Also one wing gave up quite fast. So did some research and build a new one, this time better and stiffer paper, took 3 sheets with staggered length and a broader axis to be able to tack the sheets properly together. The barrel is fixed with a M3 screw. First I used my Proxxon but this one was too weak as was to be smelled immediately ... So took the stronger Dremel. Height and side direction have to be adjusted well, or the machine gets hot immediately. Set the Dremel to step 2 and twice 10 minutes and the deadeyes are well done, depending your taste 🙂 Used the good deadeyes from the Syren shop. Last time using PVC the parts have shifted a little laterally 😞 Also using slow binding CA I had this experience, so I build a gauge to press everything together properly in place. Result: Dropping-dead-sharp deadeyes 🙂 Tumbled and done. Here as a comparison the 5 mm Krick deadeyes. On top à la natüre, then tumbled - it really does a good job on them - and on the bottom with the notches for the lanyards, and a Syren deadeye for comparison. XXXDAn
  11. Coming. it´s coming 🙂 here some hints for the looks: Trafalgar companion (poop deck with boarding), a note from a Trafalgar midship man and a contemporary painting. A very elegant way ist to cover most of the hammocks and have one section with the cloth opened to show the details underneath. XXXDAn
  12. Very enjoyable build 🙂 Some options to think about: - Rudder hinges not black as iron would rust fast away. A little bit more yellowish copper or the same color than the copper would be more suitable - If you still look for options for the hammock netting, have you considered showing them with their sail cloth cover on? Take a core of foam, give it a bit a shape with the marks of the stanchions, a slag in between for gravity reasons and the ripples for the covered hammocks, and cover with paper-hankies diluted with PVC and paint. All the best, Daniel
  13. But even today one can find quite large ensigns, see the Eagle in full flight!
  14. Not only the Spanish had enormous ensigns, the french could do that too. This one is believed to have been at Aboukir on the Genereux and being seized 18 months later. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-...et-display.html The flag, which measures 52ft by 27ft, approx 15,8 m x 8,2 m

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