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  1. Hi All, Finishing up hull first planking and sanding. PS: I've been so impressed with other builders whose first planking will probably look better than my second hull planking 😁 I still need to use wood fillers - also hard to see if there are any slight indentations - second Pear Wood covering will hopefully all run nice and even 🙏 Will now start planking the main deck with Pear Wood using the current kit's template as a guide. This will be more fun haha. Got great planks from Cornwall in the UK. Regards,
  2. Jim, Your cross section project is really "very very special" Cheers,
  3. Thanks, Finally your update -- now I can finally get a good night's rest PS: Nice planking !!
  4. OC: Thanks appreciated --- Funny - actually after I add the side railings I will also add a small “hold onto handle” on each side of these first class (up front) loos, 😂 Small update; finished up the bowsprit beakhead deck as well as detailing the area where the mast comes up and through the planks. The last image is obviously the kit provided bit. Thanks for you visits sand kind words.
  5. Patrick, comme toujours un très bon travail. !! Je ne sais pas si votre deuxième langue, après le néerlandais est le français - je suis né en France donc c'était ma première .... Je pratique juste haha - J'ai aussi vécu au Mexique quand j'étais adolescent, j'ai épousé un Brésilien donc juste par «chance» pas par intelligence, je peux parler quatre langue hmmmm Many Europeans speak three - two are very common indeed.
  6. Jim, Just catching up - as always with your log I need to refill my coffee and stay a while - brilliantly worked out details. Regards,
  7. Hi, Richard: As always big thanks – glad that you like this log – your work is so over the top Boxbuilds: Thanks for your kind words. Regarding this Sovereign, as I had noted in my first post I did not intend to follow Sergal’s instructions for exactly the reason you state for your Soleil, along with other reasons as well. The template for cannon doors that Sergal included (for this kit) made this part of the build obviously much easier. I don’t know of a generic guide for locating the gun openings. For my previous Vasa, Corel intuitively added segmented grooves in their
  8. Frank, Yes – perfect idea indeed. When I looked at saw reviews on Youtube one of the reviewers indeed made just what you suggested. I later realized that Proxxon now encloses just what you suggested. I may make one out of thin oak planks that I can cut to size. Need to set that bit up – on my list – as soon as I need to cut very small planks – been using my very, small and old Proxxon KS-115 in the meantime Stuglo: funny – that would have indeed been a disaster back then – No actually it is supposed to be a “slider” pin – creative silliness on my part.
  9. Patrick, As always thank so much - As you know I'm a huge fan of your work. Minor update - need to re-do bowsprit area so thought I would add these two bits. Added the gratings as well. Regards,
  10. Thanks Frank, Though treenails, as we all know, should be two bits in tandem across planks. So not too satisfied with how this looks. That said when all of the ornamentation is added they won't look too out of scale (will re-think "how to" for sides of hull). Some builders use very thin brass wire resulting in perfect scaling. For the Vasa I drilled holes and used wood filler - came out very nicely. Many builders like this method. But for now at least I think that I got the stern cannon openings in just about the right places - the bronze pieces will locate as they should. Tha
  11. Took a detour to work on the transom, sternpost and false keel as well. As always thanks so much for dropping by.
  12. Hi Frank, I've clicked a lot of likes - but said little. 🙁 Well your current build is really brilliant. The needed accurately spaced bits to really give justice to this very complicated boat (ship?) are so impressive. Superb work - in all areas - indeed. Cheers my friend - hope all is well for you and yours in our Brave New World. MJD
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