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  1. Impressive work -- bow planks, caulking both so well scaled. Your plank edge cuts are so great - I need to learn how to do that. I will use 1mm planks and the black paper idea for my next decks. I'll send you a PM when I get there asking about the paper etc..... Take Care
  2. Rick re: You're giving waaaaaaaaay too much credit to the company. They're simply very poor models! Really!!! that is a very stetched opinion ----- in my opinion 😂 A Pocher done "right" is an incredible amount of work- especially the leather interior details, and paint - just the spoke wheels alone could be 800 parts+ in the agragate..IMO again comparing apples to oranges - diff. skill sets Oh have fun ineed some Lego kits are really special
  3. Richard, As always - beyond brilliant -- Hmmm - I did not want to search wayback What kind of wood strips did you use for your deck? I like the look of these for my next project. And did you buy from a supplier or cut the planks yourself - prob. a stupid second question haha Cheers,
  4. Yours is really excellent - you should send it as a gift to Michael Hirst 😂 (I was a The Vikings huge fan for 6 seasons - got me super motivated to build a Viking boat) FYI: if you were also a fan -- Unfortunately, the show has come to an end with Season 6 being the final instalment. The makers have confirmed this. However, there’s still good news because Hirst just isn’t done yet. Valhalla, a spin-off series has been confirmed which will stream on Netflix and not Amazon or History. As its predecessor show did. Twenty-four episodes have already been greenlit and will be filmed in Ireland. His book about the series (Vikings) was also very interesting - He and his staff were obsessed with getting as much as possible visually and historically accurate for the series... Regards,
  5. Really like your work on this example - lot's of really nice details...nails look just right - yup not much under the planks, but was interested in the internal structure along these lines -- but prob. overreach on my part. in any case Viking build will need to wait - one in between is up next - then to the 8th Cent. Oh and your shield is just right !!! Cheers,
  6. Nice - let's see how the outer hull nails came out. I also plan to add nails, but to complicate things I'm hoping to leave some deck panels open to show interior details - big issue I know - covering the deck, as you did makes things so much easier Yours looks very good - nice build indeed. Anchor perfect - interesting that Viking kits only include much later style anchors.
  7. JIm, Way too kind - so glad that some parts of my log are helpful - I've emulated, and copied from many others as well. Part of the fun of improving our skills.... Cheers,
  8. Thanks EJ, sounds as if it makes a lot of sense once hull planking is done. I'll look into getting one. I think that my next English ship will be rather large - this will become useful. PS: just checked three sites - everywhere back-ordered - prob. will be that way until the planet comes back to a more or less normal way of life.
  9. Looking very good I thought that I had saved a link for that framing device that you have. Are you finding it as useful as you had hoped? or is it kinda "so so" useful? I'm thinking of getting it before I start my next project. Let me know --- Oh what's it called - I can find a source at Google.
  10. Denis, Indeed it is - for members that might not know these sites - wonderful world of Classic Pocher examples wayback when. Also they come up - unbuilt new "in box" occasionally on eBay - I bought a Mercedes many years ago - never finished it - sold it partially assembled .... Grant you're doing a great job as well as showing us how amazing these kits -- still are. https://scaledetails.com/ and many superb finished examples here; https://www.modelmotorcars.com/
  11. Hi Jim, Just found your log - love all the details - big scale allows for lots of examples of such. Will enjoy following along to your also very informative notes. Just about to finish my first cross-section (from a kit) nowhere as brilliant as yours. PS: will you need to add "filler" materials to each deck as you go up - the hold, for example, with ballast bits and those great barrels that you made? Or just build all the decks and add inside details later - just curious..... Regards,
  12. Frank, It was to be - still might be - but the rumor is that for Father's Day I will be gifted with a Sergal Sovereign of... - When it again becomes available backordered world-wide until Italy comes back to life along with the rest of the planet. - Hmmm I just got the new McKay book and, It will be an incredible reference. Either of the two I plan on "bashing" the best that I can. In the meantime following your work, and almost done with my current build so TBD Regards
  13. Frank - that came out superbly!! Glad that our ideas worked out. Your work on this project is Top Notch - Pleasure to follow along My next project will need areas to be painted - this will be brand new learning for me - Hmmmm Learning continues. Regards as always Michael

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