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  1. Yes, great update. You raise the bar to levels hardly ever seen. That image - holding the bits in your fingers speaks volumes
  2. Hi Jimbyr, Looked on their site - no luck I then spoke with them - they told me that they don't make any chuck with 16m - largest is 14m - Hmmm But thanks anyway. I'll keep using the Proxxon plastic one
  3. Mark, Parenthetical question - one of your images above shows a sail with a hole in it, as in the image below. Certainly you would know why this was done. Any thoughts? - my guess is to make the sail "flap" less hmmm.... PS: Can't give credit to this amazing example - found in Google Images, with no credit - though it was from a builder in the UK.
  4. Flint, Nice second build. Your hull planking looks great as well. Will grab a seat. Regards,
  5. Minor update – did some work for the stern cannon doors. Needed to be sure that the required openings were not to high up. Looking at an image from old kit helped, along with positioning some decorative bits. Needed to also cut out two spaces because gun door frames and dummy carriages would not fit. Added a back filler and painted area black. Carriages will now also fit. Will drill the four gun holes after installation. Put together the gun frame facings. Now set aside – now back to first hull planking.
  6. Jonathan, Hmmm Metal could be an issue? I tried experimenting with that idea on my current Sergal Sovereign, with their large solid bronze lanterns (from their 80s original kit metal bits). Did not go well. The Testors product dried opaque and greenish. There was an interaction with the metal. It was a mess to remove from one of the five lanterns that I experimented with. Have not thought of plan B. In your case just adding some clear plastic behind might be better???
  7. Jonathan, Just a suggestion. You might want to use this to add clear windows to your stern area - It looks as if your frames are plastic, so it should work well. Airliner model builders sometimes use this for all the windows.. Just a thought
  8. thanks for your posts, Just checked the Proxxon website and these are the data for the 3 jaw metal chuck; Three jaw chuck for the lathe DB 250 Used for concentric clamping. Made from steel and offering 1/16" - 1 13/32" (1.5 to 32mm) and 1/2" - 2 14/32" (12 to 65mm) when reversing the jaws. The chuck has a M16 x 1 thread for fitting directly to the DB 250 headstock spindle So I need 16mmx1mm for thead?? - looked at the chuck did appear to be 15mm+- and 1mm threads. will check with Sherline thanks!!
  9. Hi mates, Have been looking for a self centering 4 jaw chuck for my small DB-250 lathe. I have their annoying non self-centering plastic one. Their 3 jaw metal one is great!! I did find a self-centering one for their PD 400 lathe. But that goes for around $400. USD – yikes – might not even work on their small DB-250 lathe? Many generic 4 jaw types are available on eBay but who knows if they would screw properly for use with the DB-250?? Has anyone found one that would work? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance. What I have What I would like,
  10. Karl, indeed stunning work. I have learned so much about "details" by following your work - followed by my attempts at trying to emulate, as best I can, some (a very few 😃) of your visions. Congratulations!
  11. Patrick, Nice work with mast - reminds me of the Vasa I did some time back. I have the mast parts from the museum if you like - I can find and post them here? Looks as if you have it just right however. Cheers,
  12. Marc, It was something I would have regretted not trying. Already wishing that I had overlaid the gun deck templates with pearwood - so "had to" at least try the offset. Thanks for following along. Welcome aboard. PS1: not too impressed with kit provided walnut dowels, may glue together 4 oak strips + a bit of filler and make that mast - hmmmm?? sorta how they were done way back when. PS2: Your Cutty is a beauty, enjoying your work as well !!

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