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  1. Ulises Sorry about that - I new that if I had followed the instructions it would have created that big problem with my Sergal Sovereign - You will sort it out I'm sure. FYI - since mine is mostly scratch built the Sergal instructions were of little use. But as you also "see" the Sergal build instructions are "assss" backwards. Especially after initial framing (which I of course followed) -- Now good luck perfectly locating the hull cannon door openings to the inside dummy cannon drill locations - that's another issue with Sergal's very poor construction instructions. You are doing fine work so far.
  2. Patrick, PKD, Frank, EJ, thanks for your very kind words much appreciated. Finally working on the beakhead bulkwards. I have put this off for too long - mostly because I did not "get" how to correctly scratch the two sides, given that the lower deck support framings as well as the deck were scratch built. I think that I have it down now -- will post when it's all done. Thanks for your likes, comment, and or just dropping by. Big continued thanks as well to members that are following this project. thank you
  3. Patrick, Just catching up - super nice work with the sails and repairing that classic Singer 🏆 lol Regards,
  4. Frank, Just catching up - superb updates! Your attention to small details is excellent as well. Regards,
  5. E.J. Just catching up - really great work, banister railing, curved steps and your figurehead - super nice progress indeed. Cheers,
  6. Hi – have not at all visited MSW for what seems like a couple of months – yikes!!! Been busy with a new work opportunity that required a lot of seat time, new learning, re-certifications and a test Grrrr. But during my free “mental time” I only worked on the SotS –, doing almost nothing else - good therapy (;-)) During that time finished up the forecastle. Here are some images (probably too many). As always thanks for dropping by, likes, and comments. Next up the side support railings for the bowsprit deck….. OK - Now back to a more normal routine -- need to catch up and click likes at the great build logs that I am following here. Lot’s of catching up to do. Cheers,
  7. moreplovac, Very nice indeed - thanks for the step-by-step instructions. Had not thought of Golden Oak stain (always used tea), nor cutting strips - excellent work looks very good. Let us know how the glued together strips hold up after much still needed handling of the sails. Your ship is also looking great; your rigging work and details are 👌. Regards,
  8. Continuing work in same areas, but now added two staircases as well as anchor knighthead details. Images will do all the talking. Thanks for your visits…. Regards,
  9. You and Kirill are absolutely beyond any comparisons working in plastic - such awesome work. Wow!! Also, for me, I'm constantly learning, and will hopefully add some of the details to my work from reading your notes and other very knowledgeable builder's comments who are actively following this build. Cheers,
  10. Very Excellent results. Looks just perfect I very foolishly tried do so same with my 1/75 hahaha
  11. Hi all, Some updated images of continuing work on this area of ship. Thanks as always for your likes and comments 👌
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