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What is the best method to make stirrups and foot ropes on the yards?


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I am in the researching stage of the best way to form stirrups and foot ropes on the yards. I have read that wire is the best way, but I am not sure if this is correct or not. If wire is the best, than what type of wire should be used and should wire be used for the foot rope as well.

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Actual practice should be fairly easy to follow. On a full scale ship the stirrups are unambiguous, they are lengths of line with an eye splice in the end. The end without the eye is nailed (nailed!) to the yard and three or four turns are taken around the yard and the rest of the stirrup just hangs down on the after side of the yard. it its a steel spar the stirrups are bent to the jackstay. The footrope is led through all the eyes. The footrope is free to slide this way and that through the eyes, there is no lashing. The outboard end of the footrope has an eye splice just the right size to fit over the yard arm, other rigging goes over the yard arm too but the footropes go on first. The inboard end also has an eye splice but is lashed to the yard near the slings. On your model you should be able to mimic eye splices by simply gluing the end of your footopes and stirrups back onto themselves and form a tiny eye that way. Or, if its a small scale model you can just glue the stirrups ends onto the footropes. If you have a decent drawing of the yard in your plans you can glue the whole thing up directly over the plan to make sure the fit is right then put the completed assembly on the model. Footropes were tarred so use the right color.

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Thank you for sending me to your build log. Very impressive! My model is 1:96 scale, so I think that wire will most likely be the best way for me to do the stirrups and maybe even the foot ropes.

Does anyone have a suggestion on suppliers of small gauge wire?

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