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Rigging ropes right handed or left handed?

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Hi everyone,


I've done a search, but came up with nothing. I'm sure that it has been discussed, but at the risk of being redundant, here is my question, as I'm ready to purchase some rope. What was supplied in my kit is (as I've learned here as well) not acceptable looking.


So, why are there two options when purchasing after market rope, right or left handed? Does it really make any difference, except to the purists?


I thank anyone in advance for any help.





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Most rope in general use is right handed.  When right handed ropes are laid up to make a larger rope, such as an anchor cable, the result is a left handed rope.  Fibre rope shrouds were commonly (but not always) left handed.


If you are working at a small scale the lay of the rope may not be obvious, and the casual observer won't know the difference anyway.  If you want to join the ranks of the obsessives (such as myself :) ), then buy the appropriate rope for the job.



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My view is that Its the sort of thing nobody will ever notice on a ship until their attention is called to it. However once you use some yourself you will appreciate its use on other models, you will recognize it, I suppose, as the mark of someone who went the extra mile for authenticity. But actually recognizing it is still difficult even when you know the difference.  Larger rope aboard ship and anchor cables were often twisted up from three right hand laid ropes into left hand line, so it would not be unusual to find it aboard ship in various uses.

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