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  1. Thank Dave and Frank - mates thanks for the likes!! Continuing upper deck work. Added pin rails - rear rail and railing are not attached. Will add, much later, rear railing after I add hail and yard lines. Need to add deck blocks, rig carriages as well. Tried to use my Proxxon lathe to add details to knightheads - abject failure so improvised with left-over stanchion bits instead. Cheers
  2. Hi Mates, Been away from the shipyard for a couple of weeks. Added a few minor bits – but first Dave: thanks very much as an avid follower of your cross-section – very touching - thanks again Federicoaa: I looked briefly at the rigging sheets some time ago, as I am close to adding pinrails and blocks to the deck (no rigging at this point). Yes, you are right some lines do not have locations noted – My solution is in the last photo. This build will not go into any competition haha- so line locations are not SO important. That said somehow someway the Admiral will notice any line/pin errors hahaha Ferit: I think that you posted a question about how hull stairs could be climbed. That has been a question for me as well. Found very little at “Google University” – but there are apparently two methods – one of which I photographed from the 74 Gun ship bible book 2 (Jean Boudroit) With regard to stair alignments – Chose, the easier of the two solutions. well it is what it is. E.J. from your log - great idea for side skid contours. Cheers,
  3. Tom, Very excellent work - PS" you are right resurfacing the pins is a great "in scale" idea. Typically kit included wood pins are way out-of-scale. Alternative is buying aftermarket metal examples - hummmm? . Your idea is excellent. Regards,
  4. Katsumoto, This kit is absolutely NOT based on the Corel version; Corel's example is the least accurate of all the Vasa kits available (yes, mine was a Corel) Of the Deagostini examples in progress Marek's work here is brilliant. He has really captured the finely detailed colorful artwork that was present on the original - based on analysis of wood figures found after its resurrection. The museum's replicated carvings are an excellent tool to use as guides.
  5. Funny - 1968 was half a century ago - so happy not to be flying (again) across the Atlantic in a TWA Connie. The irony, of course, is that half a century from 2019 - folks will be saying, "Oh my, can you imagine those poor passengers stuck like sardines for 17 hours going from LAX to SYD in an Airbus A380. haha
  6. Frank: The knightheads will go through the upper deck and attach to the upper gun deck floor. Also need to figure out what kinds of details to those four. The ship was first rate - so certainly the knightheads were sculpted as well. BTW the kit provided pins are way too large. Will toss those - and gold metal no less.
  7. These are really nice! I read that Model Expo will carry these - not yet on their site https://www.tameokits.com/en/cat-tutorial/how-to-assemble-a-1-43-scale-kit/
  8. Watching the F1 series on Netflix (2018 racing season) PS: great documentary with amazing HD footage. That said, episode on Abu Dhabi race had a shot of this yacht; paused the video and took photo from TV. Ridiculous excess indeed - but that's just my sour grapes envy. Cheers,
  9. Denis: Yes that rail cutaway is part of the cutaway - might be overkill on my part - here are a couple more photos, including one from the outer hull. =========================== Started work on the stairs as well as the chainplates. Decided to use Amati parts for the deadeyes. Learned something. Apart from the fiddly business of wrapping these small strap rings around the deadeyes, I also knew that those brass parts should be black. Did not want to first dip all of those bits into Brass Black liquid, and then put them all togethre - way too messy - was just going to leave all of those bright. Then by chance decided to dunk a wood deadeye into the Brass Black solution - well (I sort of thought so) but Brass Black did not also blacken the wood deadeye. So then just dipped all of the completed assemblies into the solution. Rinsed and you can see the results - very acceptable. Thanks for the likes and just stopping by.....
  10. Yes indeed, very beautiful. Ulises was very helpful with my effort with my Vasa. He was kind enough to send me jpgs of all of his kit's running rigging sheets after I decided to also add sails to my Corel example. I also looked over so many of his build log photos for help - Thanks again UV. Cheers,

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