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  1. Kirill4, Thanks for your images and your comments much appreciated - I think that I will, at the base of the three masts, just install knighheads with sheaves within their bases - along with horizontal bars for the main and formast. Pins will be located at the several bulkhead railings and along the sides within upper railings. Think that I will also skip complete sails on this project - maybe just adding two furled examples to lower main and foremast. all upper yards will just be lowered without sails as in the image below. The main halyard block was a guess - som
  2. Hi Mates, As always thanks so much for dropping by, and the likes. AND thanks to members who are interested in following this project – so kind! Some minor busy work details; waiting for an order from Cornwall to finish up and finally install the main deck and attach side panels. In the meantime doing other bits that need to be done as well. see image notations.... Next on the list is cutting and framing the deck grids. Also doubled ordered some ladders – intend to attach two ladder frames together then trim and cut to allow for curved looking s
  3. Michel, Great thread - I also want to improve my skills and learning soldering skills will help. Added this thread to my list so that I can read through it again. Thanks to the member's posts that helped Michel. Regards,
  4. Darivs, Yes, conundrums indeed. And the two images below also add to the rigging “confusion”. So some (most) rigging will result in "appropriate" location estimates at best. Though it is apparent from these two excellent Czech site images that pin rails/ attached lines were not located at main deck. I will attach kevels -- McKay, and Amati follow in this as well. Though I may add a pin rail on those two sides as well TBD. I might also go back to one of my earlier builds –same vintage but Dutch – no rails mid deck either – I had used the Billings complete rigging
  5. Frank - thanks for dropping by, yes whatever rigging sheets I use this project's line locations will end up being mostly educated guess work - may also re-visit the Sergal complete rigging sheets (also include sail rope pin locations that I used for the Vasa. On the plus side this is a long way off at this point still at the beginnings of this project. Plan on first adding as many details as possible to decks and much extra work at the stern. fun ahead.... To add to the guesswork I also found this 🤔 Now four diff. choices. 😂
  6. Hi Mates, Happy New Year - hopefully better than 020 “Busy work” update – as well as needing to fix an obvious mistake. First inside facings of main deck along with gun port openings and working on pin rails – this area is more complicated – not sure how many (if any) rails to add, or how many holes for the pins – I’m tempted to add sails – as you know this will require many more belaying pin locations than are shown in the Sergal rigging sheets. I also acquired the Amati rigging sheets (that kit included instructions for sails) and
  7. Patrick, Beakshead, offset mast all so well articulated !! as always a pleasure to drop in Regards,
  8. EJ, Just catching up - wow - your stern work is way up there !! arguably the most complicated and intricate area of a ship of this type to get looking right -- Superb work so well scaled and detailed - well done indeed. Cheers,
  9. Mark, Just catching up - you have brought plastic to such an amazing form of life - beyond brilliant - and your sculturing in this format is also superlative indeed. Woa!!
  10. Frank, thanks for the kind words. FYI - they come in a set of three - width dimensions are in mm. At first I only used one for scoring soft basswood - thinking that the metal groovers would bend. No, these work just as well with harder woods. Will use them to add details to upper deck railings, and poss. larger lower wales. lot's of creative shape potentials. Great tool!
  11. My understanding is that it has to do with each refurbishment throughout its active life. At one point she was burned to the waterline and again refurbished. Other much more knowledgeable members may have more detailed information.
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