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  1. Joachim, As with the other superlative details of your current build, these sails could not possibly be better replicated to scale - than the work that you have done here. Brilliant indeed.
  2. Martyn, Nice work - This De Agostini Vasa does indeed appear to be THE kit to build. I'm tempted to revisit this ship, but I would end up with an international real estate war. My sweetheart is from Brasil and I'm originally from France haha - My current one is still without a future resting place and then with Vikings next - hmmmm
  3. Hi mates, Thanks for the likes - Frank a poor attempt at adding the details from the pic below. I should have also scored the sides as well - too much work for lost detail.
  4. Continuing work on upper and main decks, but decided to revisit the hold. I always thought that it was too empty. It at least needed a few barrels. Did not like the look of straight out-of-the-box barrels so played with them for slight visual improvements, oak stain, then built a small framing. Holds were certainly filled with such barrels but this gives a bit more to the hold’s visual emptiness. As always thanks for looking in.
  5. B.E., Brilliant work on the capsquare detailing - Well done indeed!! Cheers,
  6. Ferit, Very nice solution - also the support pieces for that flag staff are very delicate and look excellent! PS: thanks Dave - I have saved the photo that you included for my files as well.
  7. Frank, Those hatches sure raise the bar - Nice work.
  8. Jose, Brilliant work. Your knowledge, skills and this build are a pleasure to follow as well as a great learning experience for me. Your log is a miniature ship built plank by plank - amazing learning indeed- Thanks for sharing this log here at MSW. Cheers,
  9. Hi Mates, Thanks so much for the nice comments/likes much appreciated. Sort of in a quandary – Don’t quite know what I want to do with the upper gun deck?? As it is, the mid gun deck is sort of empty. So in the interim I started the main (weather deck) will continue with outer and inner hull side planking, add the gun openings and so on. Will leave the upper gun deck unglued for now. This will give my eye a better perspective on how to add inside details - tempted to add two smaller fully rigged guns to one side of the upper gun deck Main deck will be probably fully planked along with four rigged guns. Want to leave out some of the inner and outer side hull planks in order to see the upper futtock frames (as I did in the hold) just thinking…. PS: kIt provided deck was perfect as a template. As always, Cheers
  10. Frank, Looking very good. Paint work is top notch as well.
  11. David Damek - Plasmo plastic models ---- I have been following his work on YouTube for a while now. This is the first ship that I have seen him build. Nobody IMO touches his work with plastic kits –- with airplanes he is hard to believe. I added a link to one of his aircraft as well FYI. In any case the Bismark is worth checking out think 30 minutes for the ship. 30 min. Moderators – If the aircraft is an issue I will remove it from this particular thread – though the ship was the main reason for sharing. But mates DO look at the Focke-Wulf
  12. Oh Martyn, Thanks -- BTW it was your cross of same ship that gave me the idea for adding a table .

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