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  1. So the hairspray worked pretty well... here are a couple pics. I'm really annoyed I didn't ask about this before... inserting a wire would have solved all this and I would be able to rig the lines tight. I'm considering trying to unfold the bottoms of the sails and add in a wire, but I'll lose it if I mess something up and have to redo them, so I probably won't. Hopefully I can figure something up to get the lines tighter.
  2. Ah damn... should have thought of the wire... too late for that now. I think the hairspray will work to maintain the sail shape, however I don't know how I'll get the rigging taught. Which one is the sheet line? On the main sail I have the clew line, then one line going back and one going forward. They are semi balanced, but couldn't get them all taught at the same time. I would need the sail to be more rigid.
  3. I didn't find much in a search here, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere a while ago that hair spray works well to puff out sails? I was thinking of trying some on mine later tonight. I have an issue though which I'm not sure the hair spray will fix. The rigging on my sails is loose because of the lack of rigidity in the sails. I'm hoping the stiffening them with the hairspray will help, but I'm not sure. I think the edges of the sails need to be rigid to pull the rigging tight. I guess glue would work, but would probably show. How do people usually fix this? Just leave the rigging loose? I could pull it tight but then the sails would be pulled way way back and would look silly. I worked hard to keep the rest of the rigging (on masts etc) tight since I think it looks much better. Here are a couple pics of the loose sail rigs.
  4. Hi Allen, do you have any close up pictures of sewing you've done for your bolt rope?
  5. Square knot... cool thanks I'll do one of those.
  6. Hmm ok I'll look into those threads. I tried sewing some last night with some regular sized sewing thread and didn't think it looked too great, but maybe it would look better with thinner thread. So from your post I take it most people here sew on the bolt rope? From what I can tell it's actually glued on pretty well, but extra reinforcement would be bad. I just used regular wood glue.
  7. Also what type of knot should I use for the robands? I can't find any good info on that.
  8. Here's another example. I took this from shipcarpenter's build log on this forum of the same ship. I see he's pulled the sail tight to the yard the whole way. Is this how it should look? Thanks!
  9. Oh ok... thanks for the informative post. I suppose I could try sewing through the bolt rope, but that would probably be pretty tricky. I've already glued the bolt ropes on... here's one of my sails.
  10. Hey thanks for your help . So I notice that in your picture that although the yard is tapered, the sail is tight against the yard the whole way. I was thinking that you would want to have the sail horizontal the whole way across, and since my yards are tapered, the sail wouldn't be totally flush. Does that make sense? Also here's a picture of my main yard (couldn't take a good one without other stuff in the way). It's two yards stuck together, so as you can see the right side is much higher than the left. Here I would assume there would have to be space between the sail and the yard or else it would look funny. Would it be correct to attach the sail as the red line is drawn?
  11. Hey sorry for the late reply and thank your for your help . Before I do the robands though I have to sew whatever this is called (the thread which fastens the rope to the sail). Is there any specific way to sew these, or just do a simple loop around over and over?
  12. Not sure I can figure out how to tie that from the diagram, but I'll give it a try. Thanks for your help. This is my model here: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/3445-santa-maria-by-mkmossop-amati/ So are the robands too thick on the second picture I posted above? From what you said those look about right, or maybe a little too thick. Are there any threads here where I can see how you did your robands?
  13. Hey thanks for the reply. Neither of those are mine actually, I found them both online. So how big should the rope be? It looks rather large on the first model. How would I put holes in the sails to make room for the rope, and is there any guide to making a knot like that?
  14. I'm looking for some help in making some robands to attach my sails to the yard. I'm not sure if "roband" is the right term since Google doesn't really give any results for it, but it was used in a model ship building book that I have. This is the only decent picture I could find of a roband: Just curious about what type of knot people use to tie these, and what size rope? Is it more common to just use a simple loop like this? Thanks!

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