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  1. Longridge and Heller describe an anachronistic version, also this was shown in P. untill some years ago. There the line with the block is kept clear the hull with an iron bracket and this is only post Trafalgar if I remember well. I think the bishop version is closer to Trafalgar but it should be researched again. Perhaps Lees tells something It could be, that the block was quite near the hull, but the hanger on the yard was much longer. XXXDAn
  2. Message for John Walker: Can you please try to contact me here in a PM? All the best, Daniel
  3. Great work, Bill, love it! As Kevin asked for the copper color scheme: Blank as Bill´s copper it only is if polished 🙂 As for my resaerch, the greenish color just appears if copper is on the air, like in the drydock. Usually in the harbor the copper gets a brownish color. Usually with all kind of weed on top. If sailing the abrasion of the water molecules give a pinkish (!) appearance to the "delight" of the most model makers 😉 So basically on can show on the model, what happened last to the ship. Was it in harbor or was it sailing. In some test pieces I opted for a mixture of brown and pink for underneath the water, for a bright pink on the waterline and a very thin greenish erea where wind and weather meet. All the best, Daniel PS: Some more infos about copper and aging here in German, but one can use the automatic translator on the left bottom.: https://www.segelschiffsmodellbau.com/t588f643-Kupferung-im-Original.html https://www.segelschiffsmodellbau.com/t3568f804-Patina-von-Kupferteilen.html https://www.segelschiffsmodellbau.com/t3567f804-Kupferung-Darstellung-von-Naegeln-im-kleineren-Massstab.html
  4. Not all problems with the Heller instructions are mistakes but anachronisms due to advanced research today. M24 is shown here with a kind of three-legged rope, as it was some years ago still attached to a three-legged iron structure to keep it clear the hull. It was later realised that this was introduced only much later and today shows a single Rope fixed on the hull. Same goes to the 2 eyebolts near the cutwater on the bow. Those ropes are omitted today but the bolts were still visible until the last restoration. Are they still there? Great work on the plates, looks like I was right to tempt you 🙂 XXXDAn
  5. Hllo Bill, sorry to be absent that much, had some sad family business to take care of. The batten that finishes the copper was done in mid february 2011. Have a look, I have only restricted internet here in the Austria´s mounains. XXXDAn
  6. Hello Pete , sorry for the late reply. Yes the family is safe and sound even thogh my brother in law just lives 1,2 km from this infamous earth slide that went throug the international media. He was very lucky, even being that near, hiss house did not even suffer a water stain. But the area was build upon sand - quite biblical - and one one of the facilities that were hurt was a castle, standing there for centuries ... XXXDAn
  7. Now to be serious. I do not want to interfere into your build, but as you ask questions and when I see some realistic potential, I then will tempt you, but I will never disrespect your way of building. Just tell me to stop in a PM, be assured I will respect 🙂 XXXDAn
  8. I am on the go since 12 years and funnily you most possibly will overtake me at your month 3 ... Thats why I am trying to distract you 😉 XXXDAn
  9. If I remember well, it was about 1 roll. But as usual, no pressure 🙂 XXXDAn
  10. Still tempting you: As you like the blanc rigols, did you already consider to plank the bottom with real copper? With the tiffany self adhesive copper tape it is not a too big task. Stuff is quite cheap and the effect great. Measure if you need the 4,0 mm or 4,4 mm tape and try out on a piece of plastic. That you painted already is a good base, so you do not have black flashing through eventual gaps 🙂 All the best, Daniel
  11. Just discovered now, wonderful and pleasant project and a great result! All the best, Daniel PS: AND NO! I am not cutting down my one 😉
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