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New Bedford Whale Boat 1860 by mkmossop - Amati

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Just starting a new build after a few years off.


It's only my second build. I just started building the hull and I'm already stuck and need help lol.


My work so far is attached. And I've also attached a picture of the instructions. If I'm correct, pieces 14 and 15 should NOT be glued on to the frame? The frame will be removed later after the planking, but I believe these pieces should be staying on the boat. I don't read Italian and the English version isn't totally clear to me.


Secondly if someone could help me with tapering the frame that would be great. I don't remember how I did it on my last build.


Do you generally taper each piece of the frame (in the picture pieces 2 - 9) at the same angle, then nail the planks down?


Or does it require more precision and you file each piece at different angles, testing the fit of each plank as you go?


Hopefully this question makes sense 😅.








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Ok well I figured I'd just start and wing it.


I filed all the bulkheads down to where I thought they should be roughly. I'm applying the planks now and fine tuning the filing as I go.


The little red and black file is great for this. It's a Japanese finger file I got at a store called Lee Valley Tools. They have all sorts of cool tools there you wouldn't find elsewhere.


Anyway so far it hasn't been pretty but it's going ok. The only problem I see so far is that the bottom plank is not close to touching the last bulkhead at the bow. If I were to nail it to the bulkhead it would completely warp the shape of the hull. I figure it's not a huge deal though as long as the shape is smooth?


I also have never tapered planks so I will have to figure that out. On my last model I didn't taper them, rather just changed their orientation at the bottom. I found a youtube video explaining how to calculate the amount of taper at each bulkhead, so I will post my progress on that soon.


Edit: Also for the life of me I could not figure out what level to start the lower plank at. I looked at a couple other builds I found here and on other forums and both had nine planks at the max width, so that's what I did. I hope that's right. If anyone can help me on that please do.





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Ok well I read up a bit on tapering and then did my best. Winged it a bit but it seems to have turned out ok for my first time.


The last two planks aren't as tapered as the rest of them unfortunately, but overall I think it doesn't look too bad.


I'm a little concerned about light coming through small cracks between some of the planks, however I figure I can fill the outside of the cracks with glue and that'll take care of it.


Also they were a little uneven before, but are evening out with the supports I'm adding now. And will even out even more with the additional supports to come.









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