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  1. Vivian, looking more carefully could that actually be the stern? It appears as if the rudder may be there as well, and as to how you mounted its sail. Not familiar at all with these boats.
  2. V, Nice work on the sails. Interesting how the entire bow section is totally open to any slightly rough seas. That said bow section is needed as a work area. Nice project!!
  3. Patrick, This last series of photos are a real treat!! Love the maps - how did you ever reduce those jpg's to such a small size - very creative. Also your interior shots at eye level are great - GoPro single frame?? Cheers,
  4. Yves, This Trumpeter sub has always been an intriguing possibility for me after seeing Das Boot in the theater in 1981 it always stuck with me. I also later saw the full length German TV series version of the same - (4:48 hours). I had also never forgotten the ending of that movie - after ALL that they went through. Are you planning to also do some "aging" paint work down the road? Hera are a couple of bits that I found online (since you've resurfaced my interest in this boat again. https://www.amazon.com/U-Boat-1936-45-Type-VIIA-VIIC/dp/0857334042 and FYI. PS: The metal etched after-market parts will make ALL the difference in this model, good choice on your part.
  5. Yves, Excellent work cutting out plastic bits - much more complicated than it looks.
  6. Hi Mates, Another of my small updates; finished the upper deck, installed the two upper gun deck carriages, lanterns, and door tackles. Decided to minimally detail those two carriages, as they will be so out-of-sight. Note those lantern wires need to be lengthened, and then hidden and spooled behind the side frames. Purchased a spool of the same specific wires from the LED sourced company. Those 18 wires will also need to run under the (to be made) case so that I can have the on-off switch easily available after ship is incased. Ship will only be visible from the front, and the case will be made so as to hang on a wall. Also need to add knees and support stanchions to the lower decks – later.. Now onto the upper deck details,,,, Thanks for the likes and visits.
  7. Yves, Nice start indeed. I put my scuba gear on and will follow along as well. Cheers,
  8. SUPERB work. Every detail you captured so well - Regards,
  9. Denis - thanks - kind of you to catch up as well as the good wishes. Vivian - SO nice to have you stop by - welcome back - I'll go to your log and catch up. So - as I have not quite learned "measure twice cut once"haha - rebuilt the upper deck, learned more about proper plank spacing so all in all a good mistake to learn from. Hesitant to drill holes for deck treenails - mistakes would be visually a real mess. need to ponder that one. I know that some ships did not have treenailed upper decks - need to go to my books, and Google University --- Next will be adding two carriages/guns to upper gundeck - adding last set of lanterns, and gun door ropes to underside of upper deck. As always thanks so much for your visits. Cheers,
  10. B.E., Been following along - your usual excellent work is again on full display - Nice indeed. Cheers,
  11. E.J., Your comments regarding double planking and laying wales kept me curious. So went back and gave my Vasa a look. Indeed I nailed the wales above the first layer of planking – then the outer thin planks were applied. In double-planked kits I imagine that this is only visible at the stern (assuming the ship had wales) In any case this is certainly a much more frustration free build method. Would not have thought of it were it not for your comment. -cheers -- Moving on – now learning how to plank upper deck for ST. Regards,

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