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  1. Yes E.J - as Ulises asked??? --- Have been using Chuck's ropes for years - so loved them - but he's no longer producing them. Never wanted the challenge - but now it appears as if there is little choice - and your comments about it's actually sorta easy is encouraging. And your ropes do look very good. Also what kind of threads?? lot's of new learning coming up for me as well. Cheers,
  2. Hi, Minor update - having more or less completed the hull planking now focused on planking the other three needed upper decks pear wood (3 x 0.5mm)... Work in progress.....next will add "treenails" as was done for forecastle deck. along with other needed work. The kit provided pre-scored decks were a great aid for aligning the covering planks. Thanks so much for your interest in following, likes, comments and/or just dropping by...
  3. Hi, Want to share - I've learned so much from other members techniques - this is a silly simple idea, but I have found it to be super helpful for many different needs. In this case for the planking - I occasionally had minor differences in plank widths -and did not pay attention when gluing them into place. It, of course resulted in a larger problem when adding next plank. Have been using this for a long time. I use adhesive backed sanding discs, attach bits to various sizes of wood to create very useful sanding tools of any needed size - In t
  4. J11, Thanks much appreciated - PS: wasn't done without my having to use some phrases and words that I had not used since a teen 😂
  5. Hi all, Here are some updated images for the hull second planking. and I was getting very lazy about putting on/off small dust mask as I sanded and adjusted each plank before installing – so thought about a solution (Amazon) – works very well – see last image Thanks for looking in -- as always much appreciated!
  6. Jonathan, I had a cargo full load of enjoyment following your superb build - BIG congrats - she looks awesome indeed. Regards,
  7. Steven, Hmmmm?? Michael Hirst who spent years studying and making sure that the series was as close to their world as possible, would take great exception at your post. https://www.amazon.com/World-Vikings-Justin-Pollard/dp/1452145458/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=micheal+hirst+the+vikings&qid=1615738793&s=books&sr=1-1-spell
  8. Patrick Nice -- PS: on the backside of the shrouds (facing to the inside of the ship - where I would do the knots) - I found that Gorilla Gel CA is the best way to almost immediately secure knots - don't tighten TOO much - give a pull just after adding the tiny spot of glue - hold for a second - The glue will then weave into the single loop knot and become a super solid lock. After the glue dries - couple of minutes - you can really tug on the loose ropes ends and cut with scissors as close to the locked knot as you can - without leaving a visible strand - works
  9. Hi , I just started the second planking (pear wood 5 X 1/2mm). Not sure about how I am doing this – also not sure if I’m doing it according to English planking 16th century. That said, I have seen some amazing builds that have diff. shades of planking throughout the hull – looks amazing – trying to emulate that look – not sure if I’m up to it. May just remove what’s been started and just Watco all planks - instead of just some here and there. – Need to “sleep on this” for a couple of days. Anyway sharing some frustrations. Darker planks seem to stand out a bit too much? - Any advice
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